Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 26th March 2021

This is the last update on chandra Nandini, and in this Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 26th March 2021 update. Helena’s evil deeds are finally revealed. She promises Swanand that if he is able to kill chandra, she will marry Alice to him. Chandra and Nandini fight together and defeat swanand’s armies.

In the beginning of the episode, a man comes and kidnaps adornus. Elis talking to helena. Alice tells her mother, let’s go to pitahshree and inform him. Helina says no use to ask for Chandra. I know who did it. Helina asks Nandini where is my son? Nandini replies. you put Bindusara behind bars. I’m talking about adornus and not Bindusara, helena said.

But Nandini tells her, as you trapped my son. I did the same with your son. Helina tells her. remember one thing. I won’t spare you. Nandini says before you leave, have a look at your son. Nandini puts a curtain down which have adornus reflection on it. Nandini says he is actually in that cave far away tied.

Helina says I will do anything you want. Nandini says go and reveal all the wrong doings of yours. Helina replies, I won’t. Nandini says then forget your son. he is alive for now. but he is slow poisoned and only I have it’s antidote. Helina says okay. I will do as you say and leaves.

Helina rushes to Chandra and tells him, there’s a very important news. Bindusara didn’t want to kill me, look I’m all good. he didn’t want to kill me, adornus is being poisoned please help. Chandra says Nandini was right. Helina says yes she is, adornus is being killed by Nandini. and he is your son too. Chandra tells her, she can’t do this.

Nandini says yes I did, I poisoned him to save Bindusara. The proof is infront of you. Helina says I beg of you to save my son. it’s all my fault, I accept that all things that happened in the mahal where done by me, adornus walks in. Helina rushes to him and hugs him.

Still On Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 26th March 2021

Nandini says I can never harm anyone but I had to act like Helina to save Bindusara. adornus was just given a medicine which made him vomit. He is alright now. Chandra calls guards. Helina starts laughing and says now my truth is revealed but let me tell you one thing. Helina doesn’t give up so easily. Chandra asks, what do you mean.

Helina promises swanand that if he is able to kill Chandra, she will marry him to Elis and he will be Magada’s son in law and rule over magada.

Dharma informs Bindusara that Nandini proved him innocent but Helina has betrayed him. Bindusara says run away, dharma says no I won’t. swanand soldiers attack dharma, Charumati runaway. Dharma says no I won’t. Bindusara saves her, and says. go away. dharma says no I won’t. Bindusara says I loved Charumati but she ran away and you whom I insulted is here for me.

dharma says no I won’t go. I will live with you and die with you. Dharma frees Bindusara. And then she hugs him. while they were on their way back, she hurts her leg. Bindusara asks, are you fine? and why did you do this? Dharma replies. I don’t know. but I couldn’t see you in pain. I’m such a fool, bindusara said. I hated those people who were always there for me. why did you save me?

Dharma holds his hand and tells him, they used you because you are the most good person here. forget the past and let’s move ahead. Bindusara asks her, will you forget the past and be with me forever? Dharma holds his hand and says. I can never think of a life without you. Charumati pushes her and hugs him, and says. thank god you are safe. Bindusara stops dharma and tells her. I’m just her husband because she was there when I was in Danger, but you ran away, and so it’s better you stop this act. now I shall prove that I’m a good son.

Swanand walks to Chandra, and says. Chandragupta maurya, your soldiers are dead. it’s your turn now. Chanakya tells him. don’t forget Chandra will kill you, he tells Chanakya. look at him? how dare you raise your voice at me, you wanted to destroy  Nand’s dynasty but look, I’m here and it is because I will kill you first, and was about to attack. But Bindusara attacks him with an arrow, and his sword falls down. swanand calls him a coward and all get into a fight. 

Chandra and Bindusara give each other cover and fight swanand soldiers shoulder to shoulder. Bindusara hugs Chandra and says, I’m sorry. Chandra says so I am. Nandini tells Helina, look there. you said they will kill each other but instead I see both are fighting for each other. Swanand puts powder into Bindusara eyes.

Chanakya and dharma rush to his rescue, swanand attacks Nandini and tells chandra, throw your sword or else I will behead Nandini. Chandra throws away his sword. swanand tells the soldiers to hit him so bad that he forgets that he was ever a king. Chandra is hit very badly. swanand joins them too,. nandini rushes to Chandra. swanand tells him. I won’t let him die easily, he will have a death that the maurya dynasty will be scared of  Nand’s dynasty. and this mahal will witness the death of the maurya’s. Burry  Chandragupta alive inside a wall.

Chandra is being burried alive inside a wall. Nandini rushes to him and say. Chandra, you promised me you will never leave me alone. your Nandini is calling you, and if you ever loved her, come back. Chandra opens his eyes, and breaks the wall. he comes out and fights all the soldiers. swanand was sitting on Magada’s throne. He gets up and attacks him. Chandra lifts him up and kills him. 

End Of Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 26th March 2021

Bindusara and Chanakya rushes to Chandra. Helina was about to leave. But Chanakya says, where are you leaving too? its time to face the consequences? Nandini asks Chandra to  forgive her. And said. she did this in lack of love. she loved you. but didn’t get the love she wanted, and it’s better if she is send back to Greek with her kids. so they can live a happy life there. Chandra tells Helina. I’m sorry for all the injustice you faced. you are free from Magada. take care of yourself and your kids. Helina says I’m sorry Nandini. she  thanked her and leaves.

Bindusara tells pitahshree. I apologise, please forgive me, he said and hugs him.

Bindusara had kids from Charumati and Dharma. and Chandra throned Bindusara as king,and then he left the mahal.

This is the end of Chandra Nandini. Hope you enjoyed Chandra Nandini Indian series?

The leads Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu Prasad have done a commendable job. Siddharth Nigam also joined the cast recently to portray the role of Bindusara. The story was around Chandra and Nandini’s love journey. The show has put light on the life of Chandragupta Maurya of the Maurya Dynasty and his unexplored love story with Nandini, who was his biggest enemy’s daughter.

Chandra and Nandini had a hatred for each other, to the extent of taking each other’s lives. Destiny unites them. Since then, they develop a relationship of understanding, trust, and respect. Their hatred turns into love.

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