Chandra Nandini Recap On Atinka Tv: 30th March 2021 Pt1

Chandra Nandini Recap On Atinka Tv: 30th April 2021 Pt1

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Chandra enters Pataliputra, mora sees the moon shining bright and smiles at it in tears and remembers it shined similarly during Chandra’s birth.  Chandra I know I will see you soon, she said. And you will return for your mother. Chandra says patiala is here to fulfill my dreams. Nandini says to the moon. 

I don’t like you. please go. Chanakya and his disciples enter Pataliputra. Chanakya says this is magada,  I was born here. Subhadra tells acharya. Are you sure he will come? Chanakya replies, yes he will and enters with his friend. his friend said. you didn’t accept padmanand’s offer and now I have the whole working in my hand. 

Chanakya replies, my knowledge doesn’t allow me to do it, you want your future but I want Bharat’s future. I want to see your King. can you give me a permit? he replies, yes. I will but he won’t see you. He hates Brahmins. Chanakya says. that’s my issue, just get me one permit.

Padmanand tells mora. I can’t see you this way. today is my daughter’s birthday and, I’m very happy to see. I got you new clothes, and jewellery. say yes to me. And you will be magada’s queen. say yes mora. mora smiles and says. These clothes are so beautiful and soft but they will hurt me. because this has magada’s people pain. 

mora insults padmanand. he gets very angry and drags mora. throwing her in front of the soldiers and asks them to tie her in the town and hit her. dare she talks to me this way. mora is dragged by the soldiers, mora says. my son will come and take revenge for every single pain you gave me and his fathers death. he will come Nand. just wait and watch.

Chandra Nandini Recap On Atinka Tv: 30th March 2021 Pt1

Chandra enters Pataliputra market. He feels very insecure and walks around in the market, he sees people being tortured and an old man being hit for Nandini birthday taxes.  Chandra sees it and gets very angry. He thinks. how bad is this King who tortures his own people. The soldiers get mora tied and says this is mora whose husband killed our King, hit her. 

And people around and the soldiers start hitting her. Chandra steps in and asks them to stop, don’t hit her, he said. Chandra looks into mora’s eyes and helped her stand. mora asks, who are u? go. runaway, they will hit u, a soldier was about to hit him but Chandra holds his hand. The soldier announces to everyone to move aside. Nandini is to pass by on her cart. Nandini passes in her cart. Chandra thinks, here the people are tortured but the princess here is all in gold.

Chandra is not allowed to enter the kingdom. he says Amartya rakshas gave me this gold. soldiers say u stole it. Chandra says go and ask him if you don’t believe. Chanakya sees this and says, what a brave child. Padmanand puts Nandini on a weight balance and asks praja to keep their gifts on the other side. Chandra behaved well to an old man. He keeps  Nandini’s coin.

 mora says oh this is the same child.  padmanand asks, where did u get this from? Amartya rakshas replies, I gave him this. he is so brave so I gave it to him. Chandra says I have to tell you something about your people and their torture, you don’t know. padmanand says take Nandini inside and then asks Chandra to speak. Chandra says, people are tortured here. A poor lady was hit in the middle of the market.  

padmanand replies, they do it on my order. run as fast as you can. I don’t want to kill you as today is my daughter’s birthday. Chandra throws a challenge to padmanand saying, what if your soldiers can’t catch me? if they don’t catch me you have to return this gold taken from the praja.

Padmanand thinks, if I disagree people will think I’m a coward. And accepts it and says, go, run. You have five minutes. Chandra wins the game and says, give the gold back then. padmanand says this was a game of entertainment for me so no returns go. Chandra gets angry and leaves. Chanakya watches all this and says. this child has so much bravery. there’s something special in him.

Chanakya without permission sees padmanand and says. Bharat and magada is in danger, foreign invader Sikander is on his way. with the help of my pain we can save our city. padmanand asks, who are you? Chanakya says I’m from Takshashila. padmanand says, will you tell me a King. how to work? Chanakya replies, I’m not joking. magada is in danger. 

padmanand insults him and says you are a joker and throws gold coins at him, and then kicks him out and says. take these and get out. Chanakya says even Ravans ego had to lose in the end and even your ego will lose. padmanand said and threw him out. Chanakya says, u have invited danger upon magada. someday you will fall at my feet begging for life.  I will not tie my hair till they see your blood. this is a Brahmin’s swear. Chanakya is thrown out of the kingdom.

Chandra Nandini Recap On Atinka Tv: 30th March 2021 Pt1

Chanakya in the forest. was very angry and hurt. He is injured. he sees a wild animal about to attack him. Chanakya about to be attacked. Chandra steps in and fights with the animal. Chanakya says, son. stop don’t fight. but Chandra keeps fighting and defeats the animal. the animal runs away. Chanakya says.

You would have died. Chandra says. I did this to save you. here’s food. come and lets have it. Chanakya says this is too less.  You eat. it will fill your stomach. But Chandra says we will share it. Chanakya says, I see a King in you.

In Bharat ma. Chanakya saw the King in Chandra he never saw in padmanand they together were to fight for the glory.

Precap : Chandra fights the soldiers very bravely.