Destined By Fate 23 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Predetermined by Destiny on starlife Tuesday 23rd May 2023 update, Kusum strolls to Saroj while Saroj is performing pooja and illuminates her that Sayuri maharani hasn’t awakened at this point. She adds that if she had been in her own home, Sayuri would have been awakened by that.

Saroj asks wh did she advise her that they need to bear Sayuri their entire life currently, so its better they overlook her. According to Kusum, they need to do something else to get rid of her permanently because it won’t help.

Sayuri ges prepared after wash before the mirro when she sees her mangalsutra and reviews Kanha placing it in her neck. She further notification her hairline and reviews Kanha filling her hairline with sindhoor. She makes use of sindhoor. Her room door is opened by someone. Kusum tells Saroj in the living room that her idea from yesterday was not bad.

Dhanraj strolls to them and cautions them to dare not scheme against Sayuri as he considers Sayuri as his girl and it might be quite horrible for them. Kusum asserts that since today is Sayuri’s first day in her sasural, she ought to have awoken by now. Dhanraj asserts that even Kusum does not wake up early, but they ought to be aware that adjusting to a new home takes time. The two of them see his face quietly.

Nakul orders the servants to prepare and place everything Kanha ordered on a tray. Sayuri awoke after Dhanraj asked him about Kanha. Nakul says he has close to zero insight into Sayuri, Kanha laid down with him the previous evening. He goes to make breakfast courses of action. Sayuri opens entryway.

Kanha stares in awe as she gets ready. Sayuri asks discourteously asks what? Kanha does not give a single nod. With Kanha on the beanbag, she slips on a mat and falls. The two of them feel abnormal. Kanha gets up and reaches out to assist her. In the background, the song Dil Pe Kaboo Naa plays. Worker brings tea, espresso, plain milk, chocolate milk, and so forth., in boxes.

Kanha tells Sayuri that he ordered everything because he didn’t know what she liked. She shows me a chocolate milkshake. He takes the malai, or cream, out of the milk. She inquires as to whether she approves. He claims that because she once compared him to the cream, he knows she doesn’t like it. He requests that she finish it while he gets ready.

Indu calls her. Kanha requests that she go to porch and address her mom. To the terrace, she walks. Bhanu and his entire family examine her and inquire about her well-being. Sayuri says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. It’s good to see her, Bhanu says. Pihu claims that she longed for choc milk with her.

Sayuri shows choc milk glass and says Kanha got it arranged for her with numerous different beverages as he didn’t have any idea what she loves. Pihu asks her to get it right away. Indu asks her not to have anything as she has paghphera custom and can’t have anything until her significant other visits her maika and takes care of her something. Bhanu expresses its really depends on Sayuri regardless of whether she will notice quick.

Ground floor, Kanha attempts to sit for breakfast. He is asked by Dhanraj not to change by force and to remain the same as before. Sayuri descends. She is met with fury by Sayuri and Kusum. Sayuri walks toward Saroj after receiving their blessings and being ignored by Saroj.

On the other hand, Rashmi asks Bhanu whether the entire family or just Sayuri and Kanha will attend. According to Bhanu, only Kanha and Sayuri will participate in the ritual. Indu intends to provide Sayuri with sweets to break her fast. Bhanu says they couldn’t say whether Sayuri has kept quick or not. Indu believes she must be required to please Saroj.

Breakfast is served at Sayuri. She is asked to eat breakfast by Kanha. With pallu, Sayuri covers her head. As she grows in front of Dhanraj and Tej, Kanha insists that she not follow any ritual. Dhanraj and Tej support Kanha and argue that a daughter shouldn’t be too formal in front of her father. Sayuri is invited to breakfast by Nakul. Sayuri is stealing the spotlight by serving breakfast, despite Kusum’s taunt that Saroj prepared it.

Saroj directs his servant to bring a new guest a silver plate and place it on the dining table until the guest leaves. Kanha, Dhanraj, Tej, and Nakul rise without breakfast. Sayuri demands that they finish their breakfast. Dhanraj says one ought to have food where they are regarded, so Sayuri can go to her parent’s home and have food there.

Additionally, Saroj tries to leave. Sayuri is yelled at by Kusum for not following the kitchen ritual. Sayuri is instructed by Saroj to fast for the entire day until the paghphera ritual is finished. Sayuri becomes scared. Whether she heard him or not, Saroj yells at her.

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