Destined By Fate 29 May 2023 Update On Monday

Foreordained by Destiny on starlife Monday 29th May 2023 update, Saroj prepares Kusum in a sari and requests that she figure out how to wrap a sari as she won’t be coming to her parents in law’s home to help her. She informs him that a Canadian boy is coming to see her. Kusum wonders what would happen if the boy’s family wanted to know why her younger brothers got married first. Saroj requests that she let her handle it and says it’s great that Sayuri went to her maika as she doesn’t believe Sayuris foreboding shadow should fall on her and ruin this union.

Nakul strolls in and seeing Kusum in a sari inquires as to whether a kid’s family is coming to see her. That’s what sayuri hears and enthusiastically chooses to be with Kusum as the kid’s family will request Kusum’s bhabhi. Nakul tries unsuccessfully to stop her.

Saroj shows Kusum to the boy’s family and gives them snacks. Sayuri enters. She is referred to as Kanha’s wife. Visitors acclaim adulating Sayuri’s excellence and say assuming Sayuri was their girl, the would have thier child hitched to her. Sayuri and Kusum are feeling uneasy, so Kanha requests that they refrain from speaking in that manner. Sayuri says that their son is fortunate to have married Kusum and describes Kusum’s positive qualities.

The boy’s family is offended by her speech and yells that the girl’s family would rule them after the marriage because she spoke so much before they were married. Kanha asks them not to talk like that. Boy claims that the girl has some defect, which her family is attempting to conceal. Kanha requests that they leave.

Angry, Kusum rushes to Sayuri’s room and yells at her, “She ruined her life like she ruined the lives of her brothers.” Sayuri is visibly upset by that. Saroj curses Sayuri next and says she needs to demolish her family’s satisfaction and intentionally got back from her maika to destroy the coalition. Sayuri attempts to talk, however Saroj keeps reviling her. Dhanraj cautions her to quiet down. After throwing waste glasses at the flower, Saroj leaves.

As they approach Kusum’s room, Dhanraj and Tej attempt to convince her that the boy didn’t deserve her. She says that Sayuri is now more important to them than she is, and she keeps cursing and pointing the finger at Sayuri. Dhanraj says on the off chance that she acts like this, it will happen one day.

On the other hand, Anjali dances vigorously while recalling Kanha and Sayuri’s words out of fear that she will not receive Kanha.

Sayuri is comforted by Kanha. and declares that she will be his wife for life and that he will be her support throughout. Sayuri is stunned to hear that.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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