Destined By Fate 17 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Dhanraj informs Tej, Destined by Fate on the Starlife Wednesday, May 17, 2023 update, that Kanha is experiencing a great deal of pain. He says Kanha was claimed for Chiru’s passing and afterward is seeing Sayuri’s embarrassment; indeed, even Kanha was with Sayuri, yet just Sayuri is accused and not Kanha;

He is having trouble keeping Chiru’s promise. He then, at that point, says Sayuri alone dealt with the family after her dad’s demise and safeguarded her family like a child, however she is bearing to such an extent. Tej says he will persuade Bhanu for Sayuri and Kanha’s marriage. What about Saroj? Dhanraj inquires. Tej says they are senior and need to make sense of her.

Sayuri and Kanha lie in bed holding Chiru’s picture out of fear of a storm. Rashmi is comforted by Nakul’s phone conversation with her. When he turns around and sees Kusum standing there, he starts to get nervous because he thinks Dhanrj said he would talk to Saroj first and then tell the whole family.

Since Kanha hasn’t been down since he got back from work, Kusum gives him milk and asks if anything has changed. Nakul is upset because he claims Kanha lost a deal today. Kusum is certain that something much larger has transpired.

Nakul takes a walk to Kanha. Kanha inquires if he was contemplating marriage throughout the night. According to Kanha, it might not be the best choice for him and Sayuri. If Chiru can’t make a mistake even while asleep, how can he make a mistake while dying, asks Nakul?

He claims that even though he gave it a lot of thought, he came to the conclusion that Kanha must fulfill Chiru’s final wish of taking care of Sayuri and her family and reconciling the two families. He gives him a phone and tells him to talk to Anjali about it. Kanha calls Anjali and finds his telephone not reachable.

Indu walks over to Sayuri, who is asleep, and tells her that she will do whatever it takes to make her happy and pamper her. Nakul goes to a temple and asks God to help Chiru because he knows his brother and Sayuri didn’t do anything wrong and shouldn’t be punished. He claims that Kanha was so tense that he didn’t speak all night.

Saying that even Sayurid didn’t sleep all night, Rashmi walks up to him. The two of them decide to help Kanha and Sayuri. If Kusum sees them together and suspects that something is going on between the two families, she should tell Saroj right away.

When Nakul gets back to his house, he tells Dhanraj and Tej that Rashmi met him and told them that Indu is moving out of her current location because she believes it is not suitable for her family. Tej suggests that they stop her before she carries out her plan. Together with Dhanraj, he goes to Indu’s house and begs her not to move. According to Indu, there is currently no choice.

Dhanraj says there is one choice, Sayuri and Kanha’s wedding according to Chiru’s last desire. Hearing that shocks everyone. Indu inquires as to whether they addressed Kanha, is he prepared for that. Dhanraj claims that Kanha even refused. Tej says they will make the two youngsters face one another and choose if they have any desire to satisfy Chiru’s last desire or not. Sayuri frenzies and figures she would prefer to bite the dust than wedding Kanha.

Rashmi is crying, and Nakul tries to comfort her. Rashmi says individuals won’t fail to remember the viral video unexpectedly early. Nakul lauds her for supporting her family and predicts that people will soon forget about it.

According to Rashmi, even he supports Kanha and his family. According to Nakul, he always will. Sayuri remembers their disagreement as she walks to Kanha.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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