Every Girls Dream 7 March 2023 Tuesday Written Update

When Krisha enters the kitchen, she discovers Vamika embracing Dev. They disperse. According to Dev, I sought water. I just got a little emotional, Vamika says. Dev is taken there by Krisha.

When Jaya hears the door open, she sits in her room and becomes tense when she sees a man entering. She claims that I warned you not to come here. He fled, saying, “I had to come here.” Jaya is perplexed.

Krisha awakens to find Dev preparing for golf when she does. She asks, “Are you planning to model?” He says that Vamika and I are going to golf. I used to play golf when I was in college, and people used to cheer for me in the stadium, so Krisha says I’ll go with you. You don’t know golf, Dev jokes. He departs. Krisha claims that I dislike Vamika being near him.

Aarav calls Aditi and tells her to get her passport ready or we’ll run away. When Krisha arrives, she is prepared for sports. He hangs up and asks, “What is it?” Krisha insists that I learn how to golf. He promises to assist you. After he agreed to marry Vamika, she inquires whether he is concealing something. Aarav advises not to ponder much.

Krisha attempts to learn golf after meeting a coach. When the man hits Krisha on the head, she faints and is about to hit the golf ball. He is about to attack her, but a senior citizen arrives and beats the coach. He inquires as to for what reason would you like to kill her? The elderly man is dragged away after the coach beats him. Krisha is cared for there by a few security guards.

The doctor examines Krisha after she is brought to the residence. I don’t remember anything, according to Krisha. According to the doctor, you must have fallen. Dev asks Aarav to call the golf coach and inquires about the incident; he responds, “I will,” and then departs. I don’t remember anything, according to Krisha. Don’t worry, Dev assures her while holding her hand.

The man Jaya gives the golf coach his money after meeting him. He is asked by Jaya’s man not to show his face again.

Krisha is requested to rest by Dev. Vamika inquires about the existence of a ballroom dance club there. Krisha inquires whether their company is doing poorly. Dev claims that our business is doing well, but I will enroll in dance classes. This is a part of Vamika’s claim that you are successful in all royal activities. According to Dev, I desired to attend the classes with Krisha. There, every royal couple gathers, but she needs to rest now. I’m fine, Krisha says. Vamika is instructed by Dev to join Aarav in the classes and represent our family. Vamika says that since my parents died, I don’t like going to these events.

Dev advises you to leave because he says you must advance in life and make a place in your heart for Aarav. Vamika smiles as she takes the card and says, “I trust you, so I will go.” After telling Krisha that he would go get something for her, Dev left. Krisha inquires about Aarav’s plans after hearing about the dance classes. Why did you not discuss Aditi with Dev? Aarav says you should just rest because I can’t put her life in danger. He thinks that because Aditi might get in trouble, I can’t tell her about leaving this country.

We will travel to Europe, Aarav tells Aditi over the phone. Aditi claims that my father has instructed her not to travel with you prior to marriage. You should get ready to marry me, according to Aarav, who is correct. He hangs up when Vamika gets there. She insists that we attend the dance. I can’t go because Aarav says I can’t dance. You are correct, Vamika; I, too, can’t dance since my parents died. Let’s practice, Aarav tells her, and we’ll try as friends.

Krisha hears Rati say, “I’m going from here.” It would be better for me to simply leave because I am insufficient to punish Raghav. Krisha watches.

Krisha tells Rati, who is crying, that I should leave right now. I’ve considered it, but it’s better for me to leave. What is she bringing with her, Krisha inquires? Rati mentions my clothes and a few pictures. Where have you kept your self-respect, Krisha asks? Rati weeps and declares that I lack courage like you. According to Krisha, bravery is within; at the very least, try to demonstrate your bravery, and God will assist you. Rati sighs.

When Dev, dressed as a doctor, arrives, Krisha is waiting for him. What is all this, Krisha asks with a grin? Dev claims that I’m here to treat you. He says, “I can hear your heartbeat calling out to Devraj” as he draws her closer. Love is all you need to heal. Then, Krisha asks, “Why are you waiting?” He hugs her. He says that you always say that I’m boring, but today you’ll see Devraj who is crazy in love. He presents her with roses. He draws her nearer. Tum plays humsafar.

Vamika’s screams can be heard by Dev as he prepares to kiss her. He approaches her and Aarav and inquires about the incident. Vamika claims that we were dancing. Aarav claims that she slipped unintentionally, so I don’t think we can dance together. I will teach you to dance because I have taught you many skills. He asks them to follow the steps he has shown them. They stay with him. Vamika imagines dancing in Dev’s arms and keeps smiling at him. Dev cheers them on. I want him and will pay any price to get him, Vamika believes.

Scene 2: Ugra approaches Rati and inquires whether she is shameless. You are still here, despite the fact that we don’t like you. From here, simply depart. Rati thinks back to Krisha’s advice to at least try. I’ll stay here because Rati says this is also my house. Ugra is taken aback when she responds.

Krisha hears Dev’s phone ring when she wakes up. When she answers the phone, she hears a man crying and saying, “I’m stuck here.” Who said it, Krisha? The old man is told by Jaya’s man to stop trying to trick him, and the call is ended. Who was on the call, Krisha claims? The elderly man is instructed to cooperate by Jaya’s man. The old man claims that you and your mother have been attempting to break me for a long time, but you are powerless against me.

When Krisha enters the lounge, she wonders, “Who was on the call?” The lights in Jaya’s room are on. Jaya calls her husband and asks him to watch over the elderly man. Jaya appears to be sleeping when Krisha enters her room. Krisha makes an effort to put away her phone, but she wakes up. Krisha apologizes for disrupting you. Jaya inquires if there is cause for concern. You’re like a mother to me, Krisha says. Jaya asks, “What is it?” Krisha claims that someone called and begged Dev to save him. Dev gets calls like this all the time, so Jaya says it must be a joke. Don’t stress. Jaya thinks that until my mission is finished, I can’t let anyone find out the truth.

Krisha wakes up in the morning to find breakfast on the bed. She believes that I must determine who called last night. She smiles as she discovers Dev’s card, on which he wrote that breakfast was prepared for his princess and that he had gone to a business meeting with Vamika and would return soon. She is about to eat when Rati intervenes and informs her that we must fast today. Krisha nods and sighs. Let’s get ready to make parsad, Rati says. Rati leaves after Krisha grants her permission.

Krisha sends a message to Dev saying that you didn’t do anything right by leaving before I woke up, and that you are the only reason my day is bad right now. I adore you…Read more

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