Close To My Heart 21 May 2023 Update On Sunday

On the Star Life Sunday, May 21, 2023 update, Gulabo tells Ginni, “You gave justice to your father today.” This is very close to my heart. Ginni hangs the picture of her father on the wall. Sharja comes there and requests that she stop it. Ginni is told by Supreet that you are just a snobby woman, and that we will give her money if she leaves.

Ginni claims that you and your group deceived us for years, so why can’t I stay here? Amber is enraged when she gets a call. He says we should accept Ginni’s endorsement on each paper now. Amber is informed by Ginni that I will accompany you to the office today. All watch.

Dimpy jumps around when he enters Manveen’s room. I won’t share the room with you, Manveen yells. Adi arrives and demands that they stop fighting. Adi requests that Dimpy share the room with her today and in the event that you don’t become companions then I will get one more space for you.

Adi requests that Manveen adapt to the evening. She sighs. When Adi enters the room, he discovers Ginni standing there. Ginni believes that I wish our disagreements could be resolved more quickly. Adi believes that for breaking my heart, there is no forgiveness. Ginni’s hair falls over his face as he makes his exit attempt. Adi tragically grins. Ginni leaves from that point.

Adi comes to his room. There, Amber tells us that we can’t stay in this house. We are prepared to give half offers to Ginni yet this isn’t the way, they need to claim this house and torment us. We must employ a large attorney. Adi says we can do nothing work Darji awakens, I will uphold his choice. golden irately leaves.

Ginni visits Darji, who is unconscious. She says thank you for giving the offers to us however I needn’t bother with this. This wealth will not honor my father. I was unable to save my father, but I will safeguard you because your friend is no longer with you to enjoy this. I must apprehend the person who is most likely interfering with your life.

Because I am aware that I will have to bear a lot here, I came to this house solely to locate the perpetrator. She feels somebody is keeping an eye on them. She leaves the room but cannot locate anyone. When Supreet arrives, Ginni is about to leave, and she warns you not to come near Darji’s room. Ginni claims that I love him. What is wrong with you, Supreet asks? You were a pleasant individual.

You even saved Adi’s life; you can take the shares, but your family is destroying everything in this place; I beg you to put an end to everything. Ginni says don’t say that. Adi goes there and tells us not to plead with her because she only wants to make our stress worse. Supreet walks off. Ginni is told by Amber that she cannot remain here. Ginni says I’m the investor so I will remain here. According to Adi, Darji’s health is our top priority. I do, according to Ginni.

When Sharja enters the kitchen, she orders the cook to begin cooking. Gulabo arrives at the establishment and informs the chef that they only like desi food. Sharja claims that we pay him his salary. Gulabo says we will pay half of his compensation so he needs to just work for us. Sharja and Gulabo begin battling. When Ginni arrives, she demands that they leave.

Ginni comes to Adi’s room and remembers to take her garments. She says I don’t have a bag. On a stool, she stands. Adi doesn’t wear a shirt as he leaves the restroom. He is knocked over by Ginni.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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