Destined By Fate 22 May 2023 Update On Monday

On the Starlife Monday, May 22, 2023 update, Kanha takes Sayuri to Chiru’s room and is sad to think about him. He is invited into the room by Nakul. Kanha tells them to go inside and promises to return later. He then tries to leave. His kurta sleeve stalls out with Sayuri’s bangle. He leaves after she yells at him to release her bangle. Sayuri is asked to enter by Nakul.

Indu informs her family that despite Kanha’s promise to care for them, they cannot impose their responsibilities on him. Rashmi and Pihu suggest that they look for work. Indu claims that her daughters are now adults. Bhanu speaks similarly to Kanha. Didi, according to Rashmi, is in the next house, so they can watch her.

Bhanu advises them to consider the other family whose son has passed away and will never return. Indu hopes that Saroj won’t bother Sayuri. Pihu asserts that Saroj will undoubtedly irritate Sayuri. Saroj lets Kusum know that she won’t ever acknowledge Sayuri as her bahu and won’t give her access her kitchen and sanctuary.

Sayuri is informed by Nakul that Chiru’s room is the house’s bet room. Sayuri spots her childhood friend and wonders if it’s the same room where she used to live. According to Nakul, Kanha fixed it there. Sayuri claims that she completed this painting with the assistance of Chiru and Kanha when she won the first prize as a child. Nakul says wow and shows her portable charging point close to the bed.

Kusum lets Saroj know that how Sayuri is constrained on them in this house, she needs to acknowledge Sayuri. Sayuri will be compelled to leave the house, according to Saroj. Then she contacts Anjali. Sayuri appreciates Nakul’s assistance. Nakul claims that because of his goodness, she will accept Kanha soon.

Kanha sits in the nursery. Saying that he knew he would be here, Nakul approaches him. He asks him if he knew that the room belonged to Sayuri and says that it is bad to leave bhabhi alone there. Kanha says that has a place with him all the more at this point. He is advised to move on by Nakul. According to Kanha, his brother is now an adult.

Nakul suggests that he deal with Saroj in some way. Sayuri stumbles after searching the light switch for some time. Sayuri bumps into Kanha as he enters, and as he holds her, her hair gets stuck in the button on his T-shirt. A song called Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays in the background. She can call him or Nakul if she needs anything, or at least give him a missed call, as Kanha will sleep in Nakul’s room.

Because she is already weak due to his excessive assistance, Sayuri asks him to spare her. Kanha claims that she misunderstands him; if he made her weak, why would he? Nothing has changed in this marriage; all he wants to do is provide her with support. He leaves there saying he will follow this relationship of accommodation at any expense.

He then goes to Nakul’s room and rests. Sayuri breaks down as she looks at the picture of her family. Next morning, Kanha goes to Sayuri’s room and thumps the entryway and when she doesn’t answer figures she should be snoozing.

Sayuri watches the windchime from the comfort of her bed all night. Kanha rests close to the entryway.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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