Every Girls Dream 3 March 2023 Written Update

Aarav enters the living room. There, Maharaj calls him. According to Kach, you must fulfill Maharaj’s last wish and the promise made by your brother. He orders him to do as he says or Aditi will be killed. Maharaj tells Aarav that I want you to marry my daughter Vamika because she will be alone after I die, and that you are fortunate to have found a girl like her. Jaya claims that Vamika has always been praised. According to Maharaj, the honor of my Vamika’s family comes first.

Even though I may not live to marry, I want to perform a formal ceremony for this wedding. Krisha is urged to begin preparing for it by Dev. Aarav is urged by him to now take responsibility seriously. I want to talk to you, Aarav says. Kach says, “I’ll get him ready,” and he tries to talk to him, but Kach takes him away.

Krisha is informed by Rati that we must perform a ritual to confirm Vamika and Aarav’s wedding. I’d like to tell you something about Aarav, according to Rati. Jaya calls them and informs them that we must observe the ritual fast because Maharaj is ill. The sacred sheet is brought over by Krisha. She inquires as to why Aarav is tense. Aarav claims that he likes Aditi, but if he rejects her marriage, my father will kill her and her family. Krisha informs me that you cannot speak, but I will speak with Dev. There is Rati. They should avoid using this sacred sheet for Aarav and Vamika, according to Krisha. They enter the space. I want to talk to you, Krisha says. She travels with Dev. Vamika is invited into the house by Jaya.

As a bride, Vamika enters the house. Jaya welcomes her. Vamika requests that you bring me to my father. Ugra is told by Naina that she doesn’t seem to care that her father is dying. She looks at her.

Krisha informs Dev that she will travel to Jaya because she needs to speak with Aarav. She then moves on.

Jaya informs Vamika that because your father is ill and wants to perform the ritual only with you and Aarav today, he wants us to take care of you. She asserts that I am aware and have agreed to it.

Dev hears from Aarav that I can’t marry Vamika. According to Dev, we all get married like this to preserve family honor. Aarav receives a message from Kach indicating that he is close to Aditi’s house and believes that I cannot put her life in danger. He is asked by Dev if he knows anyone. I don’t think I can tell Aarav anything. He promises me this marriage. Good, says Devin.

Vamika approaches Maharaj, her father. Krisha believes that Aarav must assist Dev because he must have already disclosed the truth to him. Maharaj, who is ill, is waiting for Aarav and Dev. Jaya says we need to finish everything quickly. When Vamika removes her veil, Dev enters the room. On opposite sides of the sacred sheet, they both stand. Seeing that shocks Krisha. She stands between them; Dev says, “Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean anything.”

Aarav discovers blood stains when he visits Aditi’s house. Aditi is absent. Kach arrives there and salutes him. He claims that you are late. I would have killed Aditi’s family, but because I have kidnapped her family, I am giving you the last chance to marry Vamika.

Died Maharaj. Jaya apologizes to Vamika for the inability to perform the ritual prior to his death. Vamika gives him a sad look. Kach brings Aarav there and suggests that the ritual be performed. Vamika is informed by Aarav that I will fulfill Dev’s promise and wed you. Krisha thinks what is happening? Krisha observes Vamika’s continued focus on Dev.

Dev informs Jaya that Maharaj was highly regarded and that we must care for Vamika. Jaya claims that because Maharaj gave your father his kidney, we must repay him. I have brought Vamika’s belongings here so that she can join this family. If Dev says yes, I’ll immediately take care of her.

Krisha says that you should have fought for your love while Aarav is crying. Aarav breaks down in tears and exclaims, “My own family is against me, and I will never marry the love of my life.” All that is heard by Raghav. Krisha goes to get him water. Raghav appears there and advises you to feel ashamed. He is thrown out of the room by Aarav. Raghav claims that I will inform everyone that he was having an affair with my wife once I receive a DNA report. He contacts the hospital and learns that Krisha has canceled the DNA test.

We can’t let Minakshi become a queen, Ugra tells Naina. We can frighten Vamika into fleeing before she marries Aarav.

Vamika makes her way to Dev’s home. Jaya and Minakshi wish her well. According to Minakhi, I’ll be like your mother. Vamika is requested to receive Ugra’s blessings by Naina. I find Vamika’s claim that she is wearing black clothing to be insulting because it is my first day here. She asks her to wear some clothes she gives her as a gift so she can receive her blessing. Ugra says, “You think you can change me?” as she tosses the clothes away. Vamika claims that I am simply adhering to the rituals. When Krisha gets there, she takes the clothes out. She gives them to Vamika and says, “We should respect elders regardless of what color they are wearing.” She doesn’t know much about rituals. Krisha is told by Jaya that you don’t know much about royal ceremonies. Vamika is correct when she says no. She accepts Ugra’s approval.

Vamika informs Dev when he arrives that because he is older than I am, I will also touch his feet. Dev claims that’s unnecessary. He gives her a warm welcome and shakes her hand. He fascinates Vamika to no end. Krisha is aware of that. I’ll take Jaya to her room, she says. All of them enter the house. Ugra gives her man a hint. He hits Vamika with a pillar. Jaya and Vamika are about to be covered in it. Vamika is knocked out of the way by Dev, and it falls on Jaya. She vomits.

Scene 2: Jaya is examined by a doctor. Krisha inquires about her. He doesn’t respond to her. Vamika is asked by Ugra if she is okay. She says yes; my only concern is Jaya. She has a spine injury, according to the doctor, and I don’t think she can walk again. Dev yells, “You must do everything” because she is my mother. We will continue to treat her, the doctor says, “I don’t think she can walk any more.”

Dev sits with Jaya and apologizes for not being able to save you. Jaya gets up, looks at him, and smiles. Dev claims that you will soon be fine. Jaya claims that I have heard everything, and I am aware that I will never be able to walk again. I won’t be able to forgive myself, according to Dev. According to Krisha, we cannot give up hope; there must be a treatment for this. Vamika claims that I have a treatment and that anyone with willpower can accomplish anything. Jaya is asked to try to move her feet by her. Jaya tries, but he fails. Dev is unable to observe her in pain. Vamika cuts her hand with a sword. All yell. According to Vamika, no one will approach me. She tells Jaya that until you move your feet, my blood will continue to drip. Vamika tells Krisha that Jaya needs to move her fingers first before she can treat her wound.

Jaya perseveres and eventually gets to her feet. They all grin at her. Krisha stitches Vamika up…Read more

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