Every Girls Dream 4 March 2023 Written Update

Vamika informs Dev that since you saved her life, she will ensure that Jaya can walk again. There is where she departs. Krisha believes that I believe Vamika is concealing something.

Jaya is a worry for Dev. Krisha approaches him and gives him a hug. Dev claims that Vamika has restored my faith. We will take care of Jaya, according to Krisha, and she will definitely walk again. She requests that a flower from the mandir be placed on her bed and says, “Let’s pray for her.” She says to wait for me because I will bring her milk.

Jaya is being cared for by Vamika. There, Dev arrives. Jaya is informed by Vamika that you are similar to my mother, so I will ensure that you are fine.

Krisha cooks for Jaya and says, “I hope Jaya is happy.”

Dev informs Jaya that Krisha presented you with a flower from the mandir. She requests that we place it near you. Vamika asks, “Why wait?” While she is holding Dev’s hand, she places the flower near Jaya. When Krisha arrives, she sees them all together.

Krisha is enraged and envious of Vamika because Dev gave her the flower. She asks, “Should I be angry?” She tries to ignore Dev when he comes there. Dev pulls her back and inquires about the incident. Krisha says that you make me angry. Dev wonders why. You, Krisha says. We intended to work together to arrange the flower on Jaya’s bed, but you did it with Vamika. Dev claims that it is irrelevant. Before I could stop Vamika, she took the flower. Does Krisha mean that you don’t care about my emotions? What can I do for you, Dev asks? Krisha says you need to make kheer for me. He says I’ll take care of it. She pushes him away and tells him, “I need to sleep,” as he tries to kiss her.

In his room, Aarav is weeping. Kach asks if his play is over when he arrives there. Aarav says, “You can control my life, but not my emotions,” and slaps himself. What can you do about the fact that Aditi is my heart? I don’t care if Kach says the performance was good. You must wed Vamika and appoint me lord of this palace. There is where he departs. When Vamika gets there, she comes across Aditi’s pictures on the floor. She asserts that there are times when strangers can share with us. I’ll give you time to get over your past, I know, but we can be friends, right? Aarav smiles. Vamika is about to leave because she believes that if this loser can’t fight for his love, he won’t be my future.

Krisha is assisting Dev as he cooks in the kitchen. Dev says, “I want you near me always,” as he draws her closer. He gets a call and gives his manager instructions. He adds some of the ingredients to the kheer and serves Krisha a bowl. She gives it a taste and says it tastes so good. A call comes in from the office to Dev. According to Krisha, I will stay at home and care for Jaya. Dev travels to prepare. Rati visits the location and tries the kheer. She coughs and claims that it’s full of salt. Krisha is teased by Rati. Because he made this kheer with love, Krisha says I don’t care if it’s salty. Krisha inquires whether Raghav communicated with you. Rati says no right now. When the servant arrives, she informs Jaya that she is not in her room.

Krisha and Rati are searching for Jaya all around. Jaya is found by Krisha on the wheelchair. She approaches her and states that I was worried about her. Jaya claims that I requested my assistant leave the room. Rati asks, where have you been? Jaya is shown meeting a mysterious man in the flashback. Krisha thinks I need to make her grin.

Krisha involves Jaya in the family game of antakshiri. I don’t want to be a part of this drama, Ugra says. According to Jaya, I will sleep. Vamika arrives and declares, “I know what game you all will like, particularly Jaya Maa.” Krisha watches.

I know a game that everyone will enjoy, Vamika tells the family when she comes over. She shows them a rifle that can hit targets as she brings everyone to the garden. Jaya claims that I used to shoot rifles, but I have never shot. According to Vamika, you can always return to things you enjoyed. Jaya hits a target with his shot. Dev arrives there to support her. Dev holds Vamika and inquires if she is okay after she shoots and is about to fall. She conveys gratitude. Krisha responds, “I don’t know how to fire, and I don’t like it,” when Dev approaches her and asks her to fire. Dev says I won’t fire either.

He embraces her. Vamika believes that this average girl is in charge of Dev and that he deservingly deserves better. She fires once more at a target before declaring, “I found what I wanted.” Jaya claims that I have always considered doing so with others. Krisha is sweet, but I don’t like her interests. I and you both enjoy the same things. Vamika says that I want to compete against Dev in chess because I know he is good at both horse riding and chess. Krisha claims I was unaware of that. Dev asserts that no one can defeat me at chess. Vamika proposes a match for tomorrow. Krisha believes that I will play for Dev’s team tomorrow and make her lose.

Krisha is looking around the house for Rati. She follows some blood stains until she comes across Rati lying on the ground. She screams Rati in shock and begs her to wake up.

Scene 2: The doctor examines Rati and discovers that she has lost her baby. Krisha assures that nothing will go wrong. Rati is ridiculed by Ugra for claiming that you stole this child, which was our heir. Dev claims to be in pain as well. Raghav is asked to be with Rati by Dev. She silently pushes him away while he holds her hand. Krisha is aware of it. Raghav walks out. Jaya is concerned about something. She goes behind Raghav after Naina says that he is also sad. Rati is informed by Dev that some things are beyond our control. Rati weeps and declares that I could have saved her. According to Krisha, I’m with you. Jaya says that Krisha ought to remain with Rati.

Jaya is then taken over by Dev. Rati recalls in a flashback that Raghav grabbed her as she was ascending the stairs and asked, “Should I throw you from the stairs?” Rati claims that you think superficially. Raghav asserts, “I will tell everyone that you have an affair with Aarav.” I will also inform your father, who will be insulted.” Rati tells you not to say that. Raghav claims that because he is a beast, this child cannot be born. She miscarried after he pushed her down the stairs. The flashback is over. She discusses everything with Krisha.

Raghav speaks with Naina and Ugra. He claims that because he was not my child and had to go, I thought you two would be pleased that I killed this baby. What says Naina? Ugra stops her and tells her that Rati is shameless for having an affair and that you did the right thing. She gives him a big hug and tells him that now is the right time to bring Naina and me back to the palace. Use your tears to tell them that I and your sister are needed during this difficult time. I’ll do it, he says. He departs. According to Naina, he killed his own child. Raghav, according to Ugra, should never learn that Aarav and Rati had nothing in common.

Jaya sits with Dev, and when she opens a box, she discovers some bracelets. She claims that I made them for Rati’s baby. You must care for everyone here, and we can’t change what happened. She demonstrates the sacred thread to him and conveys her gratitude to the prince for taking care of his family. I am not a prince, Dev claims. Jaya declares, “I want you to be responsible for our honor until Aarav does not become a prince.” I need your assurance that you will never disappoint this family and that you will prioritize this family’s honor. She has Dev’s assurance that the family’s honor will take precedence. Jaya says, “I’m happy for you.”

Krisha informs Rati that Raghav has committed a terrible crime and that you must fight for his or her justice. Rati states, “But I can’t tell anyone else because Raghav will tell bad things to my father.” Since my father is ill, I can’t lose him, she says.

I will expose Raghav’s truth, Krisha assures me, because we won’t let him disrespect your name. I swear that I will not allow your honor to be damaged…Read more

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