Close To My Heart 10 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Darji looks at Khushwant’s photo in his room on Star Life Wednesday, May 10, 2023 update, which is close to my heart. He says I’m grieved. Adi arrives there and examines the image. Darji drops the picture out of shock. Adi takes it in, confused. He inquires about Darji’s knowledge of Ginni’s father and the reason for his apology. Darji turns his back. Adi requests that you tell me, did you know him? How? I was never told why you were apologizing to him.

Darji asserts that there was a reason I remained silent for years, and Adi asserts that you must inform me—I am requesting of you. Darji states, “I can’t tell you because it’s a secret that could tear us apart.” I should refrain from speaking. I’ve been being eaten alive by this secret. Adi claims that I want the truth.

He hears the tale from Darji. Darji and Khushwant were friends, and the flashback shows that Darji told him about his recipes and promised to be his partner and pay him back. Then, at that point, Darji enlightened Golden concerning the journal and how Golden needed to utilize it to open his café networks.

Darji attempted to stop him yet Golden coerced him that they will lose everything on the off chance that they don’t swindle Khushwant. The flashback closes. Darji informs Adi that I cheated on Khushwant and lost to Amber. The flashback reveals that Khushwant was thrilled to partner with Darji to open a restaurant. Darji inquired about his diary, to which Khushwant pointed it out to him and informed him that he was ill and was forgetting things, but Ginni was assisting him. He went to the bathroom after giving Darji the diary.

Darji then left with the journal. Khushwant failed to remember that he gave the journal to him. The flashback is over. Adi says you were my hero why did you do that with Khushwant? How is it that you could be so egotistical? You obliterated a family for your benefit. Darji weeps, claiming that I was powerless in front of my son. Adi says that you have betrayed my trust, and I don’t know if I can forgive you.

I returned solely for you, but now you cheat. He begins to leave however Darji argues him to excuse him. Adi claims that I had the most faith in you, but I no longer know you. He says you did extortion with Ginni who is my life so I will come clean to her, he leaves. Darji laments.

Amber tries to stop Adi from going to Ginni, but he doesn’t listen. In rage, Adi enters his room and screams.

Ginni is at the house of Gulabo. She advises Ginni to bring a present for yourself. I just need your blessings, according to Ginni. Gulabo states, “I want to give Adi as a gift because, if your father were still alive, he would be so pleased that you found a partner like Adi.” Gulabo brings Khushwant’s ring and says I need to gift it to Adi, it will be Khushwant’s endowments for him. According to Ginni, this is Papa’s last memory. According to Gulabo, I am aware that Adi is deserving of it. Ginni smiles.

Adi sees Ginni calling him, he accepts the call. Ginni claims that Gulabo has given you a priceless present. It’s my dad’s ring and Gulabo thinks just you merit it.

Are you sure, Adi? Ginni asserts that since you are the only one I will bow down to after my father, you deserve this. Adi is distraught after completing the call.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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