Eternal Love 18 May 2023 Update On Thursday

Eternal Love on Starlife on Thursday, May 18, 2023: Rohit telling Sumit about Sonakshi’s rare blood and how the antibodies could help make an antiviral, find her, and meet the police. Sumit concurs.

Veena says that Rohit still loves you. He was looking for you when he found out you were infected, but when he found out you weren’t, he ran to Suman to find you. Sonakshi says I acknowledge he cherishes me, however I disdain him, he offended me and faulted me for being characterless, I sit around aimlessly.

I don’t want you to stay in his life; you are a big curse for Rohit and my family. I want you to stay away from Rohit; you will stay here until Rohit forgets you. Please don’t make things difficult for me. I don’t want to do this, but I’m helpless. Veena says that you think so. He doesn’t think so. You are his life. She leaves. According to the servant, Sonakshi’s kidnapper is currently in police custody. If Rohit is aware, Veena asks if you are mad and who asked you to kidnap her.

Sumit is requested to visit Sonakshi by Rohit. Sumit inquires as to why you are absent. Rohit says I can’t come, are you alone at this point. With Pari’s help, Sumit gets away. Rohit is asked to say. Rohit claims that I’m ill and may have the super virus. Sumit inquires. Rohit claims that my blood has been tested, that I only have 48 hours to recover, that I should find Sonakshi’s location, and that I should not tell anyone about this because fear spreads more quickly than disease.

I’m worried about Sonakshi, Sumit says. The reports are recalled by Rohit. He considers speaking with Sonakshi and recording her medical information, including her rare blood group. He tells Sumit that Sonakshi’s rare blood group can be used to make an antidote, and that she can save patients. Sumit inquires.

We can save the patients, locate her, and meet the inspector, according to Rohit. Her blood and antibodies can endure the infection for a long time. Sumit says fine, I will go to the police headquarters. He requests that Suman care for Pari. Rohit requests Tulsi to cause a rundown from patients who to have Sonakshi’s blood bunch, discharge a roundabout to find individuals of that blood bunch, we can save the withering patients. Tulsi says I think you are thinking something.

Rohan listens to Pari. Suman appears. Pari lied. Suman grabs telephone and admonishes Rohan. She warns you not to call Pari, “I will kill you if you spoil Pari’s life.” Rohan is anxious. Suman asks Pari how much will she inconvenience them. She calls Rohit and says she doesn’t know where Sonakshi is because he doesn’t answer.

Veena gets out whatever will occur assuming Rohit knows, what will happen now. Nishi appears and informs Rohit that he has a supervirus infection. Veena is surprised. Nishi advises strength. Veena asserts that this should not have occurred, that I kidnapped her to alleviate Rohit’s stress, and that I am being punished for my sins.

Nishi wants to know what you did. Sonakshi is in our basement; I brought her here, Veena claims that I erred when I acted in rage. Nishi is stunned. She asks why, when, and how. Veena speaks truth to power. Nishi expresses quiet down, unwind, we will firmly deal with this, we can’t fall powerless, relax, I will deal with him, I need to meet Sonakshi, take me to her. Naren stands by.

Nishi is shown Sonakshi by Veena. She asserts that I acted erratically and acted rashly. Nishi tells you to leave; I’ll take care of her. Veena says if it’s not too much trouble, send her. Nishi confirms, so you go rest. Nishi splashes Sonakshi with water as he approaches her. When Sonakshi gets up, she sees her.

She requests that I leave now. According to Nishi, Rohit has threatened me; now that he is infected, I will determine how to save him. Sonakshi inquires. Nishi responds that he is infected and is surrounded by infected patients; however, you were saved, so what’s the point if you’re stuck here? Sonakshi says kindly stop. She is pushed away by Nishi. Sonakshi reviews Rohit and says you can’t kick the bucket Rohit.

Rohit asserts that if we can persuade people with a certain blood group that they can be an antidote, we can inject the infection into those patients, inject antibodies into their blood, and then develop a treatment. According to Simmi, people are afraid to take risks. Rohit claims to persuade them.

Veena and Yash come. Please go, Rohit says it’s risky. I say I won’t go, Veena. He says you need to save me, get Sona, she can save my life. Sona is asked again by Veena. Rohit says you might loathe her, Ruler additionally believes that us should join together, Sona’s blood bunch is uncommon, just she can save everybody, we can make antitoxin by her blood.

Tulsi confirms that we are able to produce the remedy. Rohit claims that only she can save my life; otherwise, it will only take a few hours. Go and beg her to save me. Sumit sends him messages: “The man didn’t tell anyone to the police, and the police have tortured him a lot.” I hope no one is torturing my Sona, Rohit claims that he does not know where she is.

Veena pleaded with Sonakshi not to rescue her son. Sonakshi declares, “Stop this drama; I will take the risk to obtain that remedy; Rohit will not.” Veena recalls Rohit’s words from earlier. Yash calls, and Ajit answers. He says yes; I’m leaving for a meeting in Delhi. He sees Naren and says be careful, I will meet you at night.

Veena’s words come back to Naren. Naren attempts to stand. Ajit addresses Tanya. Naren is held by servant. Naren stands up and slips and falls down the stairs. Tanya notices this and thinks back on her fall. Rohan appears and yells at dad. He requests that Tanya come and lift father. She recalls her failed pregnancy. I met Rohit, so Veena asks Nishi where Sonakshi is. Nishi says unwind.

If you sent Sonakshi, Veena says she can help make the antidote. Nishi claims that I haven’t sent her yet because I was making her breakfast. Don’t worry; I will get her there. Nishi approaches Sonakshi and tells her, “I feel jealous of your fate some of the time, I wanted to kill you,” “Veena wants me to leave you, she wants me to take you to the hospital,” and “Wow, your blood can make an antidote for supervirus.

” Sonakshi says kindly pass on me to emergency clinic to my Rohit, I beseech you, you have no connection with me, Rohit is your nephew. Nishi responds, “I don’t know any relation; I just know money.” He then inquires, “Why are you eager to save Rohit?” Sonakshi says you will not comprehend, individuals have sensations of mankind, this is the contrast among people and creatures. Nishi slaps her and says currently find out how hazardous I m, turn out and save Rohit, you have a day and a half, go, I have a condition.

The virus causes patients’ deaths. Veena sits tight for Sonakshi. She provides patient care. She stresses. Yash assures them that the experiment will be conducted by someone with a rate blood group. Veena calls Nishi and asks where are you, did Sonakshi concur. According to Simmi, no one is consenting to the experiment.

Tulsi declares, “I feel helpless; what will we do, there are only 36 hours to save Rohit?” Nishi calls Simmi and informs her that he has a patient who can assist in the preparation of an antidote. According to Nishi, Sonakshi’s bone marrow can assist in the production of the antidote. Veena requests that Sonakshi save Rohit.

I told Sonakshi to save Nishi because he claims she is his wife. Sonakshi asks Veena, “You just remembered this because it was about your son’s life. You forgot it.” Veena replies, “I m the same Sonakshi, classless girl, who traps rich people, gold digger. How can I save your son? If my dirty blood goes in your son’s body, he will also become dirty. I can’s stain you all.” Veena replies, “You thought of me because it was about your son’s life.

You Veena responds, “I beg you, don’t leave my son in this way; it’s a battle against time.” She says, “No, this is not the time to take revenge.” Sonakshi expresses its about Rohit’s life, he called me characterless and made me out of the house around evening time. Yash also begs for her. Sonakshi makes fun of Akash and Yash.

She responds, “Stop this drama; fine, I will do this; I will take the risk for that antidote,” saying, “I don’t care for Rohit; I will risk my life for the sake of humanity.” She says, “Stop this drama; fine, I will do this.” Veena expresses profound gratitude, YK take her. Sonakshi says, “Wait, if anything happens to me during the procedure, then Sippys will give a big compensation to my family.

” Before going to OT, I want to get the paperwork ready. Veena grants permission for YK and Akash to prepare the papers. Nishi endorses her. Sonakshi remembers Nishi mentioning her state. Nishi says you won’t attempt to return Rohit’s life, you will demonstrate you are a gold digger, they ought to feel Rohit’s choice about you was correct. Sonakshi states, “Okay, I’ll do whatever it takes to save Rohit.” FB closes.

Sonakshi says I will save you at any expense, Rohit, regardless of whether you love me or not. Sumit appears and declares, “Thank God, I found you here,” asking, “Where were you?” as the crowd cries out, “Did anyone kidnap you?” Veena is anxious. He sees Suman and Nishi. Sonakshi says to relax, forget it, and calm down. He asserts that the kidnapper carried out this, and you respond, “Forget it; who are you trying to save?” Sonakshi states that I am unable to comment, so please inform Pari and Mom that I returned.

The doctor examines Naren and comments that it’s good that he didn’t get hurt because he was trying to say something, which might have been the reason he got hurt. I promise to take care, Rohan. Deepa consoles Tanya. Rohan approaches them.

He is asked to be with Tanya by Deepa. Tanya cries, “Our baby,” is no more. He embraces her. She claims that you are to blame for Pari’s pregnancy, which is why Rohan, and that she wants to conceive again. Deepa inquires whether Veena is aware of it. Rohan writes “no.” Deepa claims that Veena is already concerned about Rohit. He inquires, “How shall I say Tanya when she is unable to conceive?

” Sonakshi goes through with the process. I’m glad to see you, Tulsi inquires about your health. Sonakshi asks how Rohit is doing. He claims that his condition is getting worse. Simmi shows the supervirus and says, “We will inject this; when your body makes antibodies, we will take you to the operation to extract the bone marrow and make an antidote.” Simmi then shows the supervirus. According to Tulsi, the procedure is risky. I want to make Rohit once, says Sonakshi.

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