Every Girls Dream 29 March 2023 Update On Wednesday

Dev starts singing “tere sang yara” in Krisha’s garden in the Wednesday, March 29, 2023, update of “Every Girls Dream.” Krisha glares at him, but her mother approaches him and joins Dev in a dance. Vamika breaks Rati’s phone while she is watching his live video. According to Rati, you can’t alter the truth. Vamika says that, but I can change it.

Dev keeps singing for Krisha despite Krisha’s efforts to ignore him. Krisha arrives there and requests that everyone leave from there, including servants. They all do. Dev says say thanks to God you essentially emerged. If you don’t leave, Krisha says, I’ll call the police. According to Dev, I am aware that you are thinking about something else. Krisha tells them to stop making a scene and leaves there.

Vamika hears from Jaya that I have a surprise for you. She takes her to Raghav, who has been severely injured and has been brought into the house by some men. Jaya claims that I had to break his legs because he tried to trap my daughter. She asks him what happened as she runs to him. Raghav declares, “I had an accident,” glaring at Vamika.

Ugra claims that we are not having a good time, but we will soon. Raghav looks Vamika in the eye and walks away from there. Jaya lets Vamika know that nothing is a higher priority than you for me that is the reason I believe you should quit pursuing Dev. He will sprint toward you. I will bring him to you through my political influence. I need to manage this entire city and you recollect that no one loves you more than your mom. Vamika stands by.

Krisha hears from Rati in Scene 2 that I want Dev to win your heart because he is winning hearts on social media. Krisha declares that he wants to be a hero after watching his video on social media. She is in the kitchen when a cloth suddenly starts to burn. Krisha puts an end to the blaze and declares that it was my right to keep Dev away from me because I don’t want him to be hurt by me.

Raghav is being cared for by Rati, but he pushes her away and says, “I don’t need your support; once I can stand up, I won’t spare you.” Rati is taking care of Raghav. Rati tells you that you are miserable and then leaves. Ugra arrives there and informs Raghav that I am aware that Vamika is the cause of everything and that I will punish her for it.

Krisha calls Rati to request that she bring Dev home. Because he might get hurt, he can’t stay here. In my dream, a baba asked me to safeguard my husband. Rati says you should stay with him because you and he are supportive of one another. When Krisha says that no one is on my side, the call is ended.

Dev talks to Krisha’s mother and says, “Until Krisha comes back with me, I won’t eat or drink anything.” Krisha arrives there and declares, “I am not returning with you.” From there, she transports her mother. Her mother claims that he won’t leave here because he won’t eat. Let him be, Krisha advises, but do not approach him.

Dev is sitting by himself in the garden at night. He is observed by Krisha through the window. She is made to eat something by her mother, who also makes Dev eat. Krisha claims that he will leave soon and that he can live for a day without food.

Krisha checks in on Dev outside the house. She returns to the house. The rain begins to fall. Krisha advises her family not to meet Dev outside. She goes to her room yet can’t rest. In the rain, Dev begins to dance. He calls Krisha out when she comes to check on him, but she falls back asleep. She meets the baba again in her fantasy who advises her to safeguard her better half as opposed to taking off. Several gangsters target Dev in the garden.

Krisha tries to sleep, but when she hears Dev’s voice, she wakes up. Dev is brutally beaten up by a group of people as they attack him in the garden. The rogues flee when Krisha leaves the house. Dev tumbles down and is dying.

Dev is taken to the hospital by Krisha and her family. He is taken to the OT by the doctor. Vamika, Jaya, and Rati also arrive there. Jaya stops Vamika and inquires about her involvement in the attack. You say you don’t know me, Vamika? I took no action. Jaya claims Raghav is unfit to attack him; therefore, who is behind the attack? That person needs to be aware that I must exact my vengeance on Dev so that no one else can harm him.

Krisha tells Dev, who is unconscious, that if you win this fight, we will meet again. The doctor takes him away after she gives him a hug. See Dev. I am yours again, Krisha says as she applies sindoor to herself. Dev is seen applying sindoor to her in the flashback. Jaya inquires about the event when she visits the OT.

She hears from Sudha that some rogues attacked Dev. Krisha is asked to take care of Jaya. The doctor appears and states that we are attempting. Jaya says that Krisha needs to help me figure out who attacked. We tried our best, but we can only hope for a miracle, the doctor says when he comes there. He is in a state of extreme lethargy so we are don’t know when he will wake. Dev is moved from the OT. He hears Krisha say, “I’m with you.”

Scene 2
The clergyman calls his aggressors. The assailant says I will ensure that Dev passes on from my hands.

Krisha reminisces about her time with Dev. He informs her that she will claim that I planned all of this to make her feel better and quell her rage. Krisha asks, “How could you plan all of this to get me to return to you?” Dev apologizes. Krisha turns to see that Dev is still in a coma and that it was her dream. I can’t see him this way, Krisha cries. Sudha claims that he was overjoyed to see him yesterday.

According to Krisha’s father, he intends for nothing bad to happen to him. Sudha should bring her clothes because Jaya says Krisha will stay here. Rati and Vamika are urged to return to their families’ homes by Jaya. I don’t want to leave Krisha, according to Rati. Vamika says, “Then I’ll go,” and she walks away. Krisha is requested to sit by Rati. Krisha says I’ll go there and leave.

Krisha enters the mandir and requests that Dev be woken up today, despite the fact that she has always trusted her. I will kneel until Devi wakes up.

Jaya is seated in front of Dev’s room. The assailant appears to be a doctor and demands that she bring the medications. Jaya moves on. When the fictitious doctor enters Dev’s room, he informs him that this injection will cause his death. He injects the drug into his drip.

Dev is in a coma and has nightmares about losing Krisha. He awakens and examines the assailant.

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