In this Chandra Nandini Update On Monday 15th March 2021. Nandini and Helena joins hands to heal chandra from the evil possession in this update. They give chandra a medicine that would bring him back to life. Keep watching. Press the bell icon so that you won’t miss any update on chandra nandini. 

To begin with, Chandra was possessed by Beemdev, in the beginning of the episode. He said to Mohini, did you see Helina’s face? stop drinking alcohol, Mohini probed him. No Mohini, this is fun. Over from there, Nandini was thinking about last night and says, I have to go give Chandra some medicine before it’s too late. She met with Helina and says, it’s time for the medicine but how are we going to do this? Am here for the same thing Nandini, Helena said. Nowadays chandra gets angry quickly, said nandini. Helena then remembers the slap chandra gave her, and says, you are right nandini. Let’s go quickly.

As they approached chandra, Nandini said maharaj must be with Mohini, should we enter this way? you are right, but for Chandra we have to. Just then, Mohini walks out and asks what are you two doing? oh are you jealous, you’ve been here all night. it’s not good to be so attached. Nandini says, we need to talk to maharaj. what is it? Mohini asked. he is unwell and needs to have some medicine. no need, he is asleep, because we were awake all night. so give it to me, I will let him take his drugs later on. Mohini don’t forget we are his wives, Helena said with anger. How dare you raise your voice, I’m mukya rani now, so leave, you two. Helena had lost her temper, but Nandini took her away.

Helina says, I can’t stand that woman, I just want to slap her. calm down helena. our only mission is this Medicine, and we need to keep Mohini away. Everything will be fine ok? Alright Nandini, don’t worry I will manage. Next, Darma’s friend who was in the mahal dashes adornus to the floor. adornus thinks, the last time this girl was here, Bindusara baya was dethroned as Yuvraj, she is dangerous. sorry sister, he said to her and quickly leaves. Meanwhile, one dasi had witnessed the scene, for the first time prince adornus called a girl sister, she noticed.

Over from there, a dasi knocks on Chandra’s door. All the while, Helena and Nandini were both hiding. Mohini says to dasi, how dare you disturb. dasi says, am here for your husband Beemdev. So Mohini thinks, but Beemdev is here in Chandra’s body. did they find his body anywhere? She then quickly rushes out of the room. I have done my part Nandini, now it’s your turn. go in and I will guard the door. So Nandini gets inside the room and closes the door.

She sees Chandra asleep and says, I only have this opportunity. But how will I. Suddenly, she saw Mohini coming back and stops her, am sorry for last night, she said. ok, ok leave my way, Mohini answered. Helina says, see you aren’t getting me. I’m not like Nandini, just tell maharaj not to hurt and throw me away from the mahal. and in return, I can give you anything, even all my ornaments. are you sure Helina? yes Mohini, come with me.

I will show you, you can have anything you like. After Helena had tricked her away, Nandini walks to Chandra and wakes him up. Just then, Chandra pulls her close and wakes up. If you are here then where is Mohini. why always Mohini chandra. don’t you know how much I like you? keep smiling, that suits you very much. for me, it doesn’t matter if i am Nandini or Savitri, what matters is we are here all alone.

Still On Chandra Nandini Update On Monday 15th March 2021

Simultaneously, Mohini was surprised at all the presents Helena gave her, wow, she exclaimed. all these jewelleries can be mine? yes Mohini, Chandra will love to see you in this. this greedy woman will be busy on this till Nandini is back, Helena thought to herself. beemdev thinks, your fate is shining. first a king, and then his glory, and then his wife too. come close then, he told Nandini what’s the hurry, you like alcohol right, she asked. yes I do, so let me have it. Nandini says ok, I will get you a drink, and thinks, I’m sorry for this act chandra.

She then gave him medicine in a glass. so Chandra has it and pulls her closer, whiles slowly taking her dupatta softly away. Suddenly, he fell asleep. So Nandini steps back and checks on him, and then leaves. After she had gotten out, Helina asks, Nandini, did you do the work? yes am done. Just then, Mohini heard them conversing and says, how foolish I was. I just hope this doesn’t affect Beemdev’s soul.

Over from there, a friend asks darma, what was it that you called me in such urgency? I need the truth, please who got you here, adornus or Bindusara? ok fine, Bindusara has nothing to do with my molestation. it was adornus. But Bindusara asked me to do so, in order to save adornus. darma then thinks, I was hating Bindusara for something he had never done. he went through insults and hatred because of it. I should go quickly to maharaj and talk about this.

The same time, Nandini was also on her way to Chandra. But he was still asleep. So she thought, now I just hope this medicine is working. So that he can get back to life. Just then, Chandra woke up immediately. Nandini, he shouted.  I was on a terrace, so how come am here? Nandini thinks, god, he remembers nothing, even what he did last night.

Darma had also walked in, I’m sorry to interrupt, she said. come in darma, Nandini answered. it’s Bindusara, darma said. So Chandra asks, are you here to forgive him? Yes maharaj, it’s like am at fault. what are you saying Darma, nandini asked. Well, darma continued, the truth is, Bindusara never molested my friend. he has been facing a punishment he shouldn’t have. it was rather adornus and not Bindusara. Bindusara only did this to save him from the punishment.

he also asked my friend to keep mute over the issue. and so I beg of you, please give him his title back. Nandini says, very good Darma, you found the truth and informed us about it. in tomorrow’s saba meeting, maharaj will make the necessary announcement. Chandra nodded yes. thank god maharaj is doing good, she said to herself. So darma left them.

End Of Chandra Nandini Update On Monday 15th March 2021

She then walks to Bindusara and started out, you didn’t have dinner, so please have these fruits. But Bindusara pushes the plate and says, stop being my wife Darma. But am your wife so, so what? Bindusara shouted. Fine, it’s nothing, she replied. I did this so that I could sleep. you will wake up midnight and start practising swords and my sleep. what about it? Bindusara says, just keep away from me, I hate you. so do I, she replied. I will have nightmares if I see you, and I have informed maharaj about my decision. I have no interest in this darma.

The next morning, Chandra was in Saba, today, I shall announce my decision after a long while, concerning our future king, he said. and this decision is that, Bindusara doesn’t deserve to be a Yuvraj. Nandini immediately broke into tears. all others were shocked. Bindusara was very angry while Mohini was happy.

Precap. Chandra was in the baths when Nandini approached him. Bindusara is innocent, she said, so please free him. Chandra says okay, spend the night with me and I will. Darma tells Bindusara about Chandra asking Nandini to spend the night with him.

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