Every Girls Dream 28 February 2023 Written Update

Dev recalls the incident when he enters his room. how Krisha attempted to save him. He tries to calm down by sitting in the water tub. He falls into the water and dies. His room is entered by someone. Aarav is using a speaker.

Kach is requested to bring Minakshi sweets. Kach informs her of the smuggling of weapons in Dev’s hotel. Minakshi argues that they ought to be punished. Kach believes that my name is lost in all of this. He looks over and sees Krisha there. She is asked to leave by Minakshi. If you don’t, what will you do, Krisha? Will you continue to bring weapons into the hotel? You were given Dev’s keys so that Vikrant could enter the hotel. Your reality will emerge as soon as Vikrant speaks. I am cautioning you not to oppose him as she departs because I do not want Dev to be harmed. Kach claims Krisha is Dev’s safety, so I must disown her.

Krisha is tackling office documents. Aarav claims that I have brought you coffee. He inquires as to why I ordered a speaker for Dev’s room. She claims I required it. Through the speakers in his room, Dev hears her singing. He finds it and considers throwing it away, but he holds off. He continues to hear her singing as he drifts off to sleep.

Krisha wakes up in the morning to find Dev standing there. She turns to see everyone in her family there. She asks, “What took place?” Roma is asked to repeat what you said by Dev. Roma apologizes to Krisha, but Daksh informed me that you had threatened him. When did he say that, Krisha? Dev asserts that Roma has informed me that you tortured Daksh and referred to him as baggage. Krisha asserts that I never uttered those words. Roma claims that Daksh never lied and that you broke him.

Roma tells Krisha that you broke Daksh down while he was alive by torturing him. Krisha inquires if she has any evidence. Kach shows Roma the video of him meeting Vikrant and talks about how he met Roma. They both intended to eliminate Kach. The flashback is over. Roma claims that Daksh was irritated by Krisha’s habit of administering injections. What are you saying, Krisha? Roma examines Krisha’s belongings and reveals that she used to keep them in her red purse. A red purse is silently placed on Roma’s improvised bed. Dev discovers that the purse contains injections.

Krisha claims it isn’t hers. Dev tells Krisha to stop lying and that no one will support her. He leaves because I don’t like how helpless you have become. Krisha tells Jaya that from now on, no one will be kind to her. Jaya asks Krisha to stop hurting Dev. All of them leave. Krisha prays to the Lord for her protection. Krisha asks Roma, “Why would Roma bring this up?” as she examines the purse. All this is being planned by someone. At this point, I need to go to the office.

Krisha enters Dev’s office, but he is not yet there. Dev calls Lyla when he arrives there. When she arrives, he inquires about Krisha’s activities here. She is asked to read the note on her desk by Lyla. Krisha discovers the note stating that she will not interact with Dev. When Lyla arrives, she warns them not to approach Dev again. As your boss, follow my orders. Krisha believes that I can assist Dev in any way. She accepts. Krisha obliges Lyla to do as I say. Krisha watches.

In the hotel, Krisha observes children playing with toys. She says you and my friend can play holi.

Living in a small servant quarter angers Naina. Ugra is teased there by Minakshi. Ugra asks, “Why would Krisha give Krisha injections?” It indicates that Krisha is being groomed. Minakshi claims that we have Naintara’s proposal for Aarav and will marry him to her because they are from a royal family. I will soon become a queen because they will have a royal child.

When Krisha notices Lyla entering the corridor, the kids throw colored objects at her. She yells. When Dev arrives, she tells her to change her clothes because our clients are coming. Dev goes there to help his customers.

Dev talks to customers and says that your daughter should choose our hotel. He demonstrates the arrangements to them and promises to look after your guests. Customers inquire as to what distinguishes this hotel. When Krisha gets there, she says that the people, not the place, are what make it special. Don’t talk about business in your marriage because it’s about love. We will make your family’s experience memorable. Dev’s pitch is accepted by the customers, who concur with her. They move on. In rage, Dev breaks a vase. What are you doing, she inquires? She is warned by Dev to avoid him.

My brother was tortured, and now you’re making me unstable mentally. Krisha claims that I never gave him any medication. You can remain in that mandir for the rest of your life, but I will never love you, Dev yells at her to stop. I’m going mad from you. If you don’t want me to hate you, please stay away from me. Just leave. There is where he departs. How could I leave you in this state, Krisha cries? I will soon earn your love back, despite your hate for me. I must determine why Roma is influencing your thoughts against me.

Devraj is attempting to fall asleep, but he believes I cannot. In his room, he hears Krisha singing. He wonders why he keeps thinking about her when he realizes that he is imagining her. He sees Krisha tucking him in for the night. She smiles as she tucks him in. Dev falls asleep.

When Dev hears the door knock, he thinks it must be Krisha when he wakes up. Outside, he finds Roma. She believes that I will soon have a spot in his room. She asserts that Krisha was not to blame. Dev tells you to stop referring to her. Roma says, “Let’s do a movie night, and it might make you smile again.” I want to see my friend smile, so Devin turns away. Roma requests assistance. Dev approves. Krisha hides and wonders: What is Roma doing, and why is she acting this way?

Krisha mentions that I might find something in Roma. She finds her phone after looking around. She thinks she is behind Devraj and tries to guess her password. When she enters his name, the phone rings. She copies a phone number she finds. She is dazed to see it’s Vikrant’s number, she says Roma was associated with the sneaking case? She will not succeed.

Krisha comes to Roma as she is getting ready for the movie night and asks, “Do you want to play a game?” I will inquire about your relationship with Vikrant, for example. You are deceiving Dev by claiming to be his best friend? Vikrant told me about you when I met him. Roma smiles and says that everything is true, that he is in jail, and that I will silence him. I assisted him, but you won’t be believed. Krisha inquires as to why you did it. Roma declares, “I won’t allow you to play a role in Dev’s life again.” Dev believes that you killed his brother, and I will ensure that he continues to despise you.

Krisha inquires, “Why are you doing this all?” Roma claims that Daksh never disclosed anything to me, but I will ensure that Dev despises you. You ought to have left Dev’s life, but you remained. I will confirm that Dev is now mine. Krisha laughs and says, “Just get ready,” he will kick you out of the house in 12 hours. I will demonstrate that you were attempting to smear me. Roma says you are testing me? Accept it, Krisha advises, if you have courage. Roma accepts and gives her a handshake.

Krisha believes that I must speak with Dev today. When she enters his office, Dev approaches and inquires, “What are you doing here?” Krisha asserts that I am evaluating the brand-new security system, but you have locked the room. Dev calls the security guard, who tells him he has 20 minutes to wait. I’ll stay with you, Krisha says. She continues to follow him. She tells me that you don’t have to talk, but I have to say something. According to Dev, I won’t talk to you. Krisha says that you can call me anything, but as your wife, you must listen to me. Please give me two minutes, as I never asked for anything. She asserts that Roma is lying about Daksh’s statements to her. These drugs were planted in my room by her.

Dev advises against lying. He clings to her against the wall while glaring at her. Krisha asserts, “See in my eyes that I am not lying.”

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