Eternal Love 17 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

On the Starlife Wednesday, May 17, 2023, update, Rohit inquires about Sonakshi from Nishi. She claims that I forced her out of my way and that she will now die in the camp. Rohit once reprimanded the doctor and inquired about Sonakshi’s whereabouts. The notice arrived, the doctor claims, and the patients were moved to the camp. Suman says did she make any off-base stride, that she has turned into a weight and better… Rohit says she is solid, she will not do this silliness.

Suman cries and prays for her. Tanya is put to sleep by Rohan. He picks up Pari’s call. He admonishes her. She asks him not to yell. She apologizes and inquires about Tanya’s current state. He claims that she’s fine. She says, I’m worried and alone, I know you don’t like me. He inquires where everyone is.

Sonakshi didn’t take the bus, according to the doctor; however, someone has observed her taking the car; we had arranged buses for patients. Rohit inquires about the situation, but nothing is done. He gets Ajit’s call and asks what… Rohan asks what, Sonakshi is missing. Pari says yes; I’m worried about Tanya and Sonakshi and apologize for upsetting you. He says just relax, you will get Sonakshi.

She acts out of pain and cuts off. Pari, are you fine? he inquires. She says, “Baby, I can’t let Rohan go; even your Maasi left; you can’t be saved from the virus.” According to Rohit, you mean Nishi did this. Ajit says OK, Naren has marked it by moving his head, he looked at development likewise, he additionally held Sonakshi’s hand. I’m aware, Rohit claims.

According to Ajit, Nishi is becoming a danger to everyone. Rohit recalls what she said. He asks if she is currently home. Ajit says OK, she is with YK. As she is dangerous, Rohit advises, try to keep her busy, behave normally, and I will handle this. He calls Sumit and requests Suman’s company. Pari gets to meet Rohan. She inquires as to how you got here. He claims that I became concerned when I heard you yelling; are you okay?

She tells him, “Don’t worry, I have moved on,” “Don’t worry for this baby, I will give him birth and raise him,” and “Go to your wife, so sorry, I wanted to harm Tanya’s baby, I feel bad.” Rohan says I m sorry, I did a serious mix-up, I attempted to kill this child and you, Ruler has grabbed my kid, Tanya is in sorrow, everything is finished. He gives her a hug and weeps.

She reaches for water. She claims that Sonakshi is not present, that Rohan is necessary for my baby, and that I must take care of it. She receives water. She claims the baby is moving. Rohan feels the child kick. She says that she doesn’t know what will happen to him because you left us and Sonakshi promised to take care of us. She is infected with the super virus, your family doesn’t like her, but she is my only hope, and she’s gone. Rohit looks inside Nishi’s cabin.

He gets the blood report for Sonakshi. He checks and smiles when he sees the bad results. He asserts that Sona is unharmed and not infected, which indicates that Nishi was aware of this because she altered the reports to indicate that Sona attends that camp even though she was not there. Given Nishi’s involvement, she would have known about Sona.

Tulsi appears and informs me that she found you. He claims that Sona is fine, that her reports are negative, and that even if I lose my life, I will locate Sonakshi. Veena is shown the girls’ profiles by Nishi. Yash laughs. Rohit appears. Rohit is asked to see the alliances by Veena. Rohit says I have no interest.

Veena inquires about your interest in Sonakshi, since she has left. He states, “Let her be in peace wherever she is,” “I don’t want to marry,” and “I have to talk to Nishi.” He exits. Nishi speculates regarding the super virus. She approaches him. He inquires where Sona is. She inquires how I would know. He says I realize her reports are negative and you changed the reports.

She grins and says great you know it, I could have done without Sonakshi, presently she will go to that camp and pass on. He catches her neck as he throws the sofa. He asks where is she. She says I don’t have the foggiest idea, where is she, I believed her should go to the camp and pass on, how could I grab her. He states, “I swear I will kill you if I knew you were involved; I was silent like a coward; everyone will know your truth.”

She says I have Naren’s pacemaker in my control. He asks how long will you alarm, don’t unnerve somebody such a lot of that dread closures, you think father is carrying on with a superior life, he sees his criminal sister consistently, his child’s marriage poor, family is breaking, his life is more terrible than death, I made Sona out to save her from your disdain, not that I don’t cherish her, I will kill you on the off chance that anything happens to her. He exits. She says where is Sonakshi, who abducted her and why.

Suman inquires, “Are you telling the truth that Sonakshi is not infected?” Yes, says Rohit. Sumit embraces her. She asks Rohit where Sonakshi is, and you said she left in a car. Tell me something, she says. I’m trying to find out, Rohit claims. Inspector shows up. He says we moved that vehicle 2 km away from the emergency clinic, there was nobody in the vehicle, there was no cctv there, none could see Sonakshi and driver, she is a renowned entertainer, in the event that anybody saw her, they would have told us. Rohit inquires about the license plate.

Assessor says it was phony, we will find out. He exits. Suman stresses. According to Rohit, I will locate Sona. He is chastised by Suman, who catches his collar. She asks, “What did you do with her?” because you destroyed her. She also says, “I curse the day Sona married you; it is my curse, and you will never remain happy.” Sumit looks on. You don’t know Rohit’s sacrifices; he has ruined himself for Sona, he says, and you will regret it later. Sona had tolerated problems. Don’t curse him, he says. Suman is taken aback.

Ajit contending with Veena and safeguarding Sonakshi. Veena slaps him. But where is Sonakshi, Nishi says? Previously, Sumit stated that he always believed he was supporting Sonakshi. However, Rohit was the one who carried out your bail, this mask, and saved Sonakshi from the producer; I was only a medium. Suman is sorry. Tanya is resting. Pari suffocates her with a pillow. She asserts that you and your infant must die in order for Rohan to accept me. She’s pushed by Tanya. She yells Rohan. Rohan comes. She claims that Pari came to suffocate me and that she intends to kidnap you and kill the child. Rohan says how could Pari come, I was remaining outside, enough now, there is no Pari to a great extent is no child. Tanya is surprised.

Veena yells at Rohan to leave the room and not bother her. He exits. If you love Sona so much, Suman asks, why were you unable to help Rohit when you took her away and broke her? Pari looks on.

Rohit weeps and apologizes, saying, “I just wanted her to be safe and happy,” “I wanted her to hate me,” and “I did this to keep her safe.” He added, “I love Sona more than I love myself.” He said, “I killed myself every day to do this with Sona.” Suman cries and embraces him. She is sorry. He promises that nothing will happen to her, I will find her, Sumit, please be here, I will go with the inspector to find Sona, I will find her, trust me. Nothing will happen to her.

He exits. Sumit comforts Suman with a hug. Ajit calls Rohit and inquires about Sonakshi’s health, “I’m with Naren.” Rohit claims not to be infected. Ajit says, “Thank God, she is fine,” “We want to meet her,” “Where are you, tell me, stay strong,” and “What happened?” Rohit laments. Ajit says all will be great, we will get her. It’s unclear who kidnapped Rohit, but Nishi is involved, so keep an eye on her. Rohit recalls Sonakshi after hearing Ajit say “Nishi Bua.

” Shayad Kabhi performs Rohan is hit by Veena. She asks did you go distraught, did you converse with Tanya like this, its your slip-up, you are mindful, we need to treat her with affection, else she will have a mental meltdown, you accomplished something that embarrassed me, Rohit couldn’t care less, he wedded an off-base young lady, she got removed, and still, at the end of the day he is stuck, children are pride of a mother, I feel you both will make me frantic, where is Rohit. Ajit says he is occupied, let him be, stop it. Nishi comes and looks on.

Ajit claims that your hatred for Sonakshi has blinded you to Rohit’s suffering because he loves Sonakshi. Veena says she is unfortunate. Ajit says no, he made her out of the house only for you, he actually adores her, he forfeited his affection for you, Sonakshi is great, she just did ideal for us, we fouled up with her, Rohit is attempting to see as her, she isn’t tainted, and still, after all that she is shipped off the camp, support Rohit, he really wants you, else Rohit will go frantic for her. Veena slaps him.

Nishi smiles as she watches. Veena warns against using Sonakshi’s name because she is a curse on my family and has ruined everything. Nishi responds positively, but where is Sonakshi? Rohit is unable to locate her, so where is she hiding? Suman claims that I know someone who can help us locate Sonakshi. Rohit talks to the on-call inspector. According to the inspector, we have that man; we will find out. Treatment is underway for patients. Tulsi is taken aback when she sees him. I hope we can reach Sona, Rohit says.

Tulsi inquires as to why you entered the special ward without a mask. When Rohit sees the patients, he is shocked. You will be infected with a supervirus, according to Tulsi. Suman interacts with a tantric. He says there is a lot of murkiness, I can’t see anything, I can feel she is in enormous peril.

Veena meets Sonakshi in person. She provides Sonakshi with food. Sumit asks where is my girl, who is doing this. He claims that she is still alive, that she is in a secret chamber, that she feels suffocated, and that someone has tied her. Sonakshi is seen resting. Suman inquires where she is. He claims that someone dear is harming her and that she is in serious trouble.

Sonakshi arouses. Veena removes her facedress from the dupatta. Sonakshi says mumma you… . Pari calls Suman and inquires about your discovery. Suman responds that the tantric baba can assist. Pari inquires, “What do you believe in that now? Come home right now.” Sonakshi wonders why…. Veena remembers being kidnapped with Sonakshi.

Veena advises eating. Sonakshi expresses go from here, I m tainted from super infection, go from here. Veena tells him to stop because nothing happened to you and I wouldn’t have brought you here. When I went to see Naren’s doctor, I found out that your blood sample had been altered. Facebook shows Naren calling out to Rohit after seeing Sonakshi’s blood sample.

She overhears the man saying, “What, I have to change the reports, fine,” and “Sonakshi doesn’t have supervirus.” FB ends. According to Veena, I discovered that you are not infected. Sonakshi asks, “Why did you kidnap me to get here?” I have to leave. Veena says stand by, you have viral.

She requests that the doctor inject Sonakshi. Sonakshi inquires about your motivations and goals. Veena asserts that you have coerced me into doing this, that you have ruined Rohit, and that I want you to avoid his life.

Sonakshi says you are mixed up, Rohit can’t stand me. Veena claims that he made you out of Sippy Mansion, not his heart, and that she felt the same way.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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