Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 24th March 2021

In this Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 24th March 2021 update is very sweet. Chandra is finally free from evil forces and nandini has also regained her memory. This is a love reunion for chandra and nandini. Nandini gets pregnant for the second time. Not knowing that this was all helena’s set-up. Nandini also slaps helena in this update.  Bindusara confesses to Dharma that he only tried to kill Nandini a decade ago at the hilltop.

In the beginning of the episode. Chandra arrives at sabha and proclaims Nandini as chief queen. Flashback shows the previous night when Helena asks Chandra to make Nandini the chief queen since she has done so much by saving Chandra and Magada. Nandini is crowned.

Chandra crowns Nandini as chief queen. Stubborn bindusara  denies. Chandra asks, how can he decide between what is right or wrong as Bindusara himself is not in his senses most of the time. Bindusara  gets angry and walks out. Chandra stops him and tells him that by walking out he had not only misbehaved with Chandra. but also, with all those who had gathered over there. Bindusara still disobeys and walks out.

Chandra standing feeling sad. Nandini comes there and says, for whatever condition Bindusara is in today, she is the only one responsible as Chandra was lost in her thoughts, and thus was not able to care for Bindusara and give him a proper upbringing. 

Chandra cries and says, yes he is the one responsible but now Chandra and nandini being together will guide him unto the right path. He will be given all the affection, love and honors from which he was devoid of all these while. Nandini gives Chandra a back hug. Both cries.

Still On Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 24th March 2021

Adonis, Helena, and Alice talking. Adonis asks Helena if she knew Bindusara was the one who tried to kill Nandini, but why did she keep it a secret this long. Helena answers, how could she reveal such a truth so easily. She wants Chandra and Bindusara to be lifelong enemies and fight with each other. So that Helena would become the queen of Magada.

In anger, Bindusara confesses to Dharma that he only tried to kill Nandini a decade ago at the hilltop. Dharma is shocked and leaves.

Helena tried to instigate Bindusara against Chandini. Bindusara tells her he will go against Chandra and get her all her rights back. Helena is happy thinking she has achieved what she wanted.

Chanakya, Chandra, Nandini and Helena were discussing akhand bharat plan and said this is the time to implement it. Chanakya says, they need to perform a yagna before the commencement of akhand bharat. Nandini suggests making Bindusara also a part of the discussion. Chandra says, he will not be in his senses. now that he is sure about it and said this won’t be required. Chanakya agrees to  what Chandra said. But Nandini feels bad.

Seeing Chandra coming, Nandini walks away through the pool bridge and comes to the other side of the room. Chandra follows her and asks, didn’t she know, a King’s lover should always stay with him and should not go away from him? Nandini teasingly says, she didn’t know but she only came to know. 

Chandra then says, now that she has came to know, he asks her to hug him. Nandini asks now? What if someone sees? Chandra says let them see. Nandini is about to hug him when a group of honey bees come from nowhere. Like in the lizard scene, Chandra hides behind Nandini, their nok jhok of whom to save whom and finally Chandini get inside a trunk.

Chandra and Nandini  inside the trunk box. Dharma enters and is shocked seeing a jittering trunk box. She goes and opens it only to find Chandra and Nandini inside. The two become shy and Chandra looks away. Dharma apologised, while Nandini said they were only trying to hide from honey bees and nothing else.

A soldier comes and informs them that the war horse which had been kept for the yagna is stolen. Chandra, Nandini, Chanakya, Helena and Dharma reach the horse shed. Chandra scolds the horse keeper.

While a drunken Bindusara comes riding the horse. He asks Chandra to start war with him as he was the one who had stolen the war horse. When Bindusara crossed the limit of insulting him. Chandra got ready to attack. As Chandra and Bindusara lifted their swords. Nandini came in between and stopped the war.

Helena reveals her intention to create a rift between Chandra and Bindusara.  Nandini slaps her. Nandini tells her that she will be like an armour for Chandra and Bindusara and as long as she is alive, no one can harm them.

Nandini shares her concern with Chanakya. He says he is only an advisor to CGM. He can even assist Nandini as she is Mukhya Maharani. But their family matters are to be solved by herself. He can give only a suggestion. He further says, an arrow from an intelligent smart warrior can cause many wounded deaths. but an advice from an intellectual can even kill an unborn child without causing any injury.

At the dining, everyone gathers. Nandini challenges everyone to eat the food without folding their hands. Surprisingly everyone including Bindusara and Helena tries for it. Suddenly Dharma got an idea and she instead of eating herself, gave it to Charumati in her mouth. And thus found a solution. Bindusara gave the food to Chandra. Chandra too fed him this way. Nandini was doing all this and trying her best to bring peace into the family.

A Messenger comes and reads out a Message for Helena from Apama. That she needs to meet her. Chandra tells Helena to go meet and her Mother. After all went, Helena openly Challenges Nandini that before the next sunset, Chandra himself will stop her from going.

Helena discusses her plan with Adonis and Alice. She has got a medicinal herb that will make Chandra and Nandini happy.

A Dasi creates a smoke in Chandra and nandini’s room with that herb. Nandini finds the fragrance good but faints. Doctor informs her that she is pregnant. Chandra gets  so happy. Helena tells her she will stay to look after her.  As she has once faced abortion. 

Chandra asks Helena to stay back at the Mahal. He goes to inform others about the happy news. Helena says to Nandini that she has kept her word and there is even time for the sun set. She reveals that Nandini’s pregnancy symptoms were the fake effects of that herb’s fragrance. Nandini is shocked to hear this and says. Chandra is so happy to hear this and what will he go through after he comes to know the truth? Helena tells her that she doesn’t care. She further warns her that if she has to win, then she should think and act like Helena.

End Of Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 24th March 2021

Nandini informs Chanakya about this. He tells her. one should not underestimate one’s enemy. And further asks her to think like a Maharani.

Pre-cap: Nandini reveals Helena’s secrets to Chandra. But Chandra denies it all asking for proof, as he has developed trust in Helena. Bindusara was thrown in jail. Nandini cries and apologises saying she didn’t know Helena will do this to Bindusara or else she wouldn’t have sent him to Helena. Bindusara collects Nandini’s tears and says this is very expensive. And she shouldn’t shed these tears for him. He accepts nandini and addresses her as mum.

You can’t miss the next update because it is going to be very exciting. Helena’s evil deeds get revealed in the next update. And if you do not want to miss it, you know what to do.

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