Close To My Heart 24 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Supreet tells Ginni, “Soniya is Darji’s friend, so please act like a good family member when she comes,” in Close to My Heart on Star Life’s Wednesday, May 24, 2023 update.

Ginni says there will be no show from my side, she leaves. Sharja claims that if they make a mistake, it won’t affect them, but our reputation will suffer because they are unaware that Soniya is our most valuable investor. Supreet says in the event that Soniya learns about the house division, it will be an issue. Sharja warns us to exercise caution.

Soniya will be welcomed into the family by all. Amber tells Adi that Soniya’s suggestions have always resulted in profits, and that she would like Darji to meet her today. She then shows Adi the profits. Amber yells that we must sign this contract with Soniya because Dimpy and Shampy are playing there.

Sharja says we need to dazzle Soniya yet certain individuals need to wreck everything. Adi claims I’ll take care of everything. Armaan gets out whatever on the off chance that Soniya doesn’t settle the agreement? Amber declares her desire to meet Darji.

Amber’s residence is reached by Soniya. She is greeted by Adi. Soniya claims that Darji had always praised you, and I’m sorry to hear about his health. She is brought in by everyone. Sharja is informed by Supreet that Soniya resembles a celebrity.

Soniya goes into the house and its undeniably finished. Ginni says, “I’m Adi’s wife,” as she greets her. Soniya gives her a hug and says that Darji has always been kind to you.

She tells Adi that I got to know how Ginni joined this family and you both love one another. Ginni’s mother is my name, Gulabo greets her. She is embraced by Soniya. If you’re all right, Amber says we can sign the contract. Soniya says I came here to converse with Adi and Ginni.

From there, she takes them. All watch. Sharja claims that I advised everyone not to call Soniya right now. She yells at Gulabo, accusing him of ruining everything. Amber says that I won’t spare anyone if we don’t get the contract. Gulabo says my girl is straightforward not normal for you. Gurleen requests that they quit battling.

Adi and Ginni are told by Soniya that Darji told her you are both strong. Although I am aware that what I will say will be difficult for you, I must inform you of everything. Adi asks, “What’s happening?”

Adi and Ginni return with Soniya. She tells me to go meet Darji. She then moves on. What did Adi say, Amber asks? Adi claims that you will learn soon.

Ginni declares, “Now that I know there is someone who will do justice,” She is asked to stop by Adi. The two of them leave from that point. Supreet asks Golden for what good reason is Soniya not doing the agreement?.

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