Eternal Love 23 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Timeless love on starlife Tuesday 23rd May 2023 update, Sonakshi going to Rohit. She becomes trapped in a lift. Rohit shuts his eyes. Specialist says Rohit is no more. Some time back, Sumit calls Sonakshi and asks what are you doing in Sippy clinic, care for your wellbeing. She spills the beans. I will go to sleep, I will receive the news in the morning, bye Rohit, your Bua loves you, Nishi says, and Sonakshi will be like a widow now because she didn’t get any joy from her marriage after you die.

Sumit asks what, Nishi needs to kill Rohit. Sonakshi says yes; kindly assist me. When Nishi sees the list, she is shocked. She claims that I don’t like this nurse because she is given Rohit’s work, but no…. Sonakshi anticipates Suman. She says I let you know everything on telephone, for what reason did you come here.

Nishi contacts Parvati by phone. Sonakshi is told by Suman that Rohit will be fine if the mauli is tied to him. She asserts that I was not sent to prevent you from doing so; Rohit and you are meant to be together, and only you can save her. Because I have less time, Sonakshi advises just praying. She sees Nishi coming. She acts and yells on Suman. Suman anticipates Nishi. Sonakshi is halted by Nishi.

She inquires as to how you know that woman. Sonakshi says I just came to Mumbai today, that woman was giving condemnations, she squandered my 10 mins, you are squandering my 5mins, who are you, for what reason do you wander around, I think administrator chief, I need to meet the clinic proprietor, Dr. Nishi Sippy, I need to give her pixie message, a major official from service had come.

Nishi says tell me, who has come, I m Nishi Sippy. Sonakshi says sorry, I had slapped you. Nishi says it’s fine, since the person has come from ministry. You created such an antidote, according to Sonakshi, and you are so great. Nishi inquires about your words. Sonakshi informs you that a significant officer has arrived to greet you, and you should proceed to the waiting room to meet him.

Nishi left. According to Sonakshi, I don’t have much time. Nishi goes to apologize for making you wait. Sumit is not visible. He states, “I’m Ajay Bhargav, head of PR for the Ministry of Health. It’s been a dream to write an article about young, dynamic, and imp people like you,” and “I wish you get the award.” You’ve saved many people, he says.

Nishi thanks us for our efforts. He tells me I’ll ask some fundamental questions. Sonakshi goes to Nishi’s lodge. She looks around. Nishi receives a call and inquires as to why Parvati the nurse is absent. She apologizes and invites me to come.

She requests that nurse Parvati be rescued. The keys are given to Sonakshi. Nishi appears and asks, “Who are you?” I discovered that the hospital where you worked did not have a nurse named Parvati. Sonakshi inquires about your name and how this could have occurred. Sarvapalli Parvati, says Nishi.

Sonakshi pronounces our name and says, “You don’t know.” She asks Nishi to correctly pronounce her name. She conceals the keys. She claims that I am an award-winning nurse, and she knows my name well. Nishi expresses shut up, I will call them at this moment and it will be clear. She calls and uses the speakerphone. She gets some information about Parvati again by telling complete name. She asserts that you won’t be saved now.

The woman says OK, she works with us, she is shipped off Sippy emergency clinic. Nishi says that this can’t have happened because I just learned that she doesn’t work there. The woman suggests an error. Nishi responds, “OK, thanks.” Sonakshi asks cheerful. Nishi inquires about your activities in my cabin.

According to Sonakshi, I came to see you. Sumit apologizes for coming in this manner; this is a poor interview; I will leave after answering a few questions. Sonakshi instructs you to conclude the interview or I will meet you later. Sumit signs her. Nishi goes with him.

Tulsi asks did you get the keys. Sonakshi affirms that I was almost caught. Sumit called me, and Tulsi said, “Don’t worry; the entire Kerala is with you.” She recalls Sumit telling Nishi that he had doubts about Sonakshi and that if he did nothing, Nishi would question Sonakshi.

I called Tulsi, and when Nishi called again, she confirmed that my cousin works there. Sonakshi says express gratitude toward God, I will get the remedy, you simply start the system. How is Rohit doing? Veena asks. Tulsi says bad, I need to call Dr. Mathur. Sonakshi gets the counteractant and says nothing will happen to my Rohit.

He claims that Dr. Mathur is sinking. Tulsi says Sonakshi is getting remedy. His condition is getting worse, so he asks where she is. Sonakshi can’t get out of the lift. She yells for aid. Rohit fantasizes encountering Sonakshi Lag jaa gale… plays. He says, “It was getting late, I was leaving, and I had to come to say goodbye.

” He says, “I have hurt you a lot, and I’m sorry.” Sonakshi claims that because you have been severely harmed, you believe I will let you go. Time’s up, he says, “I love you.” She says love you as well. He reclines and closes his eyes. She yells at Rohit, and Simmi asks him to open his eyes. According to Dr. Mathur, Dr. Rohit is no more. Nishi expresses gratitude to Sumit and requests a copy of the interview. Sumit affirms.

He hopes Sonakshi has finished her work. I have to make an angry face because Nishi says I have to meet Rohit. She observes Veena and the crying of everyone. She says I think Rohit is dead. She inquires about the situation and Veena’s crying behavior. Veena says our Rohit… . was rescued. Nishi is stunned.

Sonakshi stated, “It’s fine; if you don’t know me, I will die.” According to Rohit, it’s bad for Naren. Sonakshi says Nishi’s down is over at this point. Veena claims that Rohit was rescued some time ago. Wow, Nishi says, “I’m so happy.” Veena expresses profound gratitude, this got conceivable as a result of you, you gave best specialists and medical caretakers, so he is out of risk.

Nishi inquires about Rohit’s rescue. Upon seeing Rohit, Sonakshi weeps. Facebook depicts Sonakshi yelling for help. She hears Tulsi. Sonakshi claims that I am confined here. Tulsi reaches out to the technician. She unlocks the lift. Sonakshi asks how Rohit is doing. Tulsi says that’s bad.

Sonakshi gives the antitoxin to Dr. Mathur and says infuse it to Rohit quick. He claims Rohit was lost. She requests that he attempt once more, Rohit will be fine. She yells, “You can’t leave me!” at Rohit. She cries and beats on his chest. Rohit gets breathing once more. Specialist says incredible, Dr. Rohit is back.

He infuses the cure. FB closes. Sonakshi says thanks to Dr. Mathur. He says you deserve it, but we wouldn’t have known whether Rohit was given an antidote or not. He exits. I’ll see Rohit, as Veena promises. She is asked to meet Tulsi later. Nishi claims that I had the antidote and the keys, which is how Rohit was saved. Tanya says Rohit got fine, its a result of child’s coming. Tanya and Pari share their ideas for baby names.

Tanya claims that I have chosen Samaira for some time. Rohan says no more conversation, now is the right time to have food. He takes care of the food to Pari. Tanya is depressed. Pari beams. They ask Rohan to pick a name for the baby. Tanya claims that I enjoy Samaira. Pari says I like Anika. He says we will keep Anika Sippy because they both want girls. Tanya say right.

Nishi gets the keys and says whoever did this is savvy. She requests Dr. Mathur. The man claims not to be here. Nishi thinks of Parvati. She claims to have entered my cabin as well. She requests that the man take Parvati. The man gives the letter from Dr. Mathur. Nishi reads, “I am leaving the city, I am doing my duty, I have given Rohit the antidote.

” She explodes. Sonakshi comes and says its a wonder that Rohit got alive, you are perfect to make the cure, I m so profound. Nishi orders silence. Sonakshi claims that I have discovered for the first time that a person comes into existence through love. Please explain why you called me. Nishi asks you to leave me alone and leave.

Rohit is with Veena. Sonakshi asks are you fine, we are there to deal with him, your child is everybody’s fav. Veena claims that he is my first child. He made me feel like a mother and made me happy, so I want to talk to him. Sonakshi responds, “Amma, I’m sorry, can I call you Amma?” because you are his mother. Veena smiles. Sonakshi says return home, assuming that your child sees you like this, he will be harmed, come in the first part of the day, he will very much love to see you.

Veena embraces her and says you seem to be family, don’t have the foggiest idea why. She is asked to go by Sonakshi. Veena says Parvati once more, don’t have any idea how long will this name be associated with my child’s name. Sonakshi provides the complete name. Veena says hit me when he awakens. Promise to go, Sonakshi says. Sonakshi sees Rohit and cries. She thinks of Rohit.

plays Kaun Tujhe. She turns to Rohit. She says welcome back while holding his hand. Sona, he says, I love you. She declares her love for Rohit. He looks into her eyes. He asks what’s going on, I felt like I… .

She implies that you have died. He says OK. She says not right away because you need to be with me. He asks what are you doing here, go from here. She asks why because you don’t love me and hate me. He claims that I don’t love you. She says fine, yet I love you a great deal, on the off chance that you don’t require me, then I will go.

She takes an organic product blade and says I will disappear. I love you, I can’t live without you, and stop threatening, Rohit says. She asserts, Now that I know you love me, I won’t harm you. He says to stay there because I have an infection, to wear the mask, to be careful, and that it has nothing to do with us; if we stay together, it will be bad for dad. She inquires about your meaning. Nishi Bua, he says.

He spills the beans. Sonakshi asserts that Nishi is a dishonest woman. She tried to kill your father and you as well, and she did not provide you with the antidote. It was fortunate that I was able to obtain it in some way, and then… He is shocked. He tells you, “You don’t know how much I love you,” and he also says, “I curse myself every day for misbehaving with you.

” He also says that Nishi has controlled him, and he can’t be with you, even though he wants to be with you. She says you can’t be powerless, you were separated from everyone else, presently I m with you, Nishi has controlled Veena, we can do anything together.

Nishi can’t do what she needs, we need to stop her game and trap her, are you with me in this. He says always while holding her hand. She declares that Nishi’s game has ended.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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