Destined By Fate 24 May 2023 Update On Wedneday

Sayuri, destined by fate for the Starlife Wednesday, May 24, 2023 update, runs to her mother’s house after Saroj scolds her. She contacts Indu and Bhanu. When her family sees her, they are happy and hug her emotionally. Sayuri continues to hug Indu and requests that she remain as is. When Kanha thinks back to Saroj’s inappropriate behavior with Sayuri at work, she is irritated.

Indu inquires as to whether something occurred there. Sayuri reviews Saroj’s rowdiness and asks Indu not to fault Saroj as she is troubled and in shock with the new occasions. Rashmi claims that Saroj’s interactions with her have never been pleasant.

Sayuri claims that Saroj is worried about losing her second son. According to Indu, Saroj will soon realize her error. If Sayuri believes Saroj is wrong, she says she will not tolerate it.

Pihu promises to bring her something. Sayuri prevents her from recalling that she will not have food because Kanha and his entire family will not have food. Sayuri must be eating at her mother’s house, Saroj informs Kusum.

Kusum says perhaps she is fasting. Sayuri’s fasting today, according to Saroj, will not be disclosed to Kanha. Kusum asks how might Sayuri break the quick then, at that point. Saroj advises Indu to inform Kanha of the situation. Bhanu tells Indu that she should not have told Sayuri about the fast because he notices that Sayuri is not feeling well.

Kanha is always working. He receives food from Nakul. Inquiring about Sayuri, Kanha Nakul says she is fine and went to her mom’s home. Kanha is requested to return home by Dhanraj to perform the pagphera ritual.

According to Kanha, he does not know anything about it. Dhanraj says Sayuri should quick work he breaks her quick. Kanha feels stunned hearing this and asks why Sayuri didn’t illuminate him about it. At home, Sayuri while working swoons and is going to fall on the okhli/processor when Kanha enters and holds her.

He admonishes her for not illuminating him about her quick and says he would have come before else. Sayuri receives food from Indu. Kanha offers juice to Sayuri. She will not consume the juice. She wipes her mouth after Kanha insists on having. Sayuri gets emotional when she sees everything.

Afterward, Kanha and Sayuri head towards their home. Indu is informed by Bhanu that Kanha will handle everything from this point forward. Rashmi hopes that Kanha and Sayuri will take care of each other and strengthen their relationship.

Sayuri is having trouble walking, so Kanha lifts her into his arms. According to Sayuri, he does not need to do any of this because she is fine. Kanha continues to walk, lifting her and gazing into her eyes despite his disagreement. The background music plays a romantic song.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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