Eternal Love 15 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Eternal Love on Starlife on Tuesday, May 16, 2023: Rohit asks Sumit to update him because Sonakshi won’t let him be with her. He hopes her results are negative, and he should be with her. Nishi hears. Some time back, Rohit sees Pari and asks her for what good reason is she holding her stomach, she is perspiring, what’s going on.

Suman and Pari additionally act. Sonakshi walks in to see Pari after opening the door. She tells Rohit, “You will act to convince me.” Rohit says “come” while wearing gloves. Sonakshi tells me to leave.

Suman claims that you require treatment, possibly for the virus… Sonakshi runs to the balcony while acting distressed. She tells me that you don’t need to take care of me; if death comes, it’s fine to leave; however, I won’t be treated badly by you; it’s better to jump down and give life. Rohit responds, “Okay, I know you despise me; I came here as a doctor; Munya is in my hospital; you may have an infection; have the test done.”

Sonakshi says its fine assuming it works out. He says don’t discuss passing, finish the test. Suman advises taking the test. Sonakshi yells at him to get out. Rohit responds, “Okay, I’ll go and finish the test.” Sonakshi is requested to approach Suman. Sonakshi tells him to please leave and not come near me.

Sumit appears. Rohit says she isn’t paying attention to me, converse with her, step through her for examinations. Sumit says fine, I will get her to your clinic. Rohit says take her to city medical clinic, and send blood tests for tests to my medical clinic, take her to Dr. Bhargav. Sumit left.

Tanya is taken to a psychiatrist by Veena. Tanya claims that the Gynac cabin is ahead. According to Rohan, the doctor wanted us to meet a psychiatrist first. Tanya says you need to hurt my child. Rohan says no. She flees. Rohit appears. She asks for assistance because they want to kill my child. She embraces him.

Sumit inquires about Dr. Bhargav. He admonishes the staff. Sonakshi requests that he quiet down. She is sorry to them. As she waits for her turn, she sits. She goes for the test. Sumit writes to Rohit. Rohit says Tanya actually feels that her child is invigorated, she can’t acknowledge it, its called post horrible pressure problem, specialist has endorsed gentle narcotics, bring her back home, we must be exceptionally cautious, Rohan stay away, assuming she recollects that anything terrible, it will be terrible. According to Veena, inform Nishi that we left.

Nishi says Tanya is making new issue. Nurse congratulates Naren on his growth, Sonakshi came in, and Naren held her hand; he will soon be fine. Nishi gets stunned. According to the nurse, we want him to be okay and join the hospital. Nishi inquires if Naren has improved since seeing Sonakshi.

The doctor tells us to wait for the results. Sumit asks if I should bring her home. The doctor apologizes, but you must wait because we cannot evacuate suspected patients. Nishi claims that Sonakshi was ousted by me; how can Naren recover? Sumit asks the doctor to find her a room. Specialist says sorry, there is no such office here. Sonakshi says I m not a superstar here.

I have to keep Sonakshi away from Rohit and Naren because, according to Nishi, Naren has two sides to him. He used to hate Sonakshi, but now he likes her again. Sonakshi says when its about existence and passing, everything is same, everybody is terrified, will my trepidation get less in the event that I stay in a room, I don’t need an extraordinary treatment, I will stand by in the sitting area.

I hope I can be with her because she won’t let this happen. Update me if the test results come back negative, Rohit says. Keep Sonakshi hydrated. He exits. Nishi hears this and says it implies Sonakshi could be contaminated by infection. Suman inquires as to why she is unable to enter. Sumit is with me, Sonakshi says, and Pari needs you to be with her.

Suman cries and asks God to help her. Pari embraces her and requests that she go to clinic. Sonakshi hears nurture telling about a patient’s demise and family crying. Sumit appears. He asserts that age, status, or experience have no bearing on death.

I find it odd to see fear in your eyes because I am accustomed to strong Sona, like Jhansi ki rani. Sonakshi says that I worry about myself and my family because I love them so much. He says there will be reports. She says that if the reports are true, then…the doctor told you that this virus has no cure, that you need to be careful, that you should stay away, and that you should take care of my family because I took care of Pari’s baby.

Don’t make me cry in front of everyone, Sumit has had enough. She expresses gratitude for being with me in my life’s most troublesome time. Rohit watches from afar. He asks God to help Sonakshi. When he receives Tulsi’s call, he inquires about the reports. He departs.

Going to the camp is Sonakshi. Suman cries and embraces Sumit. She claims my Sona was taken from them. Rohit is stunned. Some time back, Rohit is strained and checks the reports out. Tulsi requests that he read it.

He demands that she read it. She checks, and the report shows that Sonakshi has the super virus in her blood. He wonders what. He cries as Jag soona plays and plays. Sumit claims that Sona will not be affected, that this is absurd, and that I must go to her to save her.

The doctor states, “We have received a notice from the government, and we will take the patients to the camp outside the city. You will all be taken care of,” so don’t worry; a bus is waiting outside. Sonakshi is summoned by the nurse. Suman prevents them. The nurse advises against forcing you. Sumit is asked to do something by Suman. Sonakshi asserts that no one can do anything. Sumit inquires, “Please allow me some time; I will just come.” The doctor is scolded by Suman.

Rohit inquires as to how they can transport her to that camp. She can be treated at your hospital, according to Sumit, as the health ministry issued this directive. Suman says Sona, you will not go please. She is asked to leave by Sonakshi. They’re on their way, Rohit and Sumit. If we don’t take a longer route, Sumit says, we’ll be stuck here. Sonakshi is transferred from the bus to the car. Suman yells for help while locked inside. Sonakshi left for the camp, Nishi inquires, which is excellent.

She sees some reports that have a negative outcome. Rohit and Sumit arrive. According to the nurse, we were required to transport all patients to the camp. Suman appears. Sumit inquires about the event. He gets a hug and cry from Suman. She claims that they took my Sona when she left. Rohit says that’s not possible. Sumit inquires about her removal. They have locked me, Suman claims. In charge, Rohit inquires about Sonakshi.

The man says, “We don’t have time, let us do our work.” Go there and find out. Sonakshi hears Nishi say that Rohit can’t save you because you had the simple flu and will now contract the infection by remaining with virus patients. Rohit is anxious. Sonakshi has arrived. Veena breaks down in tears and says, “I don’t know how to manage Tanya,” “Please get fine Naren, it’s been four months, handle everything,” and “Rohan and Rohit’s marriages are breaking up, and nobody is happy.”

Nishi stands by. Veena is held by Naren. Nishi is blind to this. Naren stops when she hears Ajit calling her name. Nishi is invited in by Ajit. Nishi says I have seen Veena conversing with Naren. Veena requests that she enter.

Ajit gives Naren a hug and warns him that Nishi is dangerous. According to Nishi, I had come to discuss Rohit’s marriage. Veena asserts that there is no choice at this time; if he marries, perhaps we will once more experience happiness in the home. She orders ginger tea from Nishi. She requests that Ajit visit the hospital and pay attention to his work. Ajit is advised by Veena to assist her. Ajit and Veena leave.

Nishi says well done, I heard you held Sonakshi’s hand, is this valid, tell me. She uses a knife to stab him. She says you are inspired by Sonakshi, right. She harms his hand. She claims that Sonakshi was not infected, but I sent her to the camp with the super virus patients. Now that she is dead, your motivation will fade, and your state won’t improve. The blade cuts into his hand. She leaves his draining hand and grins. She claims that the nurse gave me incorrect information or that Naren is not improving. Naren endures the agony.

Because Sumit and Rohit went to get Sonakshi, he tells Pari, “No, don’t come here.” Rohit and Sumit arrive. Suman claims that you went in search of Sona; where is she? Sumit says she didn’t arrive at the camp. Ajit inquires about how you were hurt, and Nishi responds, “I felt strange and didn’t go.” Please try, write it down, and tell me. Naren has trouble writing S. Ajit inquires, “S” for Sonakshi? Naren looks up.

Ajit inquires, “Please try.” D is written by Naren. Ajit inquires about danger, which Sonakshi is? Naren looks up. Suman claims that she is being transported to the camp; where is she?

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