Destined By Fate 7 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Destined By Fate on starlife Sunday seventh May 2023 update, Kanha takes Chiru to an overhang and says they need to escape house quietly without anybody being familiar with it and reminds Saroj’s organization not to get ot of house before his baraat. He descends himself using a rope. Next, Kanha descends. Chiru feels his shoes tight. Kanha trades his shoes with him. According to Chiru, Kanha has never worn his shoes, but today he does.

Kanha says its an abshagun/foreboding and they ought to get back home. Chiru advises them to leave through the back door because someone will be watching. Both of them run away. When Saroj looks in the backyard, he sees someone, but instead he finds servants. Additionally, Sayuri peeks out the window. While Chiru enjoys the breeze, Kanha drives the bike in an uncomfortable manner because he is in Chiru’s shoes.

For Kanha’s wedding, Anjali’s parents visit Saroj’s house. Saroj praises Anjali for handling all of the work and thanks them for calling in. Roma, Anjali’s mother, claims that Anjali now belongs to Saroj. Anjali and Kanha will get married, according to Saroj, after Chiru gets married. When Anjali hears this, she is happy. Amit jokes that he wants Anjali to leave their house right away. Everybody snickers hearing that. Roma tells Saroj that she accepted Sayuri for Chiru’s happiness, which was the right thing to do.

Chiru is taking in a lot of air, and Kanha asks why. Chiru asserts that since he has some remaining breaths, he wishes to freely enjoy them. Kanha says in the event that he thinks so,he ought to stop the marriage. Chiru guffaws. Anjali dances with Nakul back to her house and inquires about Kanha. According to Nakul, Kanha is with Chiru. Chiru asks Kanha to look after Sayuri if she leaves the station for work and purchases rings for Saroj and Sayuri. He has Kanha’s word.

Panditji begins the wedding ceremonies. Sayuri worries about Chiru as she eagerly awaits him. She requests that Balwant deal with all that and asks god that nothing out of sorts ought to occur. Panditji requests that Dhanraj call the husband to be. Dhanraj requests that Nakul call Chiru.

While making a beeline for home, Chiru sees Kanha’s hand hurt and demands that he will ride the bicycle. Kanha denies, however Chiru gets resolute. Nakul walks into the room and does not find Chiru or Kanha at home after making a phone call to them. The next time Anjali enters, she is shocked to discover that Chiru and Kanha are not home.

Sayuri feels anxious. She is comforted by Rashmi, who promises that once she marries Chiru, everything will be fine.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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