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Chandra Nandini Season 2 Episode 2 is here

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At the beginning of the episode Guru says to helena,  we are sorry, if we had stopped there to bring his head then anybody could have seen us, there is no chance of Bindusara living now, he is dead. Meanwhile dupatrati starts treating Bindusara. he is breathing and is alive. Helena says to Justin that your father did not make you samrat of magada so Bindusara had to pay for this. send this news to everyone, enemies were dying to attack magada, now there is no samrat to save magada, let the enemies enter and let magada burn in fire.

The enemies attack magada, all forces from different states claim that magada is theirs, one king veer phat claims that he is the king of magada now.

Acharya is in tension, his companions ask, who will stop all this? who has so much power? Acharya comes in the balcony, he finds a lion and smiles, he says this uncertainty is made deliberately, whoever he is, is the enemy of magada. he want to rule magada but i won’t let them succeed.

Justin and Helena come to her father Selucus nicater, helena ask him. are you ready to rule over magada? selucus replied, i lost the war to chandragupta maurya way back but i still remember that insult. I have prepared to win magada in all these years. helena says that Justin will send forces out of magada to calm down the enemies but then when you attack Magada, the maurya dynasty will be wiped out from magada, we will rule it.

Her father tells him, I am thankful to you for helping me in this, and you made your son Justin prepared for it. Justin replies, I get to learn every day from her, her father says, you are the future of magada.   I am the future of noor khurasan too. Justin says.

Still On Chandra Nandini Season 2 Episode 2

noor’s brother died in an attack done on bindusara and his funeral is going on, when Acharya comes there.  khurasan lets him in, Acharya folds his hands and condole him  for his son’s death. khurasan tells him, you are not our well wisher. acharya replies, i agree but it’s the truth that Magada’s and you have a common enemy.  it’s the same, and we want your partnership to save magada. You  will also get to take revenge for your son’s death. 

khurasan asks who he is? Acharya says you will know soon but i want you to contribute so that we can make Bindusara again the samrat of magada. khurasan asks him to talk sensely. Because Bindusara is dead. Till I see his body, then I can tell whether he is dead or alive. 

khurasan finds bindusar, i can’t trust anyone else than you, and if Bindusara returns only then will your daughter have a bright future. so you have to find him.

Guru pretends in the court that we cant even mourn over Bindusara’s death as magada is burning in fire, if we don’t stop all this then, it will be an insult to the morea dynasty, the only way to solve all this is to get a new king of magada. 

Helena says Bindusara’s son sushim will become the next king. Guru replies, we don’t need a king for name’s sake. He is just one year old, and how can he rule over magda?  he can’t even speak, my suggestion is to choose a king who is strong. A king who knows how to handle a state, a king who has power to stop all these riots. and There is only one person with these qualities, and that is Justin, helena replies, no, never. I don’t agree to this, Justin rejects it too. 

I am hurt with my brother’s death, I can’t take his place, never, Guru says don’t get emotional, think about the maurya’s, he says to charumathi that sushim can be attacked too so only justin can protect magadq. i ask the ministers if i am wrong  the ministers agree with Guru, one minister says that khurasan’s agreement to this decision is important, if he agrees then we are all fine.

End Of Chandra Nandini Season 2 Episode 2

Khurasan is ready to leave his place and says to noor that if bindu sar is alive, then i will find him, he leaves.

Guru says we don’t know where khurasan is, if we wait for him then magada will burn down, we have to take decision now, helena says if all want this then i agree to this, for maurya dynasty, justin. you have to accept this throne, Guru, helena and justin look at each other and smirk for their acting in court.

dupatrati is still treating bindu, bindusara regains consciousness.

Guru says from today Justin is the new king of magada.

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