Destined By Fate 18 May 2023 Update On Thursday

On the Starlife Thursday, May 18, 2023 update, Kanha declares that his brother’s love is greater than his hatred of him and that he will keep his promise to him. Chiru was also the end of the promise, according to Sayuri. According to Kanha, promises never expire and are kept throughout one’s life.

She claims that Chiru wanted them to stop fighting, so they tied the knot together. Since he is a man, she says, he should refuse to marry her because no one will listen to her because she is a woman. Kanha leaves. Sayuri gets back and finds Indu’s wellbeing falling apart.

Indu says she will leave this spot regardless of whether the embarrassment disappears with her demise. Bhanu claims that by getting married to Kanha and Sayuri, she wants to silence everyone. Sayuri panics seeing Indu’s condition and calls Kanha for help. Hearing her voice, everyone dashes out.

She declares to Kanha that she is prepared to wed him. Tej looks at the wedding date on the calendar and says that tomorrow is very good. According to Rashmi and Pihu, the haldi and mehandi rituals have already been completed. Dhanraj says just marriage is left at this point. Indu inquires about Saroj’s consent to the marriage. Dhanraj claims that he cannot wait for Saroj, who is out of town.

When Saroj returns home and learns about Kanha and Sayuri’s marriage, she declares that she will never permit it. She reveals that after Kusum informed her of the mishap, she rushed home. Dhanraj assures Indu that he will speak with Saroj and states that he has already made a decision. Saroj gets inside the hosue. She asks Kusum to make tea for her. Indu is concerned that Saroj will never consent to this union. Bhanu solaces her. Rashmi wonders if Sayuri and Kanha made the right choice by getting married. Bhanu asserts that it is not necessary and that a marriage of convenience cannot be happy.

Kanha strolls to Saroj. After killing Chiru, he is asked by Saroj how he can marry Sayuri. Kanha says that was Chiru’s last desire and Sayuri will kick the bucket in the event that he doesn’t wed her. Saroj claims to not be bothered. Her response breaks Kanha’s heart, so he tells her not to say that. Saroj moves around.

Kanha attempts to control Kanha. Dhanraj says he previously took a choice and marriage will happen tomorrow at any expense. Because it will significantly harm Saroj, Kusum urges him not to do so.

Dhanraj asserts that Saroj’s stubbornness has already ruined a lot, and he will not permit her to do so again. Tej requests that Nakul illuminate Indu to prepare Sayuri for the marriage tomorrow.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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