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Thursday, March 30th, 2023, Every Girl’s Dream on Zee World: The assailant is about to administer the injection to Dev when Krisha arrives and pushes him away. Who are you, she asks? Jaya arrives with the security, and the attacker tries to beat her. They remove him. Dev awakens and expresses gratitude to Krisha for saving him. Jaya says that she saved your life by continually praying for you. She thanked Krisha and then left.

Naina inquires about Dev’s whereabouts. Ugra says somebody went after Dev and he is in the clinic. What does Minakshi say? Who must be responsible? Raghav says he’s not sure, but if Dev dies, all of our money will go to charity, and we’ll be on the road.

Dev awoke, Sudha informs her husband, and Krisha and Dev will merge into one.

Dev is cared for in the hospital by Krisha. She assists him with eating and walking. Dev is feeling better after some time. Dev receives a file from Rati as she approaches them and then departs. Krisha tries to leave, but Dev stops her. Dev finds divorce papers in the file. He says, “I promise you that I will not let anything wrong happen with you if you come back with me,” as he tears the papers up.

Please return with me; I won’t let anyone stand in our way. Krisha says she will go with you, but she doesn’t guarantee that you will give our relationship importance. You prioritize your values and family over our relationship. Dev says you have saved my life so I guarantee you that my excess life is yours, you own my life now. The most important thing to me is your love. I can assure you that we will never split up again.

As he forces her to wear the wedding ring once more, Krisha smiles. Krisha gives him a firm hug. Vamika and Jaya observe that. According to Jaya, they reconnected. Vamika advises me to leave right away. Krisha needs to see a lot, Jaya tells her when she stops. I will disprove Dev. By forcing Dev to break his promises, I will make Krisha’s fear real.

Raghav asks for water when he gets up at night. Rati sets out to get it. A shadow appears when she enters the kitchen. She screams, and everyone in her family rushes there. Rati claims that I observed a person’s shadow here. According to Jaya, no one is present. Rati asserts that someone was undoubtedly present.

Vamika claims that you are only afraid. Jaya orders everyone to fall asleep. Rati and others begin to leave, but they discover an opened door. Jaya halts Rati as she prepares to enter. She asserts that you do not comprehend what is concealed behind this door, which was shut 20 years ago after a priest prayed for 20 days. Since then, evil forces have kept this door closed, but now that it has been opened, evil forces are no longer inside.

I don’t want any evil forces to enter this house, so we have to close this door. According to Minakshi, I’ll call a priest tomorrow. Jaya tells us that since you all leave from here, we need to close this door. All of them leave. Vamika looks at Jaya and then walks away.

Sudha and her significant other meet Krisha and Dev in the clinic. I’ll miss Krisha, says Sudha. Krisha gives her a hug and promises to meet her soon. According to Dev, you can both stay with us for a few days. After Sudha says no, you both return. Dev gives Krisha sindoor when they arrive at the mandir.

They’re blessed by Sudha and her husband. They move on. Before they begin their new life together, Dev inquires about Krisha’s desires. Krisha thinks I might not get what I really want from him.

Before Krisha begins a new life, Dev inquires about her desires. Krisha states, “I’ve always dreamed of getting a prince, but now I want to share small happiness with you, like going for walks and having tea together in the evening.” According to Dev, I had always aspired to lead a simple life, but after my parents died, I was forced to become a royal and take on responsibilities. I carried out my responsibilities, but I was unable to share my joy with you. If I have to choose between my duties and my love, I will, I swear to you. I promise to be with you always right now. Krisha hugs him and smiles.

Dev and Krisha return to their homes. Jaya gives them a blessing and says, “I want to welcome Krisha as a bride once more.” Before entering the house, Krisha kicks the kalash while she performs their aarti. Jaya believes that I will soon separate them. Vamika conveys to Krisha and Dev that she is pleased to see them together and apologises for her errors. Dev says, I’m sorry, but don’t do that again.

The MP was brought in by the police, who claim he was responsible for Dev’s attack. Dev says why? Jaya explains that we were supporting his rival party. Dev informs the MP that you sent your gang to attack me because you wanted me to commit corruption, which I denied. Krisha believes he ought to be imprisoned. Jaya asserts that Dev ought to choose his punishment. Krisha asserts that we cannot enforce the law; all we can do is arrest him. I concur with Dev. The MP is taken away from there after being detained. Krisha advises Jaya that I believe should do a pooja for Dev and me.

I want to call the Guru of my mother. Jaya asserts that as a rule, we perform our poojas only with our royal priest. Dev says if Krisha has any desire to call her Master then I don’t have an issue. Krisha calls herself a guru. Vamika says to Jaya in a whisper that you have lost the power because Dev is just following Krisha’s orders right now.

Krisha and Dev discover a worker attempting to lock the door. They inquire Jaya. She claims that this door is controlled by evil forces. Since it had never been opened before, I asked the worker to close it, but it was opened two days ago. If there are evil forces behind the door, Krisha asserts, we cannot close it in this manner. She secures the door’s lock with a sacred thread.

In Dev’s home, the guru of Krisha performs pooja. I’m looking for a little happiness, Krisha tells Guru, but we keep getting into trouble. Guru says that your room is facing the wrong way and prays for them. You need to change rooms if you want peace. The guru leaves the evil room and tells Dev and Krisha that this room is best for them. Jaya claims that this door is controlled by evil forces. Master says I found no malevolent power around here and I think this will be the best space for Dev and Krisha.

Dev informs Jaya that we will move to this room if Krisha’s guru determines that it is the most suitable for us. Jaya says that we’ll do it if you want it. She requests that they pack their stuff to move, all leave from that point. Vamika tells Jaya that love blinds people, and Dev is only listening to Krisha because he has been blinded by her.

Krisha gets to know her parents. Sudha says we are glad to realize that Dev is keeping it as vital. She hears from her father that they always welcome her. Krisha receives the blessing of Guru there. Krisha is being watched by someone. The parents of Krisha leave. Krisha figures I will move to that room assuming it implies gifts for Dev and I.

Dev is attempting to gather the sacks when Krisha snaps his photo. Don’t make fun of me, Dev says, because you have so many clothes. I’ll share what Krisha says about you fighting over the luggage on social media. According to Dev, I am challenging you to pack everything in these bags. What will I get, according to Krisha? Dev says anything you need. Krisha begins organizing the clothes so they fit in the bag and packing it.

What do you want, Dev? You won, he says. I just want you, Krisha says as she gives him a hug. When Rati enters and coughs, Dev smiles and is about to kiss her. Krisha embraces Rati. Rati says absolutely never leave us again. I promise, Krisha. Rati says there is an off-base thing there, I saw a shadow there. Dev claims that Guruji has granted us permission to relocate there.

Jaya comes outside the puzzling room. When she opens the door, strong winds hit her face.

Rati is assured by Krisha that our love will safeguard us, so don’t worry.

The staff enters the evil room and places Krisha-Dev’s belongings there. Naina inquires as to the reason behind the room’s unusually strong wind. It has good ventilation, according to Dev. According to Jaya, I possess a sacred thread that will safeguard you both. We will wear it, according to Krisha. Jaya secures their feet with a thread.

Dev informs Krisha that the fact that we are together is sufficient. Both of them enter the space. According to Naina, I’m afraid of this room. Raghav asserts that the evil room has been opened.

Minakshi claims that Dev’s parents owned this room, and I don’t want Krisha and Dev to suffer the same fate as they did. Vamika claims that Krisha made the decision, so she will bear the consequences.

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