Eternal Love 19 May 2023 Update On Friday

Eternal Love on Starlife on Friday, May 19, 2023, an update in which Dr. Mathur states that we must save her because she may have a cardiac arrest, she is sinking, and we require a cardiologist. Sonakshi recently went to see Rohit. She breaks down. He says you… . You would be pleased to see me in this condition; no one will now bother you, and I have become helpless and weak. She says I have to fight with you, get well soon, you can’t go easy. She leaves. He says everything looks great regardless of whether I pass on. She says Tulsi, we will begin the method. He says I love you Sona.

Nishi claims that Sonakshi is a golden egg for you; we will receive an antidote from her rare blood group; Sippy Hospital will also receive credit and a patent; consequently, our cash registers will ring. The doctor nods and leaves.

Nishi says once we get antitoxin, we will procure crores in a single evening, that is the reason I got Sonakshi here, else I would have killed her. Tulsi claims that you are Rohit’s cure and that it is true love. Rohit adores me, Sonakshi asks. She reviews his words and gets miserable.

Suman accompanies Sumit. She states that we must stop Sona because I don’t want her to take any risks. She sees the OT lights on. She sees Veena and Nishi. She yells at them. She inquires how you acquired Sona. Nishi says she personally came to the clinic. Suman says it’s so selfish of you to give her up for Rohit’s life, who will have to pay for any harm she causes during this procedure.

The virus is injected into Sonakshi. The doctor says, “Oh no, I think her body rejected the virus,” that her blood pressure is dropping, that she could die of cardiac arrest, that she is sinking, and that we require a cardiologist. Simmi goes out and says Sonakshi is basic. Suman chants. She is asked to remain calm by Sumit. Veena is teased by Suman.

She declares that I will file a case against you for mental abuse. Sonakshi consented to this experiment and went, and we have papers that she has signed. Nishi tells Sonakshi to stop it. Suman says don’t have the foggiest idea, she marked or somebody constrained her. If Suman is correct, Sona will be fine.

We consulted a cardiologist after Simmi informs Rohit that Sonakshi is not doing well. He claims that Sonakshi ought not to die. She claims to be able to save many lives. He inquires how her body can reject virus. He gives her the medication and tells her to change the virus’s composition and inject it again. He requests that you immediately update me.

Tanya asserts that I will never conceive. She weeps. She gets a hug from Rohan when he comes over. He asks what occurred. I talked to the doctor, and she told me that my uterus had become weak and that I would never be able to conceive. I despise you, she says. He apologizes, expressing regret and asking for forgiveness. He embraces her. They weep. She claims that I want a child.

The cardiologist treats Sonakshi in accordance with Rohit’s plan. Tulsi claims that Sonakshi’s heart is stable, and we will inject the virus once more. A new virus is introduced. Suman and Sumit ask. Veena offers prayers to Sonakshi. She says just Sonakshi can save Rohit. Tulsi asserts that her bp is stabilizing. The OT light goes out. Simmi says congratulations, medical procedure is fruitful.

Specialist says Rohit is the best heart specialist, he didn’t the patient and proposed this. The doctor says that Sonakshi is brave and safe. When the antidote is ready, we will treat her and see how it works, and we will also treat Rohit. Rohit will be fine, according to Veena. Suman thanks God that Sonakshi is safe and that we must feed the hungry. Sumit left. Rohit says I need to see Sonakshi once.

Tulsi and Simmi claim that although you can’t see her, your love saved her. He says please, I don’t believe she should realize that I came there, I beseech you. Specialist says we will infuse the remedy to Rohit’s body and all will be great. Veena disagrees with Suman. She is kind to Sonakshi. She says her fans will cherish her all the more at this point. Veena reviews Sonakshi. Suman goes.

Nishi figures this profound simpleton can adjust her perspective. She says you genuinely figure she did this for Rohit, no, she did this for exposure, she has no work, she did this to get work and notoriety back, she will get a decoration from the govt. I can’t forget what she did to Naren, and I don’t like her. When Simmi brings Rohit to Sonakshi, she tells her, “Just ten minutes, nobody knows you’ve come here.”

Suman claims that Rohit came to see you because your condition became critical, that he instructed nurse Simmi on how to save you, and that we misunderstood him. Rohit recalls Sonakshi’s moments and memories from earlier. He weeps and says, “Don’t forgive me,” “I don’t deserve you,” and “My family and I have hurt you a lot.” When I first saw you, you were unconscious; I came to help you; today, you came to help me.” “How can anyone be so beautiful, understanding?

” “I have seen you working on the sets, nonstop, you didn’t complain,” “How do you know this?” “I fell in love with your simplicity and dedication,” “your love for dogs,” Rohit says you know, we didn’t invest a lot of energy, I believed I carried on with a long period of adoration, I will miss you Sona. Plays Sona Tere Liye

Rohan comes to meet Pari. She inquires as to for what reason are you so stressed, is Tanya fine. He says no because she knows she can’t conceive. I’m worried about her because you can save her. How does she claim to hate me? He says she abhors you, not my kid, this is my kid, give this child to her. She is stunned.

She responds with, “No, I won’t give this baby to anyone.” He says you can rebuff me, I beseech you, Tanya is in sadness, I can’t pardon myself in the event that she makes an off-base stride, if it’s not too much trouble, give this child to Tanya, kindly save her, I bed you. They weep.

Simmi asks why you haven’t told Madam how much you love her. I will hide and manage her, but I can’t stay with her, sorry Sona, Rohit claims. We have just hurt her and told her things she doesn’t deserve. She deserves happiness, but she won’t get it from me. I want her to stay in her own world and be happy. He weeps. He departs. Sonakshi awakens to see him leaving. She extends her hand.

The doctor says that Sonakshi has been given the antidote, and her blood does not contain any supervirus. Nishi smiles and says that the news will be out in a few hours. He claims that it is unnecessary. Do as I say, she advises. She gets a call and says OK, we can build our creation to save 2000 patients. Suman remarks, “I’m proud of you because you have saved many people by risking your life.” We will now return home. Sonakshi states that I must know how Rohit is doing, including whether or not he received an antidote.

She suggests that perhaps I serve as an antidote. Suman advises you to think for yourself first. Where were you yesterday? I thought you took the wrong path; what’s the problem? Sonakshi thinks of Veena. She says not this time, tell me, how is Rohit. Suman asks if you are concerned about him. Sonakshi asserts that I felt as though he had come to meet me. Could it be that she is imagining things? If he hasn’t come, why would he come here?

Suman claims that he came to see you because your condition was critical, that he had instructed nurse Simmi on how to save you, and that Rohit saved you even after the terrible accident…. We hated Sippys and Rohit, but we couldn’t see what he was doing for us, and we made a big mistake in knowing him.

Rohit took you to the hospital, not Suhail Behl. He has always taken care of you and us all. Suman claims that you want to alter my feelings for him. The truth is that Rohit loves you a lot and didn’t let you dance at the party because he didn’t want you to be humiliated, according to Sumit. He tells everything.

Sonakshi is taken aback. Suman claims that he came to make a statement against me, but he helped me get bail. Sonakshi inquires as to for what reason will he help me, for what reason did he affront me. Sumit claims that he wants you to hate him, but I’ve seen him in pain and know that he truly loves you. She asks what’s the explanation.

Sumit claims that I am unaware; he did not inform me. Tulsi says he vents outrage on us, he was finding you and entered quarantine ward without veil, he got contaminated. Suman declares his deep love for you. Sonakshi asserts that he ought to have informed me given our promise to not conceal anything. Suman says there would be integral justification for it. Sonakshi says take me to Rohit.

The doctor says it’s time; as an antidote, we will inject this. Nishi says handle different patients, I need to give this to Rohit. The doctor agrees and leaves. Nishi drops the counteractant and bids farewell.

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