Every Girls Dream 23 February 2023 Written Update

Someone calls Krisha and asks if she is Dev’s wife. She affirms. Although I wanted to confirm that Dev is not picking up, the man claims that Dev is giving 200 crores to Kuch. He is asked by Krisha to hold off on the transaction. When Krisha ends the call, she asks, “How will I protect Dev if I go away from him?” She begins sadly leaving her room after packing her belongings.

Dev is seated by himself and consuming alcohol. He asserts that Daksh pledged never to leave me. I aspire to save you. I was unable to save him so I’m futile. Dev tells his brother, “Don’t cry, brother, I’m always with you,” as it starts to rain.

Krisha is leaving the house when she hears Naina replacing Dev’s expensive watch with a cheap imitation. Krisha believes that these individuals will destroy Dev if I leave. She declares, “I won’t let my love lose, I will protect Dev against all odds” as she enters the mandir. She appeals to God for her relationship. He will always have my support. She asserts that Dev is my life and that she will resist any attempts to separate us.

Dev says to himself, “I have thrown Krisha out of my life and heart because she hurt my brother.” He claims that I will cut my heart out if I attempt to return to Krisha. Dev declares that I will never forgive Krisha and will always hate her.

Second scene: Ugra confronts Krisha and demands that she leave the house. Krisha claims that I will not leave. According to Minakshi, I’ll kick you out. She is being dragged out of the house by Ugra and Minakshi. Ugra states that we are not afraid, and Krisha yells for us to stop. Krisha believes you ought to be. She calls the servant who stole Dev’s watch and took Naina’s money. Before calling the police, Krisha demands that he tell the truth. According to the worker, Naina asked me to steal. Krisha glares at Ugra and Minakshi and requests that they apologise to her parents; if they do not, I will tell Dev everything. Ugra gives her a glare. Minakshi and Ugra apologize to her parents before departing. She is requested to join us by her parents. Krisha weeps and pleads with Dev to trust her: I can’t leave him in this predicament or our love will be lost. How can I break my promise to always be with him? As you wish, her father gives his okay. According to Krisha, I will soon visit you both with Dev. Just be careful. After blessing her, her parents leave the house.

Minakshi informs Krisha that you have taught Ugra a lesson, but I will expel you. Krisha calls a radio station and asks, “Please take me live” because she wants to confess something. He accepts. Minakshi hears Krisha say, “I will tell everyone how you forced me to marry you and made me pretend to be Maya.” The call is ended when Jaya arrives there. She lets Krisha know that you stoop low consistently in my eyes. I fooled myself into thinking that you were a nice person. Kuch claims she continues to threaten us. Krisha is told by Jaya that if you want to stay here, you should, but please don’t disrespect our honor in public. She goes. There, Dev appears and glares at her. He demands that she leave. Krisha believes that I will fulfill all of his desires, with the exception of leaving him.

Before delivering Dev’s food in the morning, Krisha checks it. Dev is lost in thought as the entire family gathers. He says, “I wanted you to leave the house but you are stubborn so be my guest but you can’t sit with us as a family.” Krisha tries to serve him food, but he stops her and pushes her chair away.

Dev lets Krisha know that you are not a piece of this family any longer so you can’t sit with us. Krisha claims that you are not even allowing me to clarify who I am. Dev claims that nobody will speak to you. Krisha asks, “When are you going to stop listening to me?” You can stop listening to me, but our hearts are united because you are punishing me for a wrongdoing. I’ve taken you as my own, and we’ll be together for the rest of our lives if you don’t want to support this relationship. She is ignored by Dev.

Krisha approaches Dev while he is sleeping and tells him, “I will always be near him to protect him.” This is not how love can die. She recalls sending Dev milk and tricking him into thinking Jaya sent it to him. He took a sip. The flashback is over. Krisha believes I added sleeping pills to it so he could sleep soundly. She gives him a smile. Krisha hides under the bed when Dev’s phone rings. She hears Dev accepting a call and thinks this is a similar number who said it’s Daksh’s companion. He says, “Come to our house tomorrow because we have holi function.” If you are paying attention, he says.

Dev nods as Jaya informs him that we must celebrate Holi as a royal family in the morning. The family determines their roles at the event. Aarav is asked to send out invitations by Jaya. Jaya claims that Daksh previously procured the pier’s wood, but who will do so this time? Krisha arrives and declares, “I will accept this duty.” Jaya ignores her and states, “I don’t want any drama around Dev.” “Anyone can do whatever they want.” They all bow. Minakshi and Ugra smile.

Minakshi is informed by Krisha that she must arrange the wood before 7 p.m. She goes. Krisha begins cutting pieces of wood after examining the tree trunk. Although she is exhausted, she perseveres. Ugra smirks as he observes her laboring. Dev walks up to her and looks at her. He inquires about her actions: Minakshi claims that she is obligated to perform some family duty because she wanted to. Dev says, “I can see what’s happening here,” glaring at them. Ugra claims that you were irate with her, but now you’re showing concern? They all leave when Dev glares at them. Krisha trips, so Dev holds her while he tries to leave from there. Krisha asserts that she has heard everything; if you still love me, I know you can sense that I am being unfairly punished, which is why you cannot see me working in this manner. Dev abandons her and heads out. Krisha is getting tired from cutting wood. Dev hides and looks at her sadly. She receives water from a servant. Krisha turns to see Dev looking at her, and then he walks off. Krisha believes that he still adores me. Krisha continues to chop wood, but Dev arrives and takes the axe. He clears the forest. Krisha asks, “Why are you helping me if you don’t love me?” It turns out that everything was her dream. Rati arrives and informs you that your parents are calling.

When Krisha talks to her parents, she says, I’m getting ready for a holi party. Come back home, her mother says, you can’t lie to us. I’m a brave young woman, Krisha says. These people are against me, but I’ll turn this around. The call is ended after her father blesses her. Krisha beams.

When Krisha returns to the wooded area, she observes a pier being constructed and all the woods being cut down. Who was responsible, according to her? She smiles as she finds Dev’s ring there.

Dev receives a call from Daksh’s friend stating that I am coming to meet you. He looks at Daksh’s picture and nods. He states, “I feel like I’m cheating Daksh when I think about Krisha.” She will never get over me. Today, I will discover the truth…Read more

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