Every Girls Dream 25 February 2023 Written Update

Krisha wakes up in the morning to find that she is sleeping next to Dev in the mandir. She says with a smile, “Now we both have a reason to smile.” She acts like she’s sleeping when she sees Dev awake. Dev stands up and mentions his headache. He yells as he leaves after finding Krisha beside him. Krisha beams. Aarav asks there if Dev was present.

He was in the right place, according to Krisha. According to Aarav, I was considering making some adjustments to the mandir. He calls some people working on the mandir’s redesign. Krisha says, “I will stop crying from now on,” as she looks at the portraits of Dev and herself.

Dev enters his room and inquires, “I didn’t drink last night, so how did I get to Mandir?” Breakfast is delivered there by a servant who claims Krisha sent it. There, he discovers champagne and a note stating that it brings back memories. Dev recalls Krisha spraying him with the bottle before. He discovers that she has infused it with lemonade to alleviate his headache. Krisha is standing there when he turns around.

Dev asks her, “What happened last night?” and glares at her. He is made fun of by Krisha, who remarks, “Last night, you kept talking, and you were sharing secrets with me.” She leaves after requesting breakfast from him. Dev is enraged at himself as he recalls the events of last night. He says, “I can’t forgive Krisha, and she has no place in my heart,” as he recalls Daksh’s death and tosses the champagne bottle.

Scene 2: Naina informs Ugra that we attempted to induce euphoria in her but failed. Krisha comes there and says I’m staying put. She brings her own food and forces Naina and Ugra to eat it. Enough is enough, Ugra asks, why are you roaming the house? Krisha claims that I left the mandir because God asked me to give him a break. Jaya enters that area.

I’ve decided to go to the office with Dev after Krisha gives her food and tells me that it’s my responsibility to support him. Jaya claims that you won’t change. I’m sorry, Krisha; I can’t hear you on this. I must leave. Jaya claims that you are now stubborn. Jaya touched Krisha’s food, and Krisha eats it and tells Jaya, “You are like my mother, so you can scold me all you want, but please don’t separate me from Dev.” She then leaves. Jaya stands by.

Krisha approaches the helpers and requests assistance.

Krisha accepts the servant’s scooter and responds, “I will use it to go to the office.” She leaves in a car. Dev drives off in his car as well. He thinks he was imagining it when he sees Krisha on the scooter.

On the scooter, Krisha arrives at Dev’s workplace. She receives special treatment from the manager, but Krisha claims that I do not receive any special treatment. Flowers fall from Krisha’s hands-on Dev, who has just arrived there, when she trips. Krisha responds, “He won’t spare me now,” and she flees as he glares at her. Dev follows her behind.

Dev discovers Krisha when he enters his room. What are you doing here, he inquires? According to Krisha, I found out that you need a secretary, so I’m here to apply. Dev tries to throw away her CV, but there is confetti all over it. Is this your CV, Dev? That is my resume, as Krisha says, “You are in my heart.” Krisha stands at Dev’s desk and declares, “I am talented, so you must hire me,” despite Dev’s attempts to drag her out of the office. She is asked to jump by Dev. Krisha flies off the table after closing her eyes, but Dev holds her in his arms. Krisha requests that he allow her an opportunity. Dev responds, “All right, I’ll assign you a task before you get a job.” You are certain to fail. Let’s see, says Krisha.

Krisha is informed by Dev that you will most definitely fail the task. Let’s see, says Krisha. Dev advises that no one should disturb me for the next three hours, regardless of how urgent any work is. Is that all Krisha says? She leaves, and I won’t let anyone come near you for the next three hours. Dev makes a phone call to the IT department and asks them to block the office’s wifi for the next three hours.

When Krisha enters the lobby, customers have a problem with the WIFI. They request to see MD. They are stopped when Krisha says he cannot meet you. Dev claims that I knew she would fail the assignment. Krisha believes I must take action. Krisha calls Rati and asks for her assistance.

Aarav is informed by Rati that I need to go to the office. Aarav holds her hand to take the sack. What’s in the bag when Raghav arrives? After promising to deliver the bag to Krisha, Aarav walks away. Raghav inquires whether this child is Aarav’s. Rati is taken aback and asks, “How could you even consider that?” Raghav departs there.

The guests are expressing their displeasure with the hotel and threatening to write a poor review. Krisha claims that I won’t be put under any pressure and that I will resolve your issue right away. Dev believes Krisha will now lose. Aarav arrives with the bag, she informs him that she needs his assistance, gives him some advice, and he departs. Krisha shows the guests a famous person and claims that the person is Salman, but he can’t show his face. Aarav is putting a mask on his face.

When Dev comes out, she wonders how long she can keep them interested. He is thanked by all of the guests. Dev hears from the manager that the WIFI isn’t working. Krisha, according to Dev, is responsible for it. He asks, “Why doesn’t it work?” Krisha says yes, and I shut it down because we no longer care about feelings and people are always busy on the internet. We have launched a campaign in which we will disable WiFi for three hours so that you can spend time with your loved ones.

That makes all of the guests happy, so they leave. Krisha informs Dev that I successfully completed my task, so she gives me my appointment letter. Dev claims that you will be unable to complete additional tasks. Krisha inquires if her employment is confirmed. Dev instructs you to record the tasks. Krisha tries to keep up with him as he gives her tasks, but he talks quickly. Dev claims that since you were unable to note it, you failed the task. There is where he departs.

When the manager arrives, he or she asks, “How will you finish all the tasks?” Krisha demonstrates how she transcribed all of his instructions. She begins completing her tasks. The supervisor observes. Krisha inquires if she may refer to him as Jaiswal kaka. He asks, “Why are you doing this job if you are like my daughter?” Krisha says, “I want to pacify someone,” and then she walks away.

Krisha complains to a foreign guest when she visits her room. Krisha considers how to comprehend them? She recalls the times she told him she loved him. Then Krisha used an app to get him to say “I love you” in a different language.

Krisha makes use of an app to comprehend their problems. She promises to carry it out. They leave after taking Vikrant’s name. Who, according to Krisha, is Vikrant? I must discover.

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