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Dev tries to show that she is Krisha by saying that she doesn’t have a tattoo, but when he shows her hand, she does have a tattoo. Dev, in shock, informs Daksh that she is not Maya and requests his trust. Krisha is my wife. Krisha requests that we be heard. Daksh pulls out a gun and declares that you all lie. I was deceived by you. He tells Dev to stop fooling him: “You now like Maya because I like her?”

He informs Jaya that you have never been interested in my happiness. He says that I will kill myself if I don’t get my Maya. He covers his head with a gun. Dev tries to take the gun from him after grabbing him. As everyone watches, Daksh faints.

Dev enters his bedroom. Krisha inquires whether I was the cause of everything. Dev asserts that your intentions were legitimate. When he wakes up, we will speak with him. He should not be deluded by us. According to Krisha, I no longer want to behave like Maya. Dev states, “I can’t let you pretend to be Maya just for my brother.”

I don’t want you to. I am aware that he is upset, but I am also aware that you will resolve everything when you are with me. Krisha beams. Dev departs there. Krisha examines the present that Dev gave her. According to Krisha, he wanted to tell me he loved me today. Dev will be pleased with me if Daksh is fine, so that’s all I want.

Daksh compliments Roma while they are sitting in his den. I’ll take Krisha away from Dev, according to Daksh. Roma asks, “How?” Daksh claims that I have a plan. They hear Dev approaching. In his bed, Daksh is lying. As soon as he enters, Dev sadly looks at him. He appreciates Roma’s care for him.

Scene 2: Krisha is getting ready in the morning. How is Daksh doing? Don’t worry, Dev says he is sleeping. Why wouldn’t I, according to Krisha? If I had been your wife, I could have watched over you. You are free to sleep here rather than in your study. Dev makes her put on the mangalsutra while smiling. Through the mirror, they both look at each other. Her face is touched by Dev. Krisha suggests that we begin sharing a room as soon as Daksh learns about us. You are not required to conceal your identity, according to Dev. I’ll come back to this location as soon as Daksh is okay. Krisha beams. Dev goes to see if he’s okay.

Daksh informs Jaya that I am departing. Dev arrives and asks, “Where?” Daksh has instructed me to leave the group. He starts to go.

I know you like a girl, Aditi, Rati says when she approaches Aarav. How do you know, he inquires? I heard you talking to Rati, she claims. Aarav declares that it will not change and departs from there. While hiding, Ugra hears everything. She says in a whisper that I will force Rghav to leave her.

Daksh is getting ready to leave. How can you leave me, Dev asks? Daksh says that although I want to leave, I will bring memories with me. I can no longer stay here. Where will you go, Jaya? I’ll spend a few days at the farm house, according to Daksh. Dev asserts that I brought Krisha here for your well-being. Daksh claims that you have relocated, but I want to because I need space in my life. Dev asserts that you do not need to leave for that. Daksh claims that you want to inform me that Maya has passed away.

I want to go away for a few days because I don’t understand anything. I’ll go with Jaya if he wants to, he says. Daksh claims that I have requested Roma to accompany me for a few days. Roma claims that I did. Dev watches. Daksh says not to try to stop me because I have already made a decision. Sadly, Dev looks on. Roma grunts.

Krisha comes to Dev, who is sad, and tells him not to worry about Daksh; we will find a way to get him back to you. When Rati gets there, she says that someone is asking about Maya. Krisha is asked to remain seated, and Dev promises to check.

Devraj is approached by a man who states, “I have heard a lot about your family, but I am sure there are many secrets buried behind luxuries here.” The man then enters Devraj’s residence. Who are you, Jaya? He asserts that I send criminals behind the jail. He claims to be Akhil Mehra, a special investigation officer. I’m here to look into a situation. What brought you here, Jaya asks? According to Akhil, it’s Maya’s accident case. Devraj observes.

I used to miss your tea in the jail, Raghav tells Rati. Ugra appears there and instructs you to care for Rati. I came to meet you here. She is told by Raghav to leave. Ugra says that Rati received a dress from Aarav. She goes. Raghav watches.

Jaya inquires of Akhil as to why he is looking into Maya. According to Akhil, I am familiar with Maya’s family, and they are concerned that she has been missing for some time. Then, at that point, I learned about Maya’s mishap and afterward her character was taken out from all over the place. It has to have been planned by someone. Devraj inquires, “What do I want to say?”

Akhil inquires whether he was with her when the accident occurred. He asserts otherwise. I saw the scene of the accident, and she couldn’t be alive if she had been in an accident, according to Akhil. Do you have something to hide from me? Krisha, dressed as Maya, appears there and asks, “You are referring to me?” As he watches, Akhil asks, “Who are you?” Krisha says you’re looking into me, but you don’t know me. This is Maya. She is met with a glare from Devraj.

Krisha is yelled at by Devraj for coming there when he told her not to. I had to go there, Krisha claims, because he was blaming you. According to Devraj, I could handle it. Krisha responds, “I know, but you have kept Maya’s disappearance a secret; if he finds out, you will be held responsible for removing her identity.” I am aware that you will be in trouble if you do not permit anything to enter Daksh. Devraj declares, “I will tell everyone the truth, and you will only live as Krisha.

” He says, “I won’t let you live a lie anymore.” Krisha weeps and declares, “I will become Maya now to save you as I was Maya when Daksh was saved.” I can’t let you do that, says Devraj. I won’t lie to anyone because I can’t get Daksh to lie about you either. Krisha claims that you have done a lot for him, so I am confident that he will assist you. He can pretend to be Maya.

When Daksh hears everything, he asks Roma if she spoke with Akhil. Roma responds that he is a good actor despite his frequent ramblings. Devraj will soon lose Krisha, according to Daksh. Roma inquires whether he intends to imprison Devraj. Daksh grabs her and tells her that the plot is his, so she should just trust him.

Scene 2: Devraj sits by himself. When Krisha approaches him, she informs him that no one knows about his worries. You’ll try to make things right if Devraj says no. Since you have identified yourself as Maya, we are unable to proceed back. Please stay out of this. He begins his departure, but Krisha asks, “Where are you going?” You must remain here. Devraj claims that you are now Maya and that we cannot share a room. According to Krisha, who would check?

Devraj has a lot of enemies in this house who would be plotting against him, Jaya says when she goes there. We are unable to provide them with any evidence they can use to extort Devraj. I have no choice but to separate you both, so I will. She informs Devraj that I will speak with Daksh because Devraj ought to be aware of what he hears from an officer. There is where she departs. Devraj looks at Krisha sad and walks away.

Roma hears from Daksh that everything is going according to plan. He claims that Krisha’s false identification as Maya led them to believe that the investigation would be concluded. I was deceived by Devraj and Krisha, so it’s my turn. They will be trapped between Krisha and Maya. I will steal Krisha from Devraj because Krisha is his peace and everyone would be confused about who was who. Roma watches. Daksh tells me to relax and eat some fruits. Roma states that you are free to do whatever you want, but Devraj shouldn’t be hurt. Daksh says with a grin, “Don’t worry; just ask Akhil to get in touch with me.”

Jaya talks to Daksh in the morning. Daksh asks, “How can I pretend to be Maya?” Jaya claims that Devraj lied to you for days, so you can’t lie every day. Daksh says she’s not Maya, though. Devraj and Krisha arrive there. Krisha asserts that everything will be fine when this is over. Jaya says he won’t return until the investigator has his answers. When Akhil gets there, he tells me that I had to come here. Jaya inquires about your return. Although I will question Maya alone, Akhil claims I had additional inquiries.

Devraj asserts that she is a woman. I brought a female constable, Akhil claims. Krisha agrees and goes along with her. Devraj observes…Read more

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