In this Chandra Nandini Update On Friday 12th March 2021, Chandra Marries MohiniChandra gets married to Mohini in this update on chandra nandini. She is then made the chief queen of magada, and helena’s crown given to Mohini. Keep watching. First subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon so that you won’t miss the next update on Chandra Nandini. 

 Nandini walks to Chandra thinking. I shouldn’t say anything that would hurt him. She goes to him and says, you are here. I was looking for you everywhere. are you having any headache? let me give you a massage. it’s like you are behaving weird these days and so I have called the doctor. Chandra replies. you are right. I can’t make decisions. also I can’t get over the fact that you are Nandini or Savitri. please help me Nandini. Nandini replies, yes. we will go to the doctor and she will cure you. Chandra holds her tight and says. you want to prove me mental right? this is your plan with Bheemdev. but I won’t let you win and force her out with him.

Bindusara consuming alcohol. adornus walks to him thinking about what’s wrong. should I tell him about pitahshree? he asks bhaiya. why are you drinking so much? did pitahshree did something to you? Bindusara replies. does he have time for me? he doesn’t care about me. Even if I exist or not. what gives me happiness, and what  does not. He is so busy in his life, that he doesn’t care about me. I don’t want to be Yuvraj. adornus asks. what is this? tell me bhaiya. Bindusara replies. it’s like dharma will decide whether I will be Yuvraj or not.  I don’t want her sympathy. and who is she to decide my fate? adornus replies. bhaiya, enough. tell pitahshree it was me and not you who had misbehaved. dharma listening to all this get shocked. Bindusara says, no adornus. pitahshree will punish you. and I don’t want anyone’s sympathy. adornus says, bhaiya please go and rest. you are drunk and leaves. dharma asks, why did my friend lie to me.

Chandra goes to the doctor with Nandini and says, tell me whether I’m fine or not? The doctor says, you are fine. Chandra then says. Nandini, look I’m fine and now you and Helina will make arrangements for my new wife. there will be no delays and leaves.

Chandra goes to bheemdev and says, let’s exchange and now you enter Chandra’s body and your body will be locked in this room and keys will be with Chandra that is you. Mohini gets back in her body and Bheemdev into Chandra’s.

Still On Chandra Nandini Update On Friday 12th March 2021

Mohini in human. Helina asks Nandini. Are you sure maharaj asked you  to do this? A dasi walks to Helina and says, you two have to apply this on Mohini’s body. it’s maharaj’s order. Nandini says see, we have no option. let’s go. Mohini says wow Helina you are so soft. looks like you have never worked before, apply pressure. Helina says how about your neck?

Mohini says after tonight. he will be all mine and get used to this. you two will have to do this every day. Helina says Mohini. stop dreaming, just one night and you will be taken as a wife.you won’t stay here for long. Mohini says, let’s see. this crown is very pretty and when you dress me out, put this over me. Helina says if Chandra learns about this. he will kill you.

Dharma tells Bindusara. let me go to my room. Bindusara drunk says. I’m your husband. follow my orders, dharma says. but I have an important work. Bindusara replies. nothing can be more important than me. dharma thinks. if he doesn’t let me go, how will I meet my friend and find the truth? Bindusara shouts. I hate you most and for me it’s good to know that you hate me too. and trust me. you will see that worst of me if you dare to leave.

Chandra in his room. Helina and Nandini get Mohini in. Chandra looks at her with lust. Helina says, we are done as you said so let us leave. Chandra walks to Mohini and holds her hand. he pulls her close and says. Mohini, you are so beautiful, I can’t stay away from you anymore, he said and hugs her. Mohini said. he was waiting for this since so long. Nandini and Helina leaving. Chandra says I didn’t ask you to leave. today’s night is special for Mohini and me. so go and decorate our bed.

Nandini and Helina begins the decoration. Mohini says these too helped me dressed today. Chandra says let’s award them then. Mohini asks and my award? Chandra says ask me for anything and it’s yours. Mohini says this crown is so beautiful. Chandra says Mohini this crown is of mukhya maharani. it has so many responsibilities, right Helin? he takes it off and gives it to Mohini and says. if you like it wear it and puts it on Mohini,. He then hugs her, guard walks in and says. there is a letter from acharya.

Chanakya says by now Chandra must have revived my note, an informer walks in.

END OF Chandra Nandini Update On Friday 12th March 2021

Informer tells Chanakya that swanand and Amartya are up to an army and soon will attack  Magada. chanakya says, this isn’t the time to find them. But to go Magada and find a way. Helina takes the scroll and about to read it. Chandra snatches it, Helina says what is this? Chandra says don’t you remember I gave your crown to Mohini? so she will have all authority now. and be thankful that I’m happy or else, and burns the letter and says this acharya always pops at wrong timing. Nandini and Helina leave.

Nandini thinking about Chandra and is in tears. Nandini says why are you troubling me? doctor walks to Nandini and says. I’m sorry to disturb. I was scared of maharaj so i didn’t say a word and here is the medicine. he is seriously ill.

Nandini shares the info with Helina. she says, if this is the only way. I’m with you. I can’t see him in this state.

Pre cap : Chandra asks guards to arrest Bindusara. Nandini to dharma. I asked maharaj to free Bindusara and in return he asked me to entertain him tonight. helina to Bindusara in jail, Helina says you have to join the Greeks and attack Magada.

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