Covid-19 In Retrospect : Exactly One Year Today

The outbreak of the Novel SARS Cov-2 pandemic brought a lot of ups and downs in various economies around the globe ever since its emanation as recognized and declared by the World Health Organization(WHO) on December 31st, 2019.

With it’s bad influence on the world market, a lot of systems have come under pressure in managing external and internal affairs in issues relating to trade and many more. The Westerners of the African continent of which Ghana is a part, alongside more than 190 countries in the world were no exception from the icy-hands of the Novel Coronavirus, even in the Education sector.

John Baguri, a former chairperson of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee of the Legislative Assembly, and a member of the Constitution Drafting Committee of the Gold Refinery Hall, popularly known as Sir John of the University of Mines and Technology(UMaT) Tarkwa-Ghana, has expressed a review on the global pandemic in brief during an interview with Eth Studios earlier today, March 12th, 2021.


Today marks exactly one year when our motherland, Ghana, recorded the first two cases of covid.

This news sent shivers through the spines of many Ghanaians.

The future was a blur for many Ghanaians, taking into consideration how the virus dealt with quite advanced countries like Italy, China, the USA inter alia with better health facilities.

The period was really not a rosy time for anybody to be in the helms of affairs of a country. The tough decisions that the government had to take despite their dire socio-economic ramifications were testaments of the woes of the moments.

Educational institutions were shut down, and some remained shut down for months. Key economic hubs of the country were shut down. Churches, Mosques were closed down, etc.

The observation of the covid protocols like social distancing, wearing of face mask, and hand washing obviously introduced a new normal to our way of life.

Today, Ghana has about 86,737 total cases with 86,299 recoveries; the death toll is about 656.

Thankfully, the Government of Ghana received 600,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines in the Covax Vaccine Sharing Initiative on the 24th of February 2021.

This has brought the biggest relief and perhaps the clearest path to restoring our normal way of life.

It is, however, instructive to note that covid is still with us. Let us not let our guard down.

Covid is real, keep safe.

John Baguri
( Sir John )

Known for his cogent advocacy, Sir John in his last words called on the SRC to use its bargaining power to get the university review its current modalities on the End of Semester Exam.

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