Every Girls Dream 21 February 2023 Written Update

As Daksh approaches death, he advises Devraj to be content with Krisha and not to punish her for my death. Devraj is crying for Daksh when Krisha takes off his shoes. Daksh lied to me, she says, and it was part of his plan. She checks the shoes and finds no bomb inside. Daksh follows Devraj as he cries and begs him to wake up. When Krisha returns, she finds them gone. She turns to see Daksh smirking at her while lying there. She is stunned and says I won’t allow you to do anything.. she pivots and sees it was her creative mind.

Daksh is put in the car by Devraj before he leaves. He is halted when Krisha sprints in front of his vehicle. Devraj drives off after recalling her shooting Daksh. He doesn’t stop, despite Krisha’s efforts. Krisha asserts that Daksh must survive for my relationship with Devraj.

When Krisha gets to the hospital, she looks everywhere for Devraj. Daksh has been brought to the OT by Devraj. He dies, the doctor confirms after examining him. When Krisha arrives, she discovers Daksh dead on the ground. Krisha tries to go to Devraj as he recalls his experiences with him, but he calls the security and orders them to remove Krisha from there.

Before passing away, Krisha returns to the house and recalls Daksh’s words. Jaya inquires as to why you returned alone. What took place? Krisha weeps and believes that I must confront Devraj and explain that I did nothing. Jaya asks, “What took place?” Please, explain why you’re crying. Krisha gives up. Jaya inquires about Devraj and Daksh. Everyone in the family goes there. Krisha weeps and declares that Daksh has vanished. Everyone is shocked. Minakshi asserts that since he is our infant, this cannot occur. Jaya yells that she is lying; what took place to him?

He was shot, Krisha claims. Jaya claims that you lie. Ugra yells, “What were you doing if Daksh shot himself?” According to Krisha, he lacked mental stability. Ugra yells at her to stop it, I have little to no faith in you by any means, you are saying he offed himself and we ought to acknowledge it? She is asked to tell them everything by Minakshi. Krisha turns her back. Ugra claims that she lies. He must be fine, according to Aarav. When Raghav calls Daksh, he hears that Devraj has broken everything and is about to arrive. Jaya screams as she sinks.

Where is Daksh, she inquires? She receives Daksh’s possessions from him. He doesn’t listen to Krisha when she tries to talk to him. Ugra asserts that she acted in some way. Krisha claims that you are ignorant. Krisha tries to hide behind him, but Jaya stops her and tells her to give him some time because he won’t listen to you right now. Everyone weeps. Jaya advises talking to Devraj once Daksh has completed his final rituals.

For the final ceremonies, Daksh’s body is brought into the house. The entire family is sad. Devraj recalls his promise to Daksh to always be safe. How can I tell Devraj what Daksh did, Krisha wonders? It will further degrade him.

Daksh’s death affects Jaya and everyone else. Rati nods and walks away after Ugra informs her that she shouldn’t have come here because she is pregnant. Ugra informs Naina that I care about her child because the child is our heir; however, once the child is born, I will expel Rati from the house.

When Daksh’s body is taken to the pier, everyone in his family prays for him. Krisha believes that I still ask for your peace despite everything you did. Devraj glares at her and begins the final rituals. Raghav assists him as he tries to maintain his composure. Aarav departs from there to check on Rati after receiving the message that she is in pain. Daksh’s pier is set on fire by Devraj.

In order to prepare food for everyone, Krisha comes to the kitchen. She tries to calm down by thinking back on all the events. She says that I need Devraj, so I can’t be weak now.

Aarav examines Rati and then moves on. When Raghav arrives, he observes him departing.

Scene 2: Devraj sits alone and looks at Krisha’s picture. He says, “I hate you, and because of you, I don’t have my brother with me.” Krisha asks him to eat the food she has brought there. She is locked out of the room after Devraj glances away. Krisha cries and begs you to pay attention to me. Jaya arrives and tells Krisha, “I will make him eat,” “leave him alone for a while because he is not in the right state of mind.” Krisha nods and sadly leaves.

Jaya approaches Devraj, and as he gives her a hug and weeps, he says, “My brother left me.” Jaya suggests that perhaps God intended this, and that it was our fate. Devraj responds that it is my fault and that I ought to have been present. I brought her closer to Krisha and took him there. Jaya says that we will always remember Daksh, so don’t blame yourself. Jaya says that since you are aware of your responsibilities, you need to relax and eat. Devraj asserts that I am not starving.

Krisha goes into hiding when she sees Devraj crying alone in his room. She decides to wait until he goes to bed. She sits on the porch and looks at him with sadness.

The media gather outside the house in the morning to inquire about Daksh’s passing. Jaya asserts that we cannot lie to them. Minakshi asserts that while we might be able to claim that Daksh committed suicide, it was a mistake. Devraj arrives and declares, “We won’t give this statement because it’s false.” The shot was actually fired on purpose, and Krisha alone is the one responsible for the death. Everyone is shocked.

According to Devraj, my wife killed my brother. Hearing that hurts Krisha. Krisha intervenes and tells Devraj, “Before alleging me, you should have talked to me first, I didn’t kill Daksh, the shot was fired,” as he prepares to leave. According to Devraj, do you wish to assert that Daksh compelled you? that you were attempting self-defense? You took away my only brother, whom I loved so much, and I saw you shoot at Daksh, the only one I know of.

Krisha claims that Daksh wanted to split us up because he was mentally ill. Ugra tells you to shut up; you went to Daksh as Maya in order to enrage him and manipulate his thoughts.

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