Every Girls Dream 8 March 2023, Wednesday Written Update

Vamika and Dev are in the vehicle. He sends Krisha a message saying, “I miss you,” he will be back soon. She replies with a message that she also misses him. Vamika is envious and plays a song she considers to be her favorite while driving. Krisha, according to Dev, likes old songs. Vamika claims that it concerns her upbringing. According to Dev, it’s about developing good taste. Krisha likes the songs he plays.

Before Krisha finds out something, Jaya thinks I need to get a signature on these papers. With her maid, she starts leaving the house. She is stopped by Krisha, who asks her to taste the food she prepared. I have to go to a doctor’s appointment, and Jaya says they are delicious. I’ll go with you, Krisha says. I’m taking Latika, my housekeeper, with me because Jaya says that’s not necessary. Krisha replies, “All right, I’ll wait for you.” Jaya and Latika head out. The clinic calls Krisha to inform her that the doctor has left the city. As Krisha hangs up the phone, she wonders if Jaya was tricked into leaving the house. She tries calling her, but she doesn’t answer. Krisha tells me I need to go find out.

Jaya announces that she will be arriving at Saleem, her accomplice. Latika says all we need to do is frighten the old man. Jaya asserts that he must pay for his actions before dying. Latika informs Jaya that Krisha’s car is following them. Jaya says that we should carry out plan B because I can’t let her learn about me. Her gang sets off fire and deploys patrols along the roadway. The driver of Krisha’s car turns when they see fire on the road and crashes into a tree. Krisha coughs and yells for assistance. Jaya requests that her driver turn around and drive her to Krisha. Krisha is surrounded by others. Jaya arrives there to wake Krisha up. She tries calling Dev, but he doesn’t answer.

Dev fixes Vamika’s car because it has a flat tire. He says, “I don’t understand how it happened because my driver maintains the car all the time.” Vamika thinks we will have more time to spend together now that she remembers how she purposefully did it. Dev answers Jaya’s call and informs her that he will soon be there. He informs Vamika that Krisha had an accident and that he needs to go there to get help. He takes a ride there and continues. Vamika wonders what Dev is so in love with about that girl.

Dev picks Krisha up from the scene of the accident.

When Krisha awakens in the house, Dev informs her that she will not leave the palace at this time. Krisha claims that the hospital informed me that the doctor was not in the city; however, Jaya had already left, so I followed her. Dev examines Jaya. Jaya claims that I had to lie to Krisha because of Latika, whose husband was extorting money from her, so I went to help her. Krisha continues to be burdened by these issues. She ought to spend some time at her parents’ house, in my opinion. Vamika suggests doing that. Krisha responds, “No, I won’t go anywhere because I am brave and a member of this family.” Dev claims that I will care for her and that she will remain here. Jaya tried to distract me today, but I’ll have to see what happened to her because she believes her goodness will eventually pay off. I can’t be stopped by anyone from doing what I have to.

Jaya meets the elderly man when he enters the godown. He claims that although your men may have taken me, I will soon be out of here. You gained nothing by keeping me away from my family for 30 years. Jaya gets out of her wheelchair and glares at him as she gets up. He screams in pain as she hurls hot water at him and glares at her soon for being careless. You’re an animal, the elderly man claims. He is kicked hard by Jaya.

When Dev asks Krisha to eat, she responds, “I am fasting.” He tells her that she must eat, eats with his hands, and that you are my priority, so I took today off. Because it’s my mother’s birthday today, Krisha says I have to meet her. Don’t worry, I’ve already sent her gifts, says Dev. Krisha gives him a hug and asks, “Do you remember?” Dev claims that she is also like my mother. Only Jaya serves as a mother figure to me.

Jaya kicks the elderly man and declares, “I am your God; I have made decisions for you for 25 years.” Your son’s life has been under my control; I wanted to kill Krisha, but you saved her. The elderly man claims that because God is with my family, I saved her from your attempt to kill her. Jaya tells you that you can try, but you can’t do anything, and I’ll take care of your family. I will eliminate them. The elderly man responds, “Do it if you want to punish me, but why punish my son?” Jaya asserts that he must pay for it.

Krisha inquires about Dev’s biological mother. She is shown a picture of Dev’s parents. He claims that my father used to talk about everything with his good friend Bhuvan.

Jaya informs Maharaj Virandar Singh, Dev’s father, that Bhuvan was her husband. Although he made a mistake, Jaya says, “I would call it to sin by telling your palace secrets to the public.” You ought to have punished my husband, but instead, you made my 4-year-old child pay for my husband’s sins. You destroyed my family as well as my house. I will never forget that night, which I still remember. In the flashback, Jaya, a young woman, finds her house on fire and witnesses her son and husband burning. She wept in his name.

The flashback is over. Jaya claims that my husband committed an error; however, why did you punish my son? Because of you, I lost my family in a split second. During that time, I promised myself that I would acquire everything you own. Do you recall the day that you brought me to your residence? In the past, Virandar was looking for a babysitter for his children. Jaya worked there and took care of the kids before Virandar hired her.

The flashback is over. Jaya claims that you gave me that job because I wanted to kill you, so I planned an accident in which your wife died but you were just hurt. I felt at peace when I saw you crying in pain, so I decided to keep you in jail for life rather than kill you. He cries out in pain as Jaya crushes his foot. Jaya tells you that I want you to scream, just like my son did when he was burning. She claims that Dev is your favorite son, right? I assume you are pleased with him. Virandar stands by.

Krisha hears Dev say, “I never thought I would fall in love with you in this way.” Because you were always there for me, you restored my faith in love. I will always be with you, according to Krisha. She is placed on the bed with a hug from Dev. He falls in love with her after kissing her forehead. Vamika believes that I want Krisha to leave Dev because she sees them through the window.

Jaya informs Virandar that she will separate Dev from everyone, make him feel alone, and seize everything he owns. Love him or I won’t let you meet him. I will start a fire that will consume Dev like my son did when you hug him.

It will bring me peace to see Dev burn and die in front of you. This will be my retribution. Your son’s death will have to be seen in front of you.

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