Every Girls Dream 1 March 2023 Written Update

Krisha is present when Dev calls Roma via video call. He says that I was thinking about giving Jaya a ring like yours as a gift. Roma permits me to deliver my ring to your workplace. You can just show it to me, Dev says. He takes a picture when she shows him the ring. Dev thanks her and calls it a day. Krisha responds, “See, I was telling you that if she is lying, her fingers would turn pink.” Roma’s pink fingers appear when she displays the screenshot. Krisha claims that I applied a chemical to Roma’s hand and a solution to the medicine bag. After that, Roma tried to clean the bag of her fingerprints, but her hands turned pink.

. If Roma didn’t put those medicines in my bag, why would she try to wipe her fingerprints off? I have not lied. There are a lot of things you don’t know about Roma. I promise to show you her real face by tonight, but until then, don’t tell her anything. Dev departs there.

When Aarav returns home, he discovers that Kach and Minakshi have attended the wedding of Naintara’s parents. While Kach performs the rituals, he is shocked. Aarav says, I’m sorry, but I can’t marry you. What says Kach? Aarav apologizes to her parents and then leaves after declaring, “I love someone else.” The parents of Naintara are offended and leave there. Minakshi claims that he foiled our strategy.

Roma takes Dev to the balcony and demonstrates how decorated it is. She asserts that I have completed all arrangements. They are seated to watch a movie, but Jaya arrives with her family. Jaya declares that we are all present to offer Dev company. Roma gets a grin from Krisha. They all sat down to watch the movie, but Krisha stopped Roma and asked her to open. Roma watches. Do it, Krisha advises. Krisha is asked by Jaya to stop doing everything. I’ll be gone in five minutes, Krisha promises. She inquires of Roma, “Has she forgotten her lines?” The lines have already been recorded.

Krisha plays Roma’s voice note, in which Roma admits that she was involved in the smuggling case and that she lied about Daksh being tortured by Krisha in order to make Dev dislike her and become her. Everyone is shocked. Dev is asked to listen by Roma. She is grabbed by Dev, and he says, “I thought you were a friend.” Roma claims that all I wanted to do was win you over. I’m a married man, get lost from here, Dev yells at her. Roma says that your biggest problem is that you can’t see who loves you and who wants to hate you. Do you know the name Daksh gave you?

He hated you, was your foe, and desired your death. Dev tries to hurt her by grabbing her, but Krisha stops him and tells him to leave her. Everyone is urged to stop disparaging Daksh by Dev. To me, my brother was everything. Krisha yells that he was your most formidable foe. I will tell you the truth right now, and you can kill me to stop me. I’ll show you the evidence. Krisha finds Roma’s Pendrive. Krisha plays a video of Daksh conversing with Roma. Roma was informed by Daksh that we can never separate Dev and Krisha; I want Dev to lose his love. He doesn’t look happy to me right now.

The video then shows Daksh torturing Krisha by locking her in the room. how, if she didn’t dress as Maya, he would kill Dev. Then how he killed himself so that Dev would dislike Krisha and believe she had killed him. The video is over. Krisha says that you can now see that Daksh was behind everything. All of this was planned by him, and Roma recorded it. We were all playing with Daksh. Dev weeps, “My brother,” and asks, “He committed suicide so that I would hate Krisha?” He prevailed despite risking his life.

I began to despise Krisha. He regretfully departs there. Krisha follows him. Jaya prevents Roma from approaching him. Roma is instructed by her to wander off from their residence; if Daksh were still alive, we would have punished him. While he is no longer with us, you are still present and will be held accountable for your actions. She calls the police. Jaya yells at the guards to take Roma away from us, despite Roma’s efforts to plead. Roma leaves after Kach gives her a nod.

Krisha tries to stop Dev from recalling the video, but he runs off in a daze. Krisha declares, “I am always with you, and I know you are hurting.”

While Dev is on the road, he imagines Daksh approaching him and laughing at his predicament. Dev yells for it to stop. Krisha observes Dev crying as she follows him. Dev screams, “Why Daksh, why did you do it with me?” as he falls to the ground. The rain begins to fall. Krisha states, “I can’t see him like this; he just focused on loving other people,” but it’s time for him to be loved and cared for. She approaches him and begs him not to hurt himself because it was not his fault. She is pushed away by Dev, who then leaves there. Krisha follows him.

Jaya is informed by Aarav that I will go in search of Dev. Krisha is with Dev, and Jaya says, “I think we should let Dev be for a moment.” Dev and Krisha return to their homes. Dev quietly retreats to his room. Jaya is informed by Krisha that I am with him so that you can all sleep. Krisha begins to trail Dev. Jaya can see her concern for him. When Dev enters his room, he locks the door. Krisha cries for him as she stands outside the door. Dev screams and falls to the ground. As they both scream, agar tum saath ho plays.

Dev wakes up in the morning to find himself sleeping on the floor. When he opens the door, Krisha is seated there. He gets down on his knees and gives her a firm hug. Dev asserts that you were always there for me, that nothing you have done can be repaid, but that I still require your support. She sighs.

Dev brings Krisha to Daksh’s room and removes all of Daksh’s belongings and all of Maya’s paintings. He asserts that this is our new beginning and Daksh’s defeat.

While holding Krisha in his hand, Dev extinguishes all of Daksh’s possessions and artwork. He claims that Daksh’s memories have left me. I broke up with you because of Daksh’s mess with my life, but I want to take pheras with you today. Would you grant me another opportunity? He sighs. Dev says, “I will always be with you,” as she takes Pheras with her. Daksh, according to Krisha, will never be able to break us down, so we will never need to take pheras again. Always yours, I am. Dev kisses her forehead with a smile. He holds her in his arms and then takes her away.

Scene 2: Dev brings Krisha’s belongings back into his room and informs Krisha that we will now share this room. I will now realize all of your goals. He arranges her belongings while she smiles. She is asked to lie down and asked to sit down on the bed by Dev. He tucks her in after she does. Dev tells you to go to bed because you haven’t slept in two days. He is stopped by Krisha, who smiles. Dev sits down with her and informs her that this will be our last night apart. As of tomorrow, I will grant you all rights as a wife, and I will confess my love to you as I wish, so that no one can separate us. I swear to you.

When Krisha gets up in the morning, Dev brings her breakfast. He claims that I brought all of your favorites. He presents a rose to her. It is applied to Krisha’s hair. Dev demonstrates her gifts and declares that they are all for you. According to Krisha, you are the best present.

Because you are Dev’s wife, you ought to be treated well. He tells her to change and that he will wait for her. There is where he departs. Krisha beams.

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