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Chandra Nandini is a historical true-life story and though it has ended on Atinka tv, that is not the end of the story and in this update, we bring to you a Chandra Nandini Story Continuation Episode 1

The episode continues with a voiceover saying that this is not a story but the life of a warrior ashoka, who ruled magadha for 36 years, and was a great warrior of history. His grandfather Chandragupta Maurya was a lion.

He left the throne to bindusara who became the king of magadha. Chandragupta married helena. This  made many people the enemy of magadha. Their enemies were their own but something unique was going to happen.

A door of a big hall gets opened, a priest comes in and looks at the throne, a lion comes there and attacks the priest.  it turns out to be his dream. He is lying in an isolated room and is tense. A servant comes and asks him what happened to Acharya? The priest Acharya says i saw him as a lion, Acharya says to Radha that time will tell what will happen but it’s obvious that something is going to happen.

Bindusara is in champananger. He is ready for a game arranged by khurasan. His opponent is his brother Justin’s team, Bindusara’s mother Helena is there too.  bindusara’s first wife queen charumati and the guru are there too. 

What will be done in disguise of this game is to be seen. In this game, the two teams have to run on horses and have to collect cloth from the ground. Bindusara collects the cloth from the ground but Justin runs on a horse and snatches the cloth from bindusara. someone with a white veil comes from behind the horse snatches the cloth from justin, she is a girl (Noor).

Still On Chandra Nandini Story Continuation Episode 1

then Bindusara comes forward on the horse and comes near her horse, he tries to snatch the cloth from her, both are riding the horse high, the finish line is near, all are tensed… and the cloth is snatched by Bindusara passes the finish line and wines, all applauds for him, lady takes off her veil and smile too.

Bindu present cloth in Helena’s feet, she says i am proud that you won else losing from a girl doesn’t suite the maurya dynasty, the queen says i am proud that you gave me respect as mother bindu samraj, bindu says that i got to learn what is mother from you only, i respect you and i am proud that you are my mother. mir khurasan announces that all weapons, and all my wealth is given to Bindusara.

he says, my daughter Noor will marry Bindusara now, mir khurasan congratulate Noor, Noor says, now i will be queen of magada and queen the of bindusara’s heart, helena says to charumitra that bindu is marrying Noor not because she is pretty but she because she is from an influential family, they are giving force to magadha. guru replies that she is right, charumitra, you are mother of bindusara’s son yuvraj sushim, you are the ultimate queen of his.

The priest Acharya reads the letter of bindusar getting married, he says khurasan is giving his everything to his daughter in marriage, Radha says this is in magada’s favor, he is powerful. Acharya says try to understand that this is politics, khurasan wants to control magada by marrying his daughter to bindusara.

helena says to guru that Bindusar is going for hunting, take care of him, guru says don’t worry we shall take care of him. Acharya with his group of priests comes there, bindusara says, i was leaving for hunting, you could have informed me that you are coming, Achari replies, that everything is in danger, hunting for other things are going on too, and the mission is to get the throne of magada.

Bindusara says i am stunned to hear that i have an enemy too but this shows that i am good in magada but don’t worry, magada is not that weak that i will get hunted, you take care. I will come after hunting, he leaves, Acharya is tense.

In the jungle, bindusara with his soldiers are searching for a hunt, bindusara drinks wine, he brings out his archery kit, he attacks an animal with his arrow. bindusara says to the soldiers, my marriage is going to happen. by hunting this animal, I announce preparations for the marriage. suddenly some arrow hits him in his body, he gets injured. some other forces attack Bindusara’s soldiers. bindusara’s soldiers ask bindusara to run, bindusara runs from there.

Bindu is by the waterfall side, he tries to take out an arrow from his body but falls in the waterfall and gets killed. his enemy comes there and smirks.

some girls are trying to catch butterflies in the jungle, they are shocked to see the soldiers are dead. one girl shouts the name dupatrati. Dupatrati comes there, she is shocked to see the dead bodies, she said, humans have both evil and side. its about controlling your anger, the one who can control it is the winner, to satisfy your anger is to take a sword in your hand.

End Of Chandra Nandini Story Continuation Episode 1

She finds a soldier still breathing, she asks them to bring water for him but he dies, she finds footmarks of people who killed the soldiers, she follows the foot marks and comes to the waterfall, she looks in the water to find the body of bindusara.

A soldier brings the remaining (sword and turban) of Bindusara in the palace and gives it to Acharya. Acharya brings it to queen Helena, she says, i wanted his head not his turban, justin and her smirks as they planned Bindusara’s death. At the otherside, Bindusara is lying at the bay of the lake, Dupatrati sees him bleeding.

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