Destined By Fate 25 May 2023 Update On Thursday

On Starlife Thursday, May 25, 2023, Kanha lifts Sayuri and brings her home, destined by fate. When he sees Anjali in front of him, he stands stunned and tense. When Anjali thinks back on the good times she had with Kanha, she gets sad.

Kanha causes Sayuri to sit on the couch and thinks that he is now in torment, yet life needs to give him more difficulty. Kanha is asked about Sayuri by Nakul. Kanha says Sayuri is fasting starting from the morning and subsequently got seriously feeble.

Indu and Bhanu are shown the picture of Sayuri and Kanha by Rashmi. Indu says that the two of them look good together. Anjali is reported to be at Kanha’s house by Pihu. When they hear that, Bhanu and Indu are shocked. Anjali accepts Kanha and Sayuri’s apologies.

Sayuri feels helpless. Kanha tells Anjali that Sayuri isn’t feeling great, so he will drop her till the room. Following that, Dhanraj offers his apologies to Anjali and explains that he was worried about her, but he married Kanha and Sayuri in accordance with Chiru’s last wish. Anjali says she is in massive torment and irate, yet in addition realizes that Kanha and Sayuri should likewise be in serious torment and misery. Nakul gives Anjali a hug as he walks over.

Anjali asserts that during these trying times, she ought to have been by Kanha’s side. Sayuri is escorted to her room by Kanha, who inquires about her requirements. She gestures no and requests that he go first floor and handle the situaiton.

Indu hears from Rashmi that Nakul informed her that Anjali was concerned for Sayuri and Kanha rather than overreacting. Indu says Anjali is an exceptionally decent young lady, yet she fears that Saroj will incite Anjali against Sayuri.

She is advised not to worry at all by Bhanu. Saroj is informed by Kusum that Anjali is supporting Kanha and Sayuri. Saroj says Anjali will unquestionably be envious of Sayuri and Kanha’s relationship in future.

Kanha apologizes to Anjali as he walks up to her. He says he needed to illuminate her beginning and end, however her telephone was turned off. This would not have happened, according to Anjali, if she had been present. Even Sayuri, according to Kanha, is feeling guilty. According to Anjali, even she would have felt guilty if she had been Sayuri. Kanha inquires as to whether she isn’t furious on him.

Anjali claims that she used to talk about getting married all the time, but she can’t complain if the dream she had with him isn’t realized; however, she would rather not lose their companionship. She has Kanha’s word that they will remain friends until his death.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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