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Krisha looks around for Dev every Girls Dream On Zee world Saturday, April 1, 2023 update. She is scared. When Dev comes home, he asks Krisha, “What happened?” Vamika yells for assistance. She has everyone come to her room. Vamika claims that the bed is burning because someone put acid on it. Jaya asserts that Vamika must be the culprit. Rati claims she didn’t do this because she was with me. Who might it be, according to Dev? Jaya suggests that the house may be controlled by evil forces.

I don’t believe those, according to Dev. He begins to search the area for evidence. Jaya recalls Vamika showing her Raghav’s video, which they both used as evidence against Krisha. Jaya believes Krisha will now bear the blame. Near the bed, Dev discovers the sacred. Jaya claims that Krisha received this. What was Krisha doing in my room, Vamika inquires? Krisha claims that when she came to check on me, I discovered some blood marks and was also attacked.

Vamika asks you why you didn’t call for help then. Krisha claims that I came here but did not carry out this. She believes I must demonstrate myself once more in front of Dev. Krisha claims that I arrived here but did not burn her bed. You don’t need to explain anything because Dev has said enough. I am aware that someone is attempting to implicate you; if you claimed that you did not participate, then you did not. There, he takes Krisha.

Minakshi is scolded by Kach for letting Dev open his safe. Minakshi claims that you are a member of a royal family but acts like a thief. You are useless because you are unable to even safeguard your son. She leaves. Kach asserts that Krisha is to blame for this.

Krisha informs Dev that you have demonstrated today that you trust me without evidence. I’m with you, according to Dev. I will identify the perpetrator, though I am aware that someone is attempting to implicate you.

Raghav is slapped by Ugra, who asks how the acid bottle got into Vamika’s room. I don’t know, Raghav says. Dev has called everyone, according to Rati when she arrives.

The lounge is used by everyone in the family. Dev asserts that I have identified the person who brought the acid bottle into the house, instructing the individual to show up before I catch him. Raghav watches. Krisha gets a sudden sense that someone is choking and dragging her. Krisha is being dragged away and locked in the room, despite Dev’s efforts to save her. Krisha is unconscious, and Dev and others rush there to find her.

According to Minakshi, how did this occur? Naina says that the phantom high priority went after her. Krisha awoke. Jaya asks, “What took place?” Krisha claims that I was unable to control my body and felt like someone was choking me. Because she is being possessed by an evil force, she asks Dev to stay away from her. Dev claims that I ought to have listened to Jaya Maa rather than entering this room.

Minakshi hears from Kach that Krisha is doing well because Dev took everything from me. Minakshi says you’re so narcissistic.

Ugra is asked by Radhav, “Who was behind Krisha’s attack?” I took no action. Ugra asserts that Jaya was correct; we must exercise caution because the house contains evil spirits.

Krisha and Dev enter their room and laugh. Everyone now believes there are evil powers in the house, according to Dev, whose acting was so nice. We must begin the second part of our plan.

Dev informs Krisha’s family when he visits. Jaya says I’ll move your belongings to the old room. Dev responds no. What if the evil forces come back to attack us, Vamika asks? According to Ugra, we only need to close that room today. According to Dev, I won’t leave that room. Jaya says, even after today’s events? I have decided that Krisha and I are to blame for opening that room, so I agree with Dev that there are evil powers in the house. However, I will remain in that room so that no one else will be attacked by them. Because of our error, we will remain locked up in that room.

I don’t want my family to be hurt, so Dev tells them I’ll stay in the room with Krisha. Jaya says that we worry about you. Dev requests that I perform this task. He enters the space and locks it. Dev informs Krisha that the offender will remain calm now and attempt to attack us before we catch them. Krisha advises us to remain alert at all times.

Vamika informs Jaya that a ghost has frightened Krisha, warning us to exercise caution. Dev is not a person who should be kept in a room, Jaya asserts. He locked himself in a room for what reason? The only thing Vamika says is that he is afraid of ghosts.

Krisha is dozing at the evening time when Dev panics her. She awakens and informs me that I was about to suffer a heart attack. According to Dev, I was getting bored. I really enjoyed your performance today. Jaya hears that as she runs away from the room. Jaya claims that I was aware that Krisha and Dev were behind this plan.

Ugra gives Rati a powder in the morning and tells her to mix it with Dev’s food to protect them. Rati says that since you take everything, I can’t give it to them. Rati moves on. Ugra incorporate the powder into their diet. Rati arrives and consumes the food. She hands it to Dev and asks Krisha how she is doing. He claims that she’s fine. Rati bows and walks away. I’m sad that we can’t be with our family, Krisha says. Dev says we’ll find the culprit soon. She receives the powder-infused juice from Dev.

Krisha feels dizzy when she goes to wash her face. She gets scared when she sees someone’s shadow in the bathroom. She flees and informs Dev that someone is inside. Dev points to her and declares that no one is present. Outside the room, Dev observes a shadow of the coat-wearing man and declares that someone is attempting to frighten us. Krisha asks, “What if there are actually evil powers?” Simply watch out. Don’t worry, Dev says, I’m coming in a little later. Dev decides to go with the man. The man approaches Jaya with a knife as he enters her room.

Jaya runs from there because she is afraid. Dev is informed by Jaya that a man was about to kill her. According to Dev, I’ll check. He looks in her room, but no one is there. The man is seen fleeing as they hear a thud. Dev follows the man. Vamika follows them when she sees him running behind the man.

Krisha faints as she waits for Dev. She wakes up and continues on.

Dev is following the offender. Everyone in the family goes there. When Dev locates the offender, both individuals tumble into the pool. Kach is revealed when Dev takes off the mask. According to Dev, this is your evil power. Despite Kach’s claim that this was my first attack, I am not a demon. I performed this act because I had to remove my jewelry from Jaya’s room. Dev claims that you lie. Kach says that it’s fine if you don’t believe me. I took my own jewelry and hid the fake jewelry in Jaya’s room. I’m unaware of any other attacks.

The family is informed by Kach that I am not liable for any other actions. According to Minakshi, what is going on in this family? You refer to this as a family, Kach? I also own the rights to that jewelry. Dev has said enough; you ought to admit that you were the cause of all of those things. Kach claims that I am not lying; this house is possessed by evil forces. I don’t believe you, Dev says. Krisha says that someone is behind Dev because she sees a shadow behind him. Fearful, she screams and passes out. Kach informs you, “See, I told you there is something strange in this house.” Krisha is then transferred by Dev.

Krisha is examined by the doctor, who informs Dev that I will conduct some tests and give her some medications. He departs. Krisha smiles and wakes up when Dev calls for her to. When Krisha gets up, she wonders if she was acting. Krisha remarks, “I saw some shadows?” I wish it were a joke. I’m afraid of ghosts.

Krisha joins the family thanks to Dev. Rati inquires about her health. She sighs. Jaya believes that I was playing a game they were playing with me.

Mantras are demonstrated by a magician. He produces powder.

Krisha is put to bed while Dev massages her feet. What are you doing, she asks? Never do it. Let me be, as Dev says I’m taking care of my wife. The entryway thumps, Dev opens it to track down Jaya there. She says she wants to talk to Dev because I brought Krisha’s medicines. Dev hugs Krisha before accompanying Jaya.

Dev sits with Jaya and inquires about the incident. Jaya claims that I just missed you. According to Dev, I am aware of the issue you’re having. Jaya asks Dev why he doesn’t believe that some evil powers are attacking Krisha if he loves her. She deserves your trust and protection. According to Dev, I do not believe in evil powers. Jaya claims that we witnessed her being dragged.

I have to tell you something, Dev says. He informs her of their strategy. Jaya asks, “Why didn’t you inform me earlier?” Also today, Krisha saw some shadows; was that part of the plan? Dev responds no. I must find out what’s going on. Jaya requests that you leave that room because I’m sure there are evil spirits there.

She begs him, so Dev stops her and tells her that she is my mother and that she does not need to beg him; I will only leave that room today. There is where he departs. Jaya grins.

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