Every Girls Dream 18 February 2023 Written Update

Jaya is assured by Devraj that he is fine and not to worry. Poisonous kheer is delivered to him by Daksh. According to Daksh, I fear for you. Don’t worry, Devraj assures me that you are all with me. Jaya promises to safeguard him.

Daksh believes they cannot safeguard him. Krisha must have already figured everything out; by this point, she ought to be aware that I intend to harm Devraj. Let’s fight face-to-face right now. Krisha is rushing to save Devraj as Daksh is about to feed him the kheer. She rushes there and yells, “Stop! This kheer contains poison!” Everyone is amazed. Krisha affirms.

How can you say that Daksh brought this parsad? Daksh was behind the attacks, Krisha claims, and he intended to harm Devraj, so put an end to this drama. Because he is my brother, Devraj cautions against saying all that. Krisha claims that you love him but that he intends to kill you. Daksh weeps and declares that she is alleging me without justification. According to Krisha, this kheer is poisonous. I will demonstrate to Daksh that I have never intended to harm Devraj. As he consumes the kheer, nobody notices anything wrong with him. Krisha is asked to stop it right away by Jaya.

Daksh claims that I did not add anything to the kheer, but then he coughs and falls to the ground. Minakshi claims that it contained poison. Devraj yells at Krisha to move away as she tries to rush to him. Raghav contacts a physician. Daksh worries Devraj. Krisha believes that Devraj is blind to the truth.

Jaya and Devraj criticize the security team. Devraj claims that I am preserving your life, but you can no longer work here and will be lost. The doctor arrives and informs Daksh that the poison has been removed from his body and that he is now fine. Krisha was left with him. There, Devraj flees.

Krisha and Daksh, who is sleeping, are sitting together. She remembers everything and believes I have evidence against him. Devraj appears there and advises them to simply leave without doing anything for Daksh. Sadly, Krisha departs from there. Daksh is seated next to Devraj. Krisha stops and gives him a look. Sadly, she leaves. Daksh hears Devraj say, “You are my life.” I can’t let you go through anything. Jaya tells you not to say that. Devraj asserts that I will not spare the perpetrator. Daksh, who is awake, believes I desired this. He won’t be spared by me.

Krisha is tense as she sits in her room. She says I’ll talk to Devraj and get this out of my head. All I want is for him to be safe. She is approached there by Devraj. Krisha weeps and asks, “You’re mad at me?” Devraj advises against blaming Daksh for anything. Krisha claims that he is your brother and is significant to you, but I won’t let him harm you if he tries. Devraj claims that he would not have eaten the kheer if he had put that poison in it. Krisha holds diya in her hand and declares, “I’m not lying; he wants to harm you.” As soon as he sees her, Devraj grabs her hand. He gently holds it. He informs Krisha that Daksh has been my companion since I was born. You are blaming me if you place blame on him. I promise to show you the evidence, Krisha. From there, she takes him and takes him to Daksh’s room. Krisha claims that when I entered his room, I discovered an axe, a phone, and a conversation between him and your attacker. I’ll demonstrate that phone to you. She tries to locate the phone but is unsuccessful. She says it only happened here. Daksh has the phone, and he tells Devraj that Krisha won’t believe him if he says enough. Through a hidden camera, he observes them. Krisha is looking everywhere but cannot locate the phone. Devraj is advised to rely on Krisha as his wife. You can talk to me, Devraj says, but you can’t lie about Daksh. I know you love Daksh, but he isn’t emotionally stable, so maybe that’s why he’s doing all that, Krisha says. I want to protect you because I love you. Daksh is not stable, so I believe he requires medical attention. She responds, “What do you want to say?” to Devraj’s glare. Daksh looks at them with a smile. Devraj is not mental when he yells at Krisha to stay within her limits; for me, no one is more important than my brother. There is where he departs. Krisha watches.

Kuch and Minakshi are having tea in the morning. Kuch asks Krisha why she blamed Daksh. Minakshi says it will cause Krisha and Devraj to split up. According to Kuch, it’s good for us. If Krisha leaves, Devraj will collapse, and then we can own everything here. The prince will become Aarav. Aarav has heard that. We will get Aarav married to a princess, according to Kuch. Aarav believes that I will only wed Aditi.

Jaya tells Krisha not to get in the way of Devraj and Daksh because doing so will hurt your relationship with Devraj. Daksh’s screams are heard by them. Daksh is being taken away by nurses. We are taking him to a mental hospital, according to the doctor. What says Jaya? Devraj stops when he gets there. I’m not mental, according to Daksh. The doctor is asked to get lost by Devraj. According to the doctor, your wife contacted us. What says Devraj? According to the doctor, Krisha called us here. Everyone is shocked.

The doctor, Devraj inquires, “Who called them here?” According to the doctor, Krisha called us here. She responds, “I didn’t call them,” in shock. The physician leaves. You wanted to send my brother to a mental hospital, Devraj yells at Krisha. You were told not to attack him. Krisha is shocked when Daksh smiles at her.

Krisha inquires as to why the doctor took my name. She recalls everything Daksh did and asserts that all evidence points to Daksh’s involvement. Given how much Devraj adores him, why is he abandoning his brother? Krisha receives Daksh’s message, “I hope you are enjoying the game, but I will not allow Devraj to have peace in life,” from Daksh. She tries to take a screenshot, but just in time, he deletes his message. She asserts that he is to blame for everything.

Daksh cries and asks Devraj why Krisha is acting in that way and why she thinks I am mentally ill. Devraj turns his head away and responds, “If you want, I will separate from Krisha.” Daksh responds that it was her first error, so please forgive her. There is where he departs. Krisha believes he is mentally ill, and Devraj claims he is so intelligent. Daksh calls Krisha and tells him that it was his error. Devraj tells Krisha that you should apologize to Daksh because you must have done it wrong. Krisha breaks down in tears and tells Daksh that she hurt you accidentally and has decided to leave the house. Devraj stops her and tells her that because it was your human mistake, I can forgive you and that I cannot live without you. Krisha gives him a hug and weeps because she fears that Devraj will be hurt by learning what his brother is up to. He started this game, but I will finish it; he can’t hurt Devraj.

In the second scene, Krisha prepares food for Devraj and declares, “I can’t trust anyone now.” Where is he, she asks? In a towel, Devraj arrives. He apologizes, saying that I should not have yelled at you. When she turns to see him covered in a wet towel, Krisha nods. She turns away and blushes. He tries to stop her from taking his picture, but she resists and says, “You can’t do it.” He draws her nearer. Both of them stare at one another. You should keep smiling like this, according to Devraj. Devraj halts Krisha’s attempt to leave and asks, “How will I be forgiven?” When you confess your love to me, Krisha says. She pushes Devraj away and leaves when he tries to get closer to her.

Daksh approaches Krisha and requests a conversation. She accepts and enters his room. Daksh turns off the lights and inquires about her fear. Krisha declares, “I believe in fighting,” and she expresses regret that you are hiding and attacking in a cowardly manner. Daksh thinks it’s good that we’re talking openly. Would you like to witness my surprise? He asks her to turn on the lights, which she does, and she notices that Daksh is doing push-ups and is perfectly healthy. Krisha is taken aback. Daksh remarks that I am flawless with a smirk. Krisha claims that you are causing harm to those you love. Daksh claims that all I want to do is harm Devraj because he deserves it. Why, says Krisha?

According to Daksh, I’m not ready to tell you. Krisha sits in front of him and glares at him. She says, “I thought you were sick, but you are a cheap man,” and she tells him, “You can stoop as low as you want, but you can’t Devraj because his wife will protect him.” Daksh chuckles. Krisha claims that I will either direct you in the right direction or force you out of this house.

She tells him that you can’t scare me or Devraj because you’re a coward. Daksh glares at her. He leaves after Krisha asks him to care for her.

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