Destined By Fate 28 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Destined by Fate on the Starlife Sunday 28 May 2023 update, Kanha notices that Sayuri is washing her clothes to let out her rage and inquires as to why she is doing this, why she didn’t use sunscreen or drink lemonade, and why she is doing this.

Sayuri claims that she is washing clothes because she was bored at home. He continues to demonstrate his concern for her by assisting her with the laundry. A song called “Ho Rabba Dil Haadan” plays in the background.

They both walk inside the house after finishing washing their clothes. She explains why she was washing so many clothes to Kanha. Sayuri tells the truth that she is wasting time by doing housework because she is getting bored. Kanha starts to worry. Sayuri leaves.

Kanha then sees Saroj and inquires as to whether she requested Sayuri to do family tasks.

Saroj does not speak. Kanha says that she shouldn’t take care of the housework for Sayuri because she doesn’t think of her as her DIL. Sayuri is met with rage by Saroj, who yells. Sayuri stands stunned.

She is confronted by Saroj, who hurls a knife at her and demands that she kill him just as she did Chiru. In addition, she asserts that it is preferable for her to kill Kanha because she is attempting to seize her.

Sayuri runs toward her house in fear of her drama. She enters her mother’s home, where the entire family is pleased to see her, wipes her tears as she recalls that her mother is already very tense.

Indu says that she noticed that she was doing housework, so she asks if Saroj gave her so much work because he was annoyed.

Sayuri says she was working because she was getting bored and nods her head no. She then demands that Rashmi bring her water, which she quickly consumes. Given her condition, Indu becomes concerned.

Dhanraj observes Kanha’s agitation and inquires as to why. According to Kanha, Saroj is attempting to irritate Sayuri to ease her own suffering.

Dhanraj says now is the ideal time to fix everything. On the other hand, Sayuri is worried about Indu’s financial situation and asks Rashmi how they will pay for this month’s expenses.

She receives assurance from Rashmi that nothing will go wrong. She then says she examined with Nakul about Anjali and is glad to realize that Anjali figured out the circumstance. Sayuri feels responsible for Anjali and Kanha’s breakup.

After some time, Sayuri gets back and attempts to rest. When she sees him, she is shocked. Kanha relaxes on a sofa after changing his clothes. He mutters in rest that he needs to lay down with Chiru and strolls close to bed.

Sayuri gets anxious seeing that and switches on the lights. She inquires about Kanha’s activities. Kanha gets into his detects, apologizes, and leaves.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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