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In this Chandra Nandini Update On Monday Pt2 15th March 2021 chandra puts Bindusara in prison. helena then asks Bindusara to join the greeks to overthrow chandra. In the beginning, Chandra was making an announcement in Saba. Bindusara doesn’t deserve to be a Yuvraj, he said as everybody gets shocked. Bindusara then remembers how darma said she had spoken to maharaj about her decision, and thinks, this darma she hasn’t forgiven me yet.

Mantri says, the next issue is, farmers are upset because of increased taxes. Chandra says, I don’t work on their wish, and if they stand against me they will be arrested. mantri says, the next on one is about a jail issue. Chandra says, I have forgiven all, so free them. Just then, Bindusara assayed to speak, sorry to interrupt, he said. 

Releasing all criminals is dangerous father. Chandra says, how dare you stand against my decision. I’m king, and you can’t question me. and so you are a criminal, arrest Bindusara.

Mohini then looks at Nandini and thinks, Nandini what did you think, to give him medicine and flop my plans? no way! now be in confusion, and remember you can never win over Mohini.

Over from there, she goes to check up on Beemdev and says, this is the medicine’s effect, and so he isn’t waking up. Mohini wakes Chandra up and says Beemdev. Nandini had given you medicine to spoil our plans. I won’t forgive her, he exclaimed. So do as I say, Mohini instructed.

Still On Chandra Nandini Update On Monday Pt2 15th March 2021

She thinks, I’m a very good player, no one can stand against me. Next, Bindusara was in jail thinking why his father was behaving so weird. Nandini walks to Bindusara and says maharaj was wrong. Bindusara says, don’t try to pull out this act. I know your true colours, you should be happy. No, I don’t want all this, she answered. which mother wants this. leave me alone, and don’t call yourself my mother. I do remember how you first killed my mother, and now am your next target. you are using darma for this. No bindusara, you are taking me wrong. please leave me. Nandini thinks, I have to take him out of all this.

Over his behaviour but what he did today was, unpredictable. That moment, Chandra was taking his mind there, Adornus contemplates on why his father was doing all this. There is something wrong, he said. Badra says, even I, have noticed the change in his bath in Humam as Nandini walks to him. maharaj, I have been looking for you everywhere, she said. this place gives me peace, chandra replied. Nandini says, actually I was here to talk about Bindusara.

Why are you always tensed, can’t you see me relaxing? come join me, I just wanna relax. In fact, do a thing, come massage my back. So Nandini walks to him and steps inside the bath, and then applies uptan on his back. Chandra suddenly remembers when she was with him in bed last night.

 I don’t what to spoil your time maharaj. but at least hear me out please. Bindusara is innocent, so free him. I will, but, what will I get in return? what do you want Chandra? spend the night with me Nandini. This leaves nandini shocked. Chandra says, I have thrown Beemdev out of this mahal, and both of his wives are mine. I will do anything with them.  It looks like you don’t want me to free Bindusara, so I will jail him life long. Nandini says, no no, I will be there tonight. Meanwhile, mohini had heard all this.

Next, Darma says, maa, I didn’t tell you something. what is it darma, nandini asked. everybody is saying he isn’t stable mentally. maa, tell me what is it. don’t you trust me. Nandini says, the truth is, maharaj isn’t doing well. at times he’s like two personalities, and he doesn’t remember the past. Just then, dasi walks in with clothes and ornaments and says, maharaj has sent them for you Nandini. So Darma asks, why are these? and you look tensed too. So Nandini tells darma about Chandra’s condition as Darma gets shocked.

maa, how could you agree to this? my son is more important, she replied. Maa, I have always seen you stand for your self respect, and now that you are confused about your own identity, how can you? Well darma, there was some connection that had pulled me towards maharaj, but I don’t feel it anymore. Bindusara may not take me as his mother but, I do take him as my son. darma says, for the son who doesn’t take you as mother, why maa?

Next, Helina says, Bindusara, I have an option. go to Greek and join them and then attack Magada. no, this is my Magada, and I won’t do this. Helina says, don’t act foolish, be practical. no maa, I will think about it, but not this. The guards then free Bindusara. Helina asks how? The guard says, maharaj has asked me to.

Meanwhile, Mohini was with Chandra in Town. why did you get me here? He asked. let’s go back. Mohini says, maharaj needs to be with Magada people too. look, people aren’t welcoming you and that’s not done. Chandra pulls a man and slaps him, and then asks everyone to bend on their knees and greet him.

suddenly, Nandini gets dressed and says, I never even dreamt of this day. She then remembers past days when Chandra made her comfortable and didn’t walk to her without her permission. She says, his behaviour is confusing. She then prays to god and says, I’m so confused about my identity. don’t make me fall into any situation I will regret later.

End Of Chandra Nandini Update On Monday Pt2 15th March 2021

Precap. Chandra yells at Chanakya and says what kind of life you leave. living on someone else’s expenses. You leave your family to roam everywhere.

Chanakya to Nandini, this isn’t the Chandra I know. he would never yell at his guru.

Chanakya is informed by guards that Chandra always goes to a room. and that room is always locked. So Chanakya breaks the lock and gets in.

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