Close To My Heart 14 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Adi approaches Ginni in Close to My Heart on Star Life Sunday, May 14, 2023, and tries to talk to her, but she glares at him. He says, “I can explain this,” as he observes her holding the diary.

Ginni claims that this is the diary of my father, but you already knew that, right? This was hidden from me for years by your family, which I discovered in your cupboard. Adi claims that is not the case. Ginni yells, “No!” I started loving you and kept telling you everything, but you thought that if I found out about the diary while I was here, I wouldn’t do anything.

You pretended to be able to assist me in finding this diary, but in reality, you already had it. Adi requests that I explain. All the relatives come there. Ginni yells at Adi, asking if he was aware of the diary. Ginni slaps him hard and yells, “Your family cheated my father,” as he responds, “Yes.” You were all aware of this. I once discovered this diary, but someone attacked me and took it from me. This involves all of you. Supreet says we never needed to hurt you, you are a piece of this family.

Ginni claims that I also believed that, but I now know the truth. I want to confront Darji because my father was cheated. Ginni says that you are all liars, that you took everything from my father, that you cheated him, and that you are all murderers. Adi claims that Darji is ill. Golden thinks I simply need Adi on my side. He tells Ginni that Darji and I are your lawbreakers.

Darji arrives, and Adi tries to tell Ginni the truth. Ginni glares at him. Darji claims that your father was a great man, but I am a criminal because I cheated on him, and you shouldn’t blame anyone but me. I can be punished. Ginni says that I can’t forgive you, but the one who might have been able to is already dead. Your cheating took everything from us, and you destroyed his family.

Ginni informs Adi that we were unable to even pay for my father’s treatment. We were poor, and it wasn’t our fault that we had to struggle all our lives. My father was poor, but you people caused him to die poor. She informs Adi that relationships are irrelevant to your family. She tells Darji that Khushwant was your companion and in the event that you had requested the journal, he would have given it to you yet you decided to swindle him.

Darji asserts that you are free to punish me however you see fit, but Adi is innocent like you. He collapses and declares that I should die. I no longer want to stay here, according to Ginni. Adi claims that we can collaborate on this. I can’t stay where my father’s killers live, according to Ginni.

She is obstructed by Supreet and others. Golden tells her that we can give you half of the portions of our business. You can’t pay for my father’s death, according to Ginni. Sharja believes that all I wanted to do was separate Adi and Ginni, but this is out of control. Ginni is going out. Darji cries and begs you to stop doing this.

Ginni reviews how Gulabo sobs for her dad’s journal. She goes out of the house. Adi is heartbroken at her departure.

Ginni is walking by herself on the streets. She enters the diner. Gulabo approaches her and inquires about her health. She is shown the burned diary by Ginni. Gulabo is stunned.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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