Every Girls Dream 24 February 2023 Written Update

Roma is Dev’s friend when he comes to meet Daksh’s friend. He says Daksh talked to you about Krisha. Roma says it’s time for me to separate Krisha and Dev. Dev claims that Daksh was lost. Roma apologizes, stating that I had to leave for work. Dev inquires about her knowledge of Daksh. Roma weeps and responds, “Give me some time,” “I couldn’t process his death.” She is consoled by Dev, and then he takes her there.

All housewives tie a turban to their husbands to begin the Holi celebration. Jaya informs Dev that I will tie your turban as well now because I always do so. When Krisha arrives, she asks, “I’m here, please let me do it.” According to Dev, all guests are present, so allow her to do as she pleases. As Krisha begins to tie Dev’s turban, the two of them look at each other. Dev departs there. I won’t back down because Krisha believes he is both my right and responsibility.

Krisha prays to reunite with Dev as the holi pooja begins. Dev and Krisha perform pooja. While everyone prays, he lights the pier. Jaya requests dinner for the guests. In the smoldering pier, Dev discovers Daksh’s picture. He tries to save it as he runs, but nobody lets him. Dev yells, “Who was it?” Minakshi claims that Krisha built the pier, so she must have included his picture. Krisha asks, “Why would I?” You want to burn my brother’s memories, Dev yells at her. Simply let me be, he leaves from that point. Dev brings a picture of their wedding and tells them to burn it, just like she did with Daksh’s picture. What says Krisha? Dev advises burning our picture or simply disappearing from our palace. All watch. Krisha claims to be your wife; if I were you, I would die before burning our marriage certificate. Dev holds Krisha back from jumping into the fire. Krisha cries and says recall how we used to trust one another. Say that our love was a lie to me. Ugra warns you not to leave our house if you are unable to burn the photo. Ugra hears from Dev that if I hadn’t cared about my family’s honor, I would have thrown her out. Ugra is informed by Krisha that Dev and this family will always be my family. I can only be thrown out of this house from one location.

When Krisha visits the family, she declares, “I will continue fighting for my love.” To have God’s support, I will live in the house mandir. Roma believes that I will exploit their gap. The entire family leaves. Aarav addresses Krisha and promises that God will be with you. Rati inquires about dinner? Krisha wonders whether Dev ate. Rati says no. According to Krisha, I can’t allow him to weaken. She approaches him.

Roma gives Dev food and tells him not to worry about Krisha because she will soon leave the house. Krisha arrives there to observe the group. Dev asks, “Why is she refusing to leave?” She doesn’t give up. Krisha goes there and tells you, “I know you love me, that’s why you aren’t eating,” “you are a coward,” and that you are regretting your decision. Dev claims that you believe I’m feeling sorry for you. He takes a seat and consumes the food. He says I couldn’t care less about you. Krisha is told by Roma to leave.

Dev yells at Roma, stating that I will no longer allow Krisha to dictate my life, that I will forget her, and that there will no longer be a place for love in my life. He departs. Roma claims that while I’ll assist you, I’ll also make you fall in love with me.

When Minakshi calls Kuch, she says that she found a file in the mandir. She tries to leave, but Krisha finds the file in her hand when she arrives. She wonders why she kept the file here. The name is Vikram Singh? What is taking place? She picks up the landline phone and calls the manager of the hotel, asking if there is a Vikram Singh guest. He declares that there is. The call is ended when Jaya arrives there. She inquires as to why you went to Dev’s room. What keeps you here? I did not end the relationship, contrary to what Krisha claims. Jaya says, “You can do whatever you want,” but she says, “Don’t try to annoy Dev again or I’ll throw you out of this house and this city.” She then leaves. Krisha claims that everyone despises me, but I only want one chance to prove her wrong.

Krisha is thought to be living in the mandir by Rati, but how will she eat? I will provide her with food. She goes to deliver the roti. Ugra and Naina arrive there. Krisha’s milk is spiked, and Naina hides. Rati provides Krisha with milk and food. Ugra asserts that Krisha will be intoxicated at the holi.

Rati approaches Krisha and advises her to eat immediately because the battle is difficult and requires strength. Dev didn’t eat much, Krisha says, so give him this milk. Rati accepts and leaves with the milk. Krisha asks God to give her a hint in her prayer. Krisha screams Dev, she overhears. She hurries to him and finds him intoxicated. She asks, “What took place with him?” She finds the milk when she enters his room; she consumes the remaining milk and believes it contains bhaang.

Krisha, who is also intoxicated, comes to Dev. They are both making fun of each other. Dev says I believed be snickering with you all life yet look where we are. According to Krisha, I believe we will have a happy life together. She stops Dev from jumping into the pool. Krisha makes a face and tells Dev that he sings badly. They both dance to a song that Dev plays. They both fall into the pool after Dev slips. Dev pulls Krisha closer even though she is drowning. He inquires if she is okay. She sighs. I can’t allow another loved one to die, according to Dev. I knew you loved me, but you have made me the happiest by saying it, Krisha says with a grin. Dev says that whoever I love should leave me. My parents, Maya, and Daksh all left me, so I want you to stay away from me or you will die as well. Krisha weeps and declares, “I just want to be near you, not death.” Dev says that I ought to dislike you, but I can’t because if I love you, I’ll die. Your love will kill me, so stay away from me. He leaves after exiting the pool.

In the house, Dev is stumbling. Following him, Krisha discovers him sleeping in the mandir. I think I found my hint, Krisha thinks with a grin. She smiles as she strokes his face.

She asserts that he adores me and that she will never leave him. You will always have my support. Now I have a way in.

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