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  1. To download, just slide from left to right on any sound effect for more options(as described on the 2nd welcome screen).
  2. New sound effects in all 10 categories are uploaded every week. Just check back anytime!

The Inspiration

Eth Studios, Inc. had the inspiration to create this Mobile App as a free tool for accessing some of the best sound effects on the internet for content creation purposes and more reasons alike. The primal reason was because we’re also content creators and love using sound effects for our videos as well.

When we realized the stress some of the developers put users through by forcing them to watch unnecessary Ads while enduring bad User Interface(UI) and not getting their downloaded sound effects as well, it triggered us. Thus, we made the decision to create a free(without Ads) mobile App, accessible to all people with better UI and effective downloads. With no prior Mobile App Development experience, we set out to create one of the most trending Sound Effect Apps on Google PlayStore today.

Version 1.0.0 of the mobile App released on January 9th, 2023 wasn’t expected to pull through to the extent it did. It came as a surprise to us when the App reached over 10,000 downloads early 2024 without paid advertisement. This explains the delay in updating that old version to the new Version 1.2.0 released on February 8th, 2024.

We’re on a mission to provide the best and trendy sound effects for our users, while taking them through sleek and responsive UI without Ad interruption. And though the monetization status of this App may change in the foreseeable future due to Resource constraints as more and more sound effects get added to the App’s storage, we promise that when the need arise, whatever monetization option we choose to stick with will not bore our users out, as part of the core focus of the App.


App Description

Royalty Free Sound Effects App for YouTube, TikTok and more.
Everything SFX is an App that allows users to play and freely download Sound Effects in many different categories, from Comedy to Nature, to the Ambience of ambient sounds, the epic Cinematic waves of instrumentals and many others!

Our core focus is to provide access to the best and trendy sound effects on social media and more, for content creators and persons alike without the interference of boring Ads, to the extent we can allow for free.

Featured Category

Famous Nigerian Comedy Audio effects
This is a highly entertaining Sound effects Application for Video Makers.
It contains all past and famous interesting Nigerian Parody Audio effects like:
1. Broda Shaggi – E Shock You
2. Ano dey hear word
3. Why Are You Running?
4. There Is God O!
5. Dancing Memorial service Casket Melody
6. It Is What It Is!
7. Apostle Will Hear of this
8. You Will Wind up In Mcdonald
9. Fart
10. Laughing
11. Speechless
12. Ern Hern!
13. Eweeh
and many more…

The Ten(10) Categories available in the App for now, are:
1. Nature
2. Comedy
3. Household
4. Ambience
5. Sports
6. Animal Sounds
7. Instrumentals
8. Tools
9. Cartoon
10. Human Voices

We hope that the Audio effects highlighted in this android application will be cherished by our users. Kindly Rate us 5-star to help us @Everything SFX to keep adding more!


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