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When Devraj is detained, he tells Krisha not to be concerned and asks Jaya to look after her. Krisha begs him.

In the police car, Devraj informs Akhil that he cannot be arrested without a warrant. Akhil tells him to stop and puts a gun to his head.

Krisha is scolded by Jaya, who says that you shouldn’t have told the inspector the truth. According to Kuch, our honor has been damaged. Sadly, Krisha departs from there.

Krisha cries as she enters her room and recalls Devraj’s arrest.

Raghav tells Rati to rest and stay away from Krisha before she meets her. I can’t leave Rati alone because she claims to have done a lot for me. Aarav takes Rati from there because he says Krisha needs us. Upon seeing them together, Raghav is enraged. Ugra grins as he observes everything. She asserts that Raghav’s skepticism will end their relationship.

Devraj is escorted into a dimly lit room. He screams and inquires as to why he was brought here. He tries to remove his handcuffs.

Krisha is consoled by Rati, who assures her that nothing will go wrong. Aarav advises against blaming oneself for lying. Krisha claims that he coerced me into believing that if I didn’t tell him the truth, he would have arrested Devraj in the Maya murder case. She asserts that I must free Devraj from jail. When Daksh arrives, she inquires about his health. Daksh claims that while we were on the phone, I spoke with Devraj, and he told me to tell Krisha to leave right now. What says Krisha? Daksh claims that he is enraged at you because he tried to make everything okay but was trapped by you. He is enraged at you. Krisha claims that I lied to protect Devraj. He will be released from jail by me. Daksh tells me to just leave right now; I’ll take care of everything. That makes Krisha cry. Daksh smiles and walks away.

Scene 2 shows Devraj sadly confined to his cell. On the other hand, Krisha is also sad without him.

Daksh tells himself that I planned everything to separate Krisha and Devraj.

When Rati approaches Krisha, she finds her sadly seated. Devraj must be enraged, according to Aarav, but he doesn’t want you to leave. He never said that, according to Krisha. How do you know that, Aarav asks? Krisha claims that I share his heart, and I am aware of what it is saying. He wants me to leave, and I’m sure he wants to protect me.

In his cell, Devraj is sitting by himself. He asks, “Why is it so dark here?” as he looks around. This does not appear to be a prison.

Aarav is informed by Krisha that we must visit the police station. You can’t go there, Jaya tells you when she arrives. There seems to be something off. When I contacted a few inspectors, they informed me that there was no investigation into our involvement in Maya’s case. Devraj was not taken to a police station, and there is no record of Akhil Mehra working as a police officer, as I discovered. Krisha, in shock, claims that Daksh informed her that he spoke with Devraj. Daksh calls his man after hearing them. Jaya joins Krisha and Aarav there. Krisha inquires if he knows Devraj’s location. I take it you spoke with him. Roma, according to Daksh, got me to call him. Aarav claims that Roma is not present at this time; how could she possibly connect with Devraj? We must locate her. Jaya and Krisha leave. Daksh claims that Roma has been lost, but until then, I will end Devraj’s life.

Jaya and Krisha are informed by Aarav that Roma has vanished. Krisha says I shouldn’t trust her; she might have been part of this plan. Jaya asserts that no one here can be trusted. According to Krisha, we must locate Roma. Jaya asserts that we must ascertain who was involved in this strategy with Roma. According to Krisha, I have an idea.

Krisha is informed by Jaya that we must refine our strategy. Just pray that I can do everything right, Krisha advises. Daksh arrives and declares, “I need a milkshake.” Ugra arrives and asserts that I did not receive food in my room. Jaya tells you that you can get it from the kitchen, where no one will serve you. Jaya acts like she’s getting a call when she sees Kuch leaving. She claims you located her. She tells Aarav that I had doubts about Roma, so I sent some people to look for her. They found her, and we will soon be able to question her. Krisha recalls telling Jaya that if anyone becomes concerned after hearing that, we will know who the mastermind is. Krisha examines each person. She observes Minakshi and Kuch departing. Aarav follows them. Daksh is about to leave, but Krisha stops him and tells him to take his medications. Daksh believes I must learn more about Roma.

Aarav hears Kuch talking to his business partners, so he leaves. Raghav’s departure prompts Krisha’s inquiry, “Where are you going?” He claims that I will take Rati for a walk. Daksh says, “I’ll go change,” and then he throws a milkshake on himself. When Aarav arrives, he informs them that it is not Kuch-Minakshi. If Krisha is correct that it isn’t Ugra, Raghav, or Naina, then who else is involved?

Daksh calls Roma and inquires about her outing. She says no because I’ve been locked up here since Devraj was taken away. He says at the end of the call that Jaya was trying to deceive me. Devraj will never be found.

Devraj, who is alone in a cell, believes that I am only concerned about Krisha. I am aware that she will attempt to locate me, but she should not put herself in danger. Because I adore her so much, I can’t see her hurt. Because I adore him so much, Krisha believes that I will do anything to bring him back. They both weep for each other’s absence. As they reminisce about their time together, Naina plays. According to Devraj, I must flee this location before Krisha does anything stupid.

Krisha is not responding when Jaya knocks on her door. Aarav requests that she open it. When she opens it, they see a bag on her shoulder. Krisha claims that I used to be Maya, but there is no longer any need for that, so I cannot remain here. Now I’m leaving. What are you saying, Jaya? Daksh chuckles as he hears everything. According to Krisha, I will depart from here. Daksh’s microphone suddenly stops working. Devraj went missing, Krisha informs Jaya, and we are unable to locate Roma anywhere. I must go in search of him. Aarav asks, “What will you do on your own?” According to Krisha, I must locate Devraj. Jaya asks, “What are you going to do on your own?” I can’t let them follow me when I look for Devraj because Krisha claims that someone from this family is involved in everything.

Krisha is going outside the house. Rati asks, “Why are you going away?” Krisha gives her a hug and says that Jaya will tell you everything because this is part of my plan. Krisha informs Jaya that I am now departing. Daksh hides, but he sees everything. Jaya asks, “How could you leave that way?” When Devraj gets back, what will I tell him? I can’t stay here anymore, Krisha claims because he sent me a message to leave. It would be best if I left. There is where she departs. Daksh claims that I was unaware of my strategy’s rapid success. Aarav tells Krisha that she shouldn’t leave in this way and tries to stop her. Krisha claims that Devraj is in this condition as a result of me, and I will be unable to confront him when he returns. She hears Aarav whisper to her that he will soon meet her. Krisha departs there.

Krisha prays for Devraj’s safety at a location. When Aarav gets there, he says, “I discovered about the jeep in which Devraj was taken, it’s registered in some Jahengir’s name, and I discovered that he is a mastermind kidnapper.” When Krisha looks for Jahengir, all she finds is Akhil. Aarav tells me I’ll try to find his phone number. According to Krisha, we must keep trying. A man watches them and records their video. Krisha promises not to give up hope. I’ll find him any way I can. Krisha is informed by Aarav that I will not spare anyone involved in this.

A man approaches Devraj, whom Akhil has pinned to a chair. So that no one will doubt us, his goon claims that I am here with an ambulance. Let’s take him away, Akhil says.

Krisha and Aarav are in the vehicle. He traces the vehicle that transported Devraj away.

Roma wonders, “Why did Daksh lock me here?” as she is imprisoned in a room. Is Devraj in need of help? She calls Akhil, but he doesn’t answer. She tells me I need to meet him.

Jaya offers Devraj prayers. She receives a call from Krisha informing her that we discovered Devraj and are going there. Aarav and Krisha become stuck in the traffic. From there, they can make out an ambulance. Krisha does not see Devraj while he is in the ambulance. She has a sensation but does nothing. A police officer stops the ambulance. Akhil becomes anxious. Where are they going, the inspector inquires? We are taking a patient to the hospital, according to Akhil. I’ll ride along with you because the inspector tells me I have to go there. He gets a lift after Akhil becomes tense. The inspector claims to have observed you previously. I, according to Akhil, have a common face.

When Krisha and Aarav get to the location, they look around for Devraj. Roma is in a cell that they discover. What are you doing here, Krisha asks? Devraj is where? Roma responds, “Actually, Daksh.” Daksh arrives and informs Roma that he is concerned about Devraj because the inspector took him away. Krisha is disoriented.

Akhil takes the inspector to the hospital and tells me I need to leave right away.

Daksh gives Roma a hug and whispers, “Don’t say a word; I took your picture when you were bribing Akhil.” Aarav inquires about Roma’s relationship to Akhil. Roma claims that I have no connection to him; he called me and requested that I speak with Daksh, which I did. Since I am also a PI, I came here to learn more about Devraj. Daksh giggles and says that he thought I knew Krisha would find this location, but I am ahead of her. In the flashback, he sees how his man told him that Aarav had met Krisha and told her where Akhil was, but that he had told him to move Devraj from there. The flashback is over. I don’t know where Devraj is, Krisha cries. Daksh grunts.

Devraj is taken to a morgue by Akhil and left there. Devraj attempts to free his hands after waking up…Read more

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