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Raghav weeps and approaches Dev, declaring, “I can’t console Rati alone.” I will move to the servant quarters because I will require Ugra and Naina. Don’t worry, Dev promises that I will bring them back inside the house. Raghav thanks him. Dev instructs you to inform me immediately of any error. Raghav claims that I did nothing. I swear to you. Now I am a decent man. I think Krisha still has doubts about me, but I will soon gain her trust. I’m proud of you, Dev says. There, Krisha appears. She hears Raghav whisper to her, “If you tell anyone anything, I won’t spare Rati,” and he walks away.

Krisha tells Dev that Raghav killed Rati’s baby because he thought Rati was having a child with someone else. I have scheduled a press conference for tomorrow so that I can expose Raghav in front of everyone because he should be punished for his actions. What says Dev? Do you have any evidence to discredit him? Krisha claims that I assumed you would support my side. Dev claims that you have called the media, which will damage our reputation.

When he has done everything with Rati, Krisha claims that you are concerned about honor. Dev claims that I am here for Rati; all I want is for nothing to leave our house. When people are suffering here, Krisha asks, “What would we do with this honor?” I care about the happiness of everyone here. I can relate to the suffering of women without being a royal. Because you just want to keep this family’s honor, you can’t cover up Raghav’s actions. After she departs, I will conduct the press conference tomorrow. Dev asserts that Raghav ought to be punished for his actions, but not in this manner. I need to speak with Rati.

Dev enters Rati’s bedroom. After taking a sleeping pill, Naina is present and claims to be sleeping. Devi departs. Naina asserts that Raghav was correct to predict that Dev would visit her.

While Dev is working out, he remembers Krisha’s words about how she will do the press conference no matter what. When Vamika arrives, she asks, “Are you burdened by your promise?” She shows him the sacred royal thread that he also possesses. According to Vamika, I am also from a royal family, so I understand how to safeguard family honor. We sometimes oppose things, but we do them to preserve the family’s honor. Krisha is a decent young lady, but she is not a monarch. I will communicate to her that she should not participate in the press conference. Dev watches.

Scene 2: Ugra and Naina return to the palace in the morning. Ugra claims that Dev has permitted us to return to the house. Jaya claims that Raghav’s involvement in Rati’s accident will not go unpunished if I discover that your son begged him to do so.

Vamika asks Krisha if she can deliver food to Rati. Krisha conveys her gratitude and delivers food to Rati. Vamika goes to the press conference with a wink.

Krisha says, “I’m with you,” as she talks to Rati. Rati expresses gratitude for your strength. Krisha believes that I should take care of Rati while I still have time before the conference.

Vamika addresses the media and states, “I am here to announce that my family’s business and Dev’s business will combine.” That was the message, so you can all go. The media goes home.

When Krisha arrives at the conference, she inquires of the guards as to where everyone is. According to the guard, Vamika sent them back. When Krisha sees the video of Vamika’s announcement, she asks, “How can she do this?” In order to expose Raghav so Rati can fight him, I called the media here. Who is Vamika to sway our decisions? Vamika shows up there and says, “I’m a royal, we shouldn’t tell anyone our secrets.” We shouldn’t share our secrets with the royal family because they are regarded as role models. Krisha inquires, “What secrets are you referring to?”

You are a woman, but do you care more about honor than anything else? Raghav ought to be punished in front of everyone. Vamika claims that because you are not a royal, you will not comprehend. According to Krisha, if being a royal implies being heartless, then it’s good that I’m not one. Even though you prevented me from holding the press conference, I will ensure Raghav receives retribution. In front of everyone, I will reveal his real face. You only saw. There is where she departs. Vamika glares at her.

Raghav shows Rati the DNA report when she wakes up. Look at this DNA report, Raghav says. It says your baby was with Aarav. Rati asserts that this is a lie. Raghav asserts, “I know that,” but who will demonstrate this? I have prepared a second report that I can submit to your father. Should I proceed? However, seeing that makes him a heart patient who might pass away. Rati weeps and begs him not to do that. According to Raghav, I’ll consider that. He is begged not to send it to her father by Rati. Do as I say, Raghav says with a grin.

The police enter the house thanks to Dev. Rati arrives with Krisha. Everyone in the family is there. Raghav looks Rati in the eye. Dev informs Krisha that he disagrees with her, and Raghav cares about Rati. Rati told me everything, and Krisha says no. She asks Rati to reveal who is to blame for everything. Who did your infant die? Rati claims that I fell from the stairs out of fear. Tell them, Krisha, that Raghav pushed you down the stairs. Raghav did nothing, according to Rati, and it was an accident. I fell because I slipped and fell. All watch. Krisha is taken aback.

Rati is requested by Krisha to reveal Raghav in front of everyone. Rati asserts that Raghav did nothing, and that it was my fault that I fell from the stairs. Raghav is yelled at by Krisha, “Why did you scare her?” You keep placing blame on me, despite the fact that Raghav claims that I have also lost my child. Ugra asserts enough: Krisha continues to place blame on my son, who is also suffering. She requests Rati to stop her from putting blame on my son. Dev declares that Rati should speak with the police. Rati informs the inspector that Krisha misunderstood her and that my husband was not to blame for my miscarriage. There is where the police leave. Krisha is informed by Vamika: Do you now understand why I canceled the press conference? I wanted to protect Dev from this shame. From there, Dev and Jaya regretfully depart.

Rati tries to get Krisha to talk. I can’t help you, Krisha says, if you won’t fight for your baby. I can’t help you if you can’t care for your baby.

Jaya tells Dev, “I was afraid of this,” “I have given my life to protect the honor of our family, but Krisha is publicly slandering our name.” We can’t ignore Krisha’s middle-class upbringing; I like her, but we can’t ignore the fact that she hasn’t accepted this house’s rules. Look at the sacred thread on your hand whenever you’re having trouble distinguishing between love and duty. Dev sighs.

Rati weeps and tells Krisha that I can’t lose my father because Raghav has blackmailed me into believing that if I reveal that he killed my baby, he will shock my father and he will die. Dev is standing there when they turn around. Dev asserts that I am ashamed of myself today and that if you were afraid, it was my fault. Raghav will be kicked out of this house by me. Rati asks you not to do that because she wants to punish Raghav herself. Krisha has taught me how to strengthen myself. According to Krisha, his greatest punishment would be for his wife to stop being afraid of him. According to Rati, I’ll need some time. We are with you, according to Krisha. Dev says I’ll keep you safe. We will wait until Raghav is punished by you. Rati sighs. Dev departs there.

Krisha approaches Dev and declares, “I am happy that you now know the truth.” I simply want Raghav punished. Although you shouldn’t have denigrated our honor, Dev claims that I am with you. Your intentions were always clear to me, but you shouldn’t have misunderstood me. He departs.

Scene 2: As Krisha heads to the office in the morning, the servant informs her that Dev has already left. Really, says Krisha?

Aarav comes to a man and requests that he make a phony identification. The man inquires about your preferred name. He refers to Adit Kumar.

Krisha finds Vamika when she enters Dev’s office. She inquires, “What’s going on?” Vamika asserts that I announced a venture during the press conference, and it will be beneficial to be Dev’s partner, at least due to Krisha’s foolishness. She requests that he try her dish. Dev tells me to wash my hands first. Vamika says not to be formal because we are now family. She gives him the donut. Krisha takes a bite with her hand as she eats it. Vamika howls. Dev claims to be our visitor. I hope Krisha didn’t mind because she just said that we are a family.

Vamika tells Dev, “Let’s go to the meeting,” and she says, “I didn’t.” Krisha prevents Dev from leaving. She claims that you are always enraged at me. You won’t get mad at me, I promise. How can I reassure you? I don’t have to tell you that, according to Dev. Krisha tells me I’ll keep doing sit-ups after she starts doing them. She is stopped by Dev, who tells her to make something for herself that will make her happy. Krisha advises waiting to see what she will prepare for you.

Can you prepare Thai food for me, Dev? Krisha says I won’t try because I don’t know how. What can I expect? Dev suggests a romantic dinner date and our wedding night. Outside, Vamika glares at them. Krisha will soon be kissed by Dev. They are physically close because Vamika believes they are married, but I absolutely do not like them together. Devraj ought to be treated better. She goes. Krisha is instructed to wait for Dev. He departs. Krisha turns pink.

Krisha prepares Thai food for Dev at night. She is teased there by Dev. Krisha informs me that I am still cooking, so you cannot see my dish right now. Devi departs. Rati stops by and inquires if she requires assistance. Krisha replies, “No, I’ll cook for Dev, but you can support me.”

When Dev enters his room, it is decorated. He claims that we will merge into one entity tonight. Dev pulls her onto the bed after closing his eyes and hearing footsteps. Vamika is here. When Dev opens his eyes, she is on top of him, shocking him…Read more

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