Destined By Fate 26 May 2023 Update On Friday

Ordained by Destiny on starlife Friday 26th May 2023 update, Sayuri cries sitting in her room. Anjali strolls in and says she has no bad things to say against her, their destiny double-crossed them and Kaha. She claims that she intended to share her pain with Kanha rather than expressing her sorrow in front of her.

Sayuri says she figures out her circumstance. Anjali asserts that even she comprehends her predicament. Sayuri makes statements that happened wildly and apologizes her. Instead, Anjali offers her apologies. Sayuri requests that it not be said. Anjali says she is saying ‘sorry’ as she can love constantly Kanha in her life as he is her most memorable love.

Nakul tells Kanha that he doesn’t know why Anjali didn’t do anything because she used to threaten girls even when they looked at him, so it could be that she’s thinking and acting differently. He is asked by Kanha to sleep now and stop thinking so much.

Nakul keeps thinking. Sayuri informs Anjali that Kanha has lost his love and brother, and that she and Kanha will undoubtedly reunite because their marriage was a marriage of convenience and will not last long. She says she lost her adoration and won’t allow Anjali to lose her over.

When her mother’s health improves, she promises to make things right, and then she will leave the city itself. Anjali gives her a sincere hug. Sayuri expresses gratitude toward her for cleaning a major weight off of her psyche.

Sayuri enters the kitchen the following morning to attempt to make tea when Saroj enters and yells at her for breaking her house and dreams. She undermines Sayuri to dare not touch anything in her home and sprinkles gangajal in ther kitchen. Amitabha, Anjali’s father, enters and berates Sayuri for stealing his love. Kanha inquires whether Anjali didn’t speak to him and asserts that it wasn’t Sayuri’s error. He says Anjali secured herself in a room and is crying persistently.

He says that Sayuri played a game because she didn’t have a father for kanyadaan or money for a dowry. He is warned by Kanha not to disparage his wife. Amitabh warns Kanha that he will be paid for his behavior, and the business partnership is ended. Dhanraj says they will be in misfortunes. According to Amitabh, they ought to be prepared to pay for losing their years of trust.

Sayuri is instructed to pack her bag and leave her house by Saroj, who continues to place blame on her and humiliate her. Kanha upholds Sayuri and says she won’t go from that point as she is his significant other at this point. Saroj is disappointed to leave.

Sayuri gets back to her room and cries second guessing herself why she is accused generally without her slip-up. Kanha strolls to her and control center her. Kusum is informed by Saroj that she will kill Sayuri and kick her out of the house.

According to Kusum, Kanha won’t agree. Sayuri says she won’t allow Sayuri to grab her right and will utilize her brahma lash.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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