Chandra Nandini Season 2 Episode 3

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At the start of Chandra Nandini Season 2 Episode 3 episode, Bindusara was a bit startled as he came out of a certain house. Standing yet a little while, as if he was looking for some lost thing, fixes his eyes upon Dupatrati. we humans are like this, we take out our anger and revenge by putting weapons in our hands, she addressed those nearby with such zeal and eloquence of speech as if she was forced to voice them for understanding sake. Then she continued, controlling your anger is difficult, likewise forgiving and loving people

But it is our duty to protect other people. All the while, Bindusara himself beholding her beauty, is mesmerized by such a great speech. He smiles looking at her. Such words are of great affluence, he said to himself. To the end that people justify their revenge with weapons. This makes him recall how he was attacked. But he left the place after a short while.

So when Dupatrati came searching him in her house, Bindusara was far gone. But she ran out to see him. At last, he was by the lake side. Oh majesty, i have been waiting many days for hope that you become well again, she said. So i will ask you how all this happened. How you got attacked, and you leaving without even telling me. If you had asked me, i would not have allowed you to go away from here at all, because you are not completely well. I know Dupatrati, but i have to return to my own people, he answered.

No, she said. Surely not in this state. Don’t you think your enemies might be on the look out for you? Of a certainty, Bindusara replied. I do appreciate this kind gesture of yours. My enemies got successful once but now i will…if violence’s answer is violence then how will this violence end? Dupatrati had cut into his speech. My lady, if you were in my position, then and only then you would know. Pardon me sir, I do not know much, but i have no enemies Bindusara. I have no bruise, i have no problem, wouldn’t you want to be in my position? He looks at her and then away.

Nevertheless, she implored him the more to come with her and take some rest. Bindusara cast his memories upon how she saved his life once. Dupatrati says, until you get well completely, your safety is my duty, so come with me at once. But who are you? Bindusara asked. And why do i feel incomplete after meeting you? why i feel your every word is true, when you talk about none violence. Then i think about how people could say little of girls. When you are near me, I feel complete, you saved my life.

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I just did my duty my Lord, Dupatrati answered and said. Then that your duty has given me new life. He said to her with a sort of sorrowful pity upon himself, as if his past life was not worth half the present. Then he continued his sweet speech towards her, I don’t know your name but for me you are Dharma. Dupatrati suddenly stares at him surprised. You gave me life by taking me to your house. Give me once more of it, I pray thee.

A place in your life, and in your heart. He then slowly extends his hands towards her, as a man will do as if touching sky and moon. She looks at him again with utter amazement, one could easily tell the tension that was built on her face. Dupatrati then holds his hand and smiles. mera jivan ho tum(a song) plays…

Bindusara and Darma (Dupatrati) gets married. They smile at each other while holding hands. Not many hours after the marriage, on their nuptial night, Bindusara comes to darma in her room. But she was shy. So he looks at her as they share eyelock. tum rehna mere sada(a song) plays… Darma, he called out, but Darma blushes.
Soon, it was morning. Bindusara woke up last and suddenly smiled. But Darma was not there. At the time, Mir khurasan had come to darma’s house. He was just about going in when he saw bindusara come out with a rod of wood.

So Khurasan is shocked to see him alive. Heavens! are you alive? Bindusara says, are you not happy seeing me alive? I promised to bring you back, and are you asking if i am happy or not seeing you so? I know Khurasan, but i don’t trust anyone now. What are you saying Bindusara. My son got killed in this very attack you survived. My daughter, also being without marriage became a widow. Is this the question you are asking me? Nevertheless, come with me at once, for the whole of magada await you.

The city is turned on it’s head, and Noor is waiting for you too. Bindusara says, I am sorry but, i can not marry your daughter as custom demands. Khurasan gets shocked hearing this. You know i can accept anything but insult, he said. If that is the case, then we will not help you in protecting Magada. What happened to you? Why will you not rather marry Noor. Why are you breaking your promise Samrat Bindusara. Just then, Darma walked in astonished, samrat Bindusara? She then walks to Bindusara. So khurasan asks, who are you? A servant of Samrat, she replied. Bindusara says, she is darma.

And she saved my life. But just then, Darma sat in his feet and said, I am lucky to serve you king. You are fine now, so please leave. Your people and your state needs you. The promises which you have made, kindly fulfill them. I protected your life, the same way you ought to protect Magada’s affairs now. Please go. Bindusara then looks at her for one last time and leaves with khurasan.

Just when they arrayed themselves to part, Bindusara gets some memory flashbacks on how Darma asked him to fulfill his promises. So he says, I married you and this is truth, you are my wife, you are queen and your place is in the palace. Darma says, the love which turns you away from duties is not love. Our love should be lucky for Magada. Bindusara also speaks simultaneously, it will become lucky for Magada. I promise you that I will return to you after fulfilling my duties. Darma says, I don’t need your promise. And I trust that you will return. So they both smile, and he gifts her a ring.

Justin was about being crowned king of magada. One guru says, Justin is being made the new samarat of magada, and so his orders shall be final. This makes justin smirk, looking at the throne with much excitement. Helena was just about making him wear the king’s turban when khurasan walked in. Stop it! Will you, he shouted. But why? Helena replied him. Just then, khurasan moved one step away and Bindusara suddenly appeared. Everybody was stunned to see him alive.

He walked majestically into the royal court, as helena and justin gave fake smiles. Samarat? Helena asks in awe. She pretends to be happy and says, now Magada will not lack anything. make announcement quickly that Bindusara is well again. Immediately, charumati rushed into the place, and seeing Bindusara all well again, she said, am glad you are fine. I believe in God more, so I was sure that Sushim couldn’t be left an orphan. They all chant for Bindusara. So Bindusara comes to Justin. I almost thought Magada had lost everything but not so, Justin said as he hugged Bindusara.

End Of Chandra Nandini Season 2 Episode 3

But grins his teeth behind him. He then steps aside from the throne as Bindusara took his rightful place. Helena likewise couldn’t help it but makes him wear the turban. She then says, I was not able to accept that you were dead. I was believing that you were alive, and with your return God has made me happy. She narrated a bit of what happened to Magada while he was away. And later concluded that now everything would be fine. After her, Justin also adds his voice, but first we have to know who tried to kill Samarat Bindusara, he said. As if he cared much for the evil that befell him.

He then continued, they will be given serious punishment to the goons. Eventually, priest Achari comes there, and all greet him. Achari says, nothing will happen by giving punishment to the goons. The enemy is one on whose order the goons came to kill Samarat Bindusara. The one who attacked Samarat will tell the truth. Next, he brings the attacker of Bindusara there. Bindusara rose up from his throne in anger.

Helena and Justin get into serious tension. Was he the attacker? Helena asks. Ask him yourself, acharya replied. Justin says, he is a betrayer. Tell us, on whose order did you do this? The attacker did not want to speak at first. Who asked you to kill Bindusara? Justin shouted at him. So the killer finally spoke, I don’t know who he is. I didn’t see him ever, because he used to cover his face whenever he met me.


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