Close To My Heart 9 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

On the Star Life Tuesday, May 9, 2023 update, close to my heart, Amber is looking for the diary. He finds it in the porch and tells me that I must destroy it before Ginni finds it again.

Darji prays for Ginni when he visits the Guradwarah. Adi and the family show up there for the wedding. Ginni arrives as a bride there. She is smiling at Adi. The wedding begins, Adi vows to constantly safeguard Ginni. Ginni continues to recall the diary. Adi declares that if she finds the diary, she will restore happiness to her life. Ginni is losing her balance. The wedding is done and abruptly Ginni swoons.

Adi enters Ginni’s room, where she is sleeping. He strokes her face while holding her hand. Ginni smiles when she gets up. Adi administers her medications. He approaches her closer and remarks, “You look pretty.” Ginni says that you look good. Adi gets closer to her and strokes her face. Ginni blushes and turns away. Adi opens the door to check when it knocks. Ginni experiences yet more dizziness as she tries to recall the diary. She falls asleep. Adi arrives and is disappointed that she slept. He sleeps with her on the bed.

Scene 2: Adi and Ginni visit the family in the morning. Darji gives them his blessing and wishes that they will always be together. Ginni is blessed by Supreet. Gulabo says we will leave now. Gulabo tells Adi that I realize you are furious with Sam yet I simply believe you should disregard Goldie and Sam.

Adi says she attempted to kill Ginni and you are saving her? Gulabo asserts that I am merely stating that Ginni is concerned about the diary and that Ginni will be required to attend the court if you drag Sam there. I just want you to end everything and ensure Ginni’s recovery. However, you can do anything you need. Adi states that although I won’t take any action against Goldie and Sam, I won’t spare them if they attempt to harm Ginni once more.

When Adi approaches Ginni, he tells her that she should stay put. Ginni asks, “What were you discussing with Gulabo?” Adi claims to be my mother-in-law, so we know each other’s secrets. I have a right, Ginni, because you are my husband. Then give me what I want, Adi says as he draws her closer. He claims that a lot transpired last night. Ginni expresses out loud whatever? Nothing took place. Ginni is confused when Adi claims that you approached me and gave me a hug. Adi asserts that after that, we went to bed and you went to sleep.

Ginni says quit prodding me if not I will leave you. Adi beckons her closer and promises to never let go. I will never leave you, as Ginni claims.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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