Eternal Love 24 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

On the Starlife Wednesday, May 24, 2023, update, Rohit welcomes Sonakshi home and declares eternal love. Pooja yells when he sees her. Rohit and Sonakshi recently return home. She remembers their argument. He welcomes you back. Veena tells me to stop because I must protect my sight. Vimmi smiles when he sees Sonakshi. Rohit meets everybody.

Sonakshi claims that Rohit is weak and requires rest. Veena advises entering him. Parvati is asked by Nishi, “What are you doing here?” Rohit claims that Parvati is a specialized nurse who has dealt with numerous supervirus cases. As I require assistance, I requested that she remain at home. Nishi asserts that we do not require her and that I will contact the hospital to return her. Rohit sees Sonakshi.

He hacks and falls on the couch. He is asked by Sonakshi to take some time off and relax. She says fever once more… no contacting, your hands aren’t disinfected. According to Rohit, I can’t bear it. Nishi, Veena requests that Parvati remain. Rohit is asked to be natural by Sonakshi.

Nishi claims that he will be fine; why would she want to invade our family’s privacy? Sonakshi asks Nishi to correctly pronounce her name. She says sorry Rohit, I can’t deal with you, I won’t take this affront. I need you, Rohit says. Veena says I can’t face challenge, Rohit needs care, Parvati will remain. If you say so, Sonakshi consents. She picks up Rohit. According to Nishi, I need to keep an eye on this nurse.

I’m wondering if this is a dream sequence, Rohit says to Sonakshi as he hugs her. Sonakshi claims that anyone can come. Rohit plays with her. Veena appears. On the bed, he lies down.

The fever, according to Sonakshi, has subsided. Because I’m feeling weak, Rohit claims that I requested a sponge bath from Parvati. Sonakshi inquires. Veena says if it’s not too much trouble, give the wipe shower to him, what will you eat Rohit. Rohit says anything light. Veena leaves Sonakshi gives her a hug. She departs. He asks what occurred, are you disturbed. She asserts that we must save Dad and expose Nishi, so we should concentrate on imp things.

He says we must delete the app because you ruined the mood. She says it’s easy; we’ll take her phone and delete the app. He asserts that we do not possess her passwords, that we do not know what she will do if she becomes conscious, that she does not care about anyone, and that she is hopeless. Sonakshi says sorry, I have a plan to get her telephone, she won’t actually be aware.

According to Vimmi, food is prepared according to each person’s preference. Sonakshi gets some information about the dishes. Vimmi tells her. Sonakshi asks how Veena likes the mushroom, I mean many individuals have aversion to it. Vimmi says I realize you are Sona bhabhi, you took attendant’s outfit to save Kunal from psychological oppressor assault, I m with you, nothing is going fine here.

Sonakshi yells, “Be calm; I need your assistance; what’s cooked for Nishi?” Soup has been made for Vimmi, and she promises to do whatever you say. Sonakshi adds something. Pari looks on. Sonakshi sees her and asks what’s this Pari, for what reason didn’t Suman bring you back home. Tanya must leave, Pari says, so I need to get rights for my baby.

Sonakshi says that’s incorrect. Pari assks what’s up. Try to see things from Tanya’s perspective, Sonakshi advises—can’t you feel her pain? Pari claims that you don’t care about me and that I don’t require your support. She says that I will tell the truth and ruin your work if you come in my way. Sonakshi departs. The door is shut by Pari.

Sonakshi calls Suman and inquires as to why she was not informed about Pari. Suman says you are as of now so stressed. Sonakshi claims that Pari intends to wed Rohan; what about Tanya? Suman says its right, who will wed Pari. Sonakshi asserts that Pari is wrong and that she cannot end Tanya’s marriage.

Suman responds, “I’m sorry, but I know you’ll do the right thing.” Sonakshi receives a call from Vimmi. Sonakshi asks her to simply call her Parvati. The soup appeals to Nishi. She is asked to share by Akash. Nishi requests that she get a bowl of soup for himself. According to Yash, Ajit traveled to the United States to promote the sippy hospital antidote in the international market. Rohit sees Nishi. He teasingly touches Sonakshi’s leg.

Nishi has a bloated stomach. Pooja takes the spoon and ponders the situation involving Rohit and the nurse. Nishi says I will go washroom and come. Yash asks what occurred. Sonakshi says who takes the telephone to washroom. Nishi frequently uses the restroom. I’ll get juice, Veena says. Sonakshi says no juice, let food contamination get ousted totally. Pooja says I will get lemon water. Sonakshi says no, simply salt and sugar.

Nishi claims that she does not know what she served me. Sonakshi says perhaps reptile fell in to the soup in the event that it was not covered as expected. Nishi requests her cell phone. Yash requests that she really take a look at her state first. Sonakshi asks how might you utilize messy telephone later. She sees Nishi’s telephone and takes it. She says I will get hand crafted recipe to stop free movements. She leaves.

We still have two attempts, Rohit declares, so what does Nishi like? Sonakshi requests cash and the phone; I promise to return it or she will be aware. She sees Pooja at the entryway. Pooja asserts, “I knew something was wrong because I had seen your foot game under the table.”

“Just out of the house Sonakshi…” Rohit, “How can you say this when you made her out of the house?” “Did you forget that she harmed dad and blamed mom?” Don’t shout, Rohit tells Pooja, “Listen to me once, trust me.” Poja takes a bite out of his hand and asks, “What do you want to say?” Keeping in mind that she is an actress, Rohit responds, “You will trust me.” Nishi, not Sonakshi, is responsible for dad’s condition. Pooja is taken aback.

Nishi tossing water at Sonakshi and says Sonakshi Rastogi, Parvati… . Some time back, Pooja says Sonakshi is avaricious, I can hardly imagine how Nishi can do this. Sonakshi inquires whether I requested any money, rendering the prenuptial agreement null and void. Nishi wished to demonstrate that I married Rohit in exchange for money. Rohit responds, “You know I love Sonakshi; why would I like to divorce her?” He says that he did it so that Nishi wouldn’t hurt Naren. If I had the same soup, as Yash claims, why did nothing happen to me? Nishi flies to the restroom. Vimmi appears.

Sonakshi makes the entrance. Vimmi gets Naren there. She says I went to Naren to give him medicine, and he held my hand. At first, I didn’t understand, but then I realized he wanted to come here, and he winked, knowing you were Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks are you fine, I didn’t come to see your tears yet to get payback for your tears. Naren laments. Pooja laments. She asserts that it indicates Sonakshi was correct; how could mom do this?

I’ve known this for months, Rohit claims, but I’ve been silent because Nishi has the app to control dad’s pacemaker, which could kill him. Pooja wonders if this is true. Naren smiles. Pooja says we need to save father, give me Nishi’s telephone, I will erase the application. He asks how will you respond.

She declares that I will hack into the phone and delete it. Are you a hacker, he inquires. I used to hack phones, she says. She tells Sonakshi that Nishi needs 20 minutes to hack the phone, so keep her busy. Sonakshi provides Nishi with kada. Veena takes care of it to Nishi. Nishi admonishes Sonakshi. Sonakshi says I will add honey and bring it. Nishi says when I get fine, I will slap this attendant. Pooja hacks the telephone and says 5mins more.

Before she realizes her phone is missing, Sonakshi suggests giving it a shot. Doctor is coming, according to Yash. Nishi is asked to have the kada by Sonakshi. Nishi requests medication. Sonakshi says I will give you paracetamol. Nishi says I don’t have fever. I’m sorry Sonakshi said I was scared. She searches for medications. Nishi inquires as to what the patient will be given in the event of vomiting, diarrhea, or vertigo. In response, Sonakshi inquires, “Are you taking my exam?

Take the medications.” Rohit tells Parvati, “I love you Parvati, I wish to come and kiss you,” “you are so intelligent, had the earphone like a spy,” and “thank you sweetheart.” Sonakshi commands silence. Veena asks did you say anything. Sonakshi says no, I was expressing gratitude toward Murugan. Nishi asks where is my telephone, call Dr. Soumya, I m sick. According to Rohit, Nishi is seeking her phone.

Pooja says mumma’s telephone has no application. Yash dials Nishi’s phone number. Rohit says don’t disengage. Sonakshi claims that you used the bathroom with the phone. Nishi explodes. Sonakshi says I will get it from the morning meal table. Nishi claims that my phone was taken away. Pooja receives the call.

She states, “I got your phone to call the doctor, but it’s locked.” Did you change the passcode? I already knew all passcodes. Nishi says you don’t have to know it. Sonakshi is signed by Rohit. Dr. Nishi is contacted. She sees Rohit and Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks her why she is so friendly with the nurse. According to her, I will meet Dr. Soumya at the hospital.

She leaves. Rohit says Nishi doesn’t have the application, how is she controlling. Pooja suggests a different phone or laptop. Sonakshi says perhaps she downloaded application in another person’s telephone. According to Rohit, we cannot risk it. I’ll go, according to Pooja, before anyone else. She leaves.

Nishi requests that the driver take her to the hospital first, then to Rastogi’s house. I must choose Rohan’s outfit for his meeting, according to Pari. Tanya claims that you are abducting Rohan because you said you would give up the child.

Pari says you are as yet asking for him. Tanya extends a hand. Pari shows fear while apologizing. Rohan sees this and admonishes Tanya. According to Pari, Tanya was enraged when you chose Anika for your baby. Rohan says that will be the name, don’t pressure, its terrible for the child.

He takes Pari with her. Tanya cries. Nishi arrives at Suman’s residence. She gets a lot of criticism from Suman. Nishi believes you are insane. Sonakshi inquires about the situation and your activities here. Nishi is stunned. Suman say call the police. Nishi expresses shut up, I just came to see… Suman says we have no terms now.

I’ll kill you, Nishi says. Sonakshi informs Nishi that she has lost her mental equilibrium. Nishi leaves. Suman laughs as she closes the door. Rohit appears and claims that I was managing my laughter. Sonakshi claims that I knew Nishi was coming. Suman claims that the avaricious woman caused the damage to your house. Sonakshi says I m happy that Rohit and I are together. Veena inquires where Tanya is in the morning.

Rohit claims that she spent forever at her father’s house. He is hit by Veena. Nishi sees Parvati coming and says she ought to be in Sippy house 24 by 7, from where is she coming. Veena and Rohan argue. Veena faults Pari. She claims that you think we are blind because we are unable to see and that this girl will make you dance on her fingers. He tells you not to blame Pari.

Veena asserts that this is her house; I will not permit anyone to enter and cause her happiness. According to Nishi, I concur that no one has the right to enter our home and disrupt our happiness. She splashes Sonakshi’s face with water.

When they see Sonakshi, everyone is shocked. Veena tells Sonakshi, “You… Nishi tells Sonakshi, aka Parvati, I had doubts about this nurse because she is too smart and too confident.” Naren does so. Veena claims that we were fooled, but how did you know? Nishi asserts that I cannot conceal any fraud.

Tell them the truth, Sonakshi inquires, “Did you doubt that Rohit received a fine?” Nishi asks what truth. Sonakshi says Rohit was confronting passing, since Nishi didn’t give him the counteractant.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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