In this Chandra Nandini Update On Tuesday 16th March 2021, chandra insults chanakya. He gets angry and decides to leave Chandra’s life for good. He then learns about Chandra’s Illness and decided to find a way to heal him. Swanand and his army prepares to attack magada. Keep watching.

Dharma says I know what happened in Sabha was wrong, but I have nothing to do with it, instead I went to tell maharaj the truth you had hidden. I went and requested him to give you your position. even ma knew about it, and this shows that maharaj is unwell. Bindusara replies. this is all you and your Nandini ma’s plan. 

she is always working against her own family members. Dharma shouts at him, enough. how can you be so bitter about her? she loves you more than your own mother. she has accepted maharaj’s proposals of spending the night with him just to free you. even after knowing maharaj’s mental health isn’t good.  this could be dangerous for her instead of loving her, you hate her. Dharma angrily said and  left.

The people of Magada unite against Chandra. Chanakya disguised amongst them is in confusion about what Chandra has done that has made them so upset. Chandra as beemdev and Mohini Hear the upset people stand against Chandra and are very happy. Moora and the other family members are very surprised at the scene. 

Helina says maybe he acts the same way to people as he does in the mahal. Bindusara says let me go and check, and then he went to check what made the people rebel against chandra. Helina thinks. now I’m very convinced Chandra is sick mentally and now this is the right time. I should take advantage and throne Bindusara as king.

Bindusara tells the people of Magada. why are you upset? They replied. maharaj has lost it. He doesn’t respect us and so we don’t respect him anymore  Bindusara says, no this isn’t true. The people replied. we know the truth. He also defamed you and jailed you, we won’t support this king and stand his injustice.

Still On Chandra Nandini Update On Tuesday 16th March 2021

Chandra as beemdev tells Mohini. this is the right time. we should inform king swanand about Magada people being upset and it’s the right time to attack.  Mohini says you are right but why did you let Bindusara free? Chandra says, actually Nandini had come to me and I put a condition that she has to spend a night.  Mohini says all this just to.  Chandra says it’s just an act.

 i did this so that I could take revenge for that medicine, and about Bindusara. I can jail him anytime. Mohini says ok I shall go and inform maharaj swanand and thinks. I without any reason doubt him and leaves. chandra thinks. it’s so easy to fool Mohini and also it was important to send you away so that I could spend some quality time with Nandini.

Chanakya thinks. this matter is very serious and asks the guard to call Chandra. Nandini walks to the room thinking. this is for your son. you have to do it. chandra waiting for her and says did she fool me so that I can free Bindusara and did this? If this is so. I won’t spare her. Nandini walks in. Chandra walks to Nandini and then closes the door. Nandini is very scared. Chandra says Nandini I thought you won’t come but I’m so happy to have you here, and touches her. Nandini steps away and thinks it’s so unbelievable that he is the same Chandra that made me realise that I’m his. I felt a connection. then why does his touch feel so weird now.

Chandra holds Nandini from behind and says. don’t you dare step away from me, and I can’t be away from you any more. the door is knocked and the guards inform Chandra that Chanakya wants to see him urgently. Chandra says tell him I’m busy. Nandini says he is your guru. Chandra replies. for me this time is important.

Guards inform Chanakya about Chandra. Chanakya thinks what’s wrong with Chandra and with what task is he busy with that he couldn’t see me. Nandini says maharaj, he is your guru. see him  he will be angry otherwise. Chandra ignores Nandini and takes her dupatta off and gets on the bed. Chanakya is stopped by guards. he calls out Chandra’s name loud. Chandra gets very angry and says. why does no one allow me to spend some quality time and follow my rules? Nandini says calm down. I shall wait for you.

Chandra says no one takes me seriously and walks away in anger. chanakya says how can you not want to see me.  Chandra says I’m king. chanakya says I know that. but can’t you see Magada people are against you and what is more important than this? Chandra replies. who are you. I don’t want to answer you. I’m spending quality time, don’t make me insult you .Nandini says maharaj please. Chanakya says you already are insulting me. Chandra says shut up Nandini and yes acharya let me show you how excitably you matter to me.

Mohini sees Chandra talking to Chanakya and says god when did acharya come back? and has Bheemdev lost it. how can he talk to him like this. doesn’t he know who he is talking to? Chandra says acharya you are old. your brains have stopped working, get retired. Chanakya says enough Chandra. Chandra says, no I have just started. do you know I was spending quality time with my wife ?but how would you know that. you haven’t spend anytime with family, you are old. go and spend time with them.

Mohini says Bheemdev has lost it, chanakya say thank you for all this disrespect maharaj. I never dreamt of this, and I swear you will regret this and I won’t stay here anymore. I won’t be here. ,Chandra says good you are leaving on your own. I was going to throw you away because you spoilt my night, now leave. I don’t wish to see your face.

Chanakya walking away,Nandini follows him. Chandra say no Bheemdev what did you do, all this to spend night with Nandini? god I have to seek help from Mohini.

End Of Chandra Nandini Update On Tuesday 16th March 2021

Nandini stops Chanakya and says please don’t leave. Chanakya says even after seeing what happened? Nandini says don’t take him seriously he is ill. Chanakya says don’t cover up. and no illness gives you license to insult your guru. Nandini tells Chanakya what happened in the past days, and asks. do you recognise this man? I beg of you. please stay don’t leave us alone. only you can save us. Chanakya says you are right. my Chandra Can never insult his guru. till then you be with him and keep me updated.

Swanand says great news,it’s time to attack. Amartya says our army is ready too. swanand says tell them it’s time to attack, Magada’s new and true king is coming.

Precap: Nandini finds herself at the cliff she had fallen and thinks. how did I come here? Mohini from behind about to push her thinks. I’m sorry but you have to die.

Mohini burns Bheemdevs body,Chandra as Bheemdev runs and says what have you done? you burned my body?

Thank you for watching and please stay tuned for the next update on Chandra Nandini. Because you can’t afford to miss it.


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